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    Any Old Mary Will Do!

    Mary Magdalene was definitely not a "hussy". Nor even a prostitute. 8) The Bible really doesn't tell us that much about her. We don't know if she was married, a widow, single, or even rich or poor--altho the fact that she apparently did help to finance Jesus's ministry implies that she did...
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    Miracles & Canonisation

    I am still deeply miffed that my beloved Julian of Norwich has never been canonized. Never beatified either, for that matter. I consider it a personal insult since she's my favorite mystic/writer ever! Clearly the Vatican and I need to have a talk!! :twisted:
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    Derek Acorah

    Well, "real deal" or not, Derek was always a hoot to watch! :lol:
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    Yeah! It's that easy.

    If someone gets too annoyingly persistent about your religious preference, you can always inform them cheerily that you are a devout Carpocratian Gnostic. I can promise that you will be met by a baffled silence, followed by a quick retreat. (And yes, such a sect once did exist--I challenge...
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    How can you be religious and not be a fundamentalist?

    "Amen" to that, sister! :wink: Seriously, even tho I'm American, I've never heard of this "quiverfull" nonsense. I am aware tho that more and more very conservative Protestants are not only violently anti-abortion but increasingly anti-contraception. And I'd been wondering about the...
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    Where was Obama born? & other Conspiracy Theories

    Ah, rynner, if only I knew! :( It just seems that our two major parties (Democratic and Republican) keep drifting further and further apart, and sadly it isn't a peaceful separation, it is so full of hatred and venom and spite. It's really discouraging! I think one reason (and as a...
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    Where was Obama born? & other Conspiracy Theories

    *SIGH* We Americans do seem to have more than our fair share of wackos. And now the newly ex-Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, is informing us that the President's new health plan means that the storm troopers will soon be arriving at her house to kill her elderly parents and her Down...
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    Neanderthals: New Findings & Theories

    Yep--sounds like us. Good old homo sapiens. We never met a species yet we didn't try to wipe out. :(
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    The Mayday Mystery

    BUMP!! This is utterly bizarre! First time I ever heard of it! General consensus--if any?! :shock: :o :?
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    I guess everyone has heard by now of the tragic death of John Travolta's 16-year-old son. The family was on holiday in the Bahamas; while taking a bath, the boy apparently had a seizure, hit his head on the side of the bathtub, and drowned. There will be an autopsy. Travolta is a well-known...
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    Purity Balls

    I recently watched that show about the "ultimate" Purity Ball, including the dad with five daughters. (They have girls as young as four years old there taking virginity pledges!!! :shock: How many 4-year-olds do you know who even know what "virginity" is, much less are capable of forming such a...
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    Surgeon finds foot in baby's brain

    Wel then i rekkon its lukky i rite reel goode. Mad hit al the waay ter forth grad! :lol: Rabid Reader, welcome to the Forum and the company of a lot of fellow lunatics!!! :wink:
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    Attention Spans 'halved'

    Did someone just say something? :twisted: Then again, maybe it's just those darned voices again....
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    Surgeon finds foot in baby's brain

    LOL!! :P Sounds to me like "fetus in fetu"--but I admit I never heard of it located in anyone's brain before! Very, very weird! :shock:
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    Weirdness Caught On Google Maps/Earth

    Okay, not sure this really counts as "weird", but I thought it was funny. I was googling the map around my hometown, checked out my own house (very cool, too bad they didn't get our award-winning Christmas decorations lol!), but my mom and I both laughed when we zoomed in on our next-door...
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    Nominative Determinism

    I read somewhere not long ago about a married couple who were in the service together (sorry, can't remember if it was military or police! :oops: ) Anyway, the wife (after a promotion) became Sergeant Sergeant. I think the husband (also following a no-doubt-well-deserved promotion) became...
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    Strange Crimes

    Been having nightmares over that bus decapitation! Yeesh! :shock: I recall, years ago, watching writer Truman Capote on the "Johnny Carson" show. Capote was howling with laughter while he told about a recent robbery at one of his homes. Several morons broke into the house and stole a...
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    A 'Fortean' Subject Of Which You're 100% Convinced

    Well, given that I have lots of Scottish ancestry (including my very Scottish surname), of course I must believe in Nessie! Otherwise I would be kicked out of the clan(s)!!! :wink:
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    Weird Names

    I hope I'm not repeating myself :P but here goes: I once saw a telephone listing for a man named "Pink Green". A co-worker said it was for real--she knew the poor soul. 8) There was a wealthy young socialite in Victorian (possibly Edwardian) times, in the Eastern US, "blessed" with the...
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    Haunted Blue Mountains

    Actually I'm envying you your Aussie winter just now! Up here it's been nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit--not to mention the humidity! I think I'm melting lol! :P
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    Christian Zionism makes me puke

    OTR is absolutely correct. The whole silly notion of "The Rapture" was concocted by a man named John Nelson Darby in the 19th century--a "brand new belief" based on the rantings of a Scottish girl by the name (if I recall correctly) of Margaret MacDonald. Very odd how eagerly fundies seized...
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    Growing Old—Death Approaches!

    Doesn't seem to be much hope for me, I guess! Don't smoke, only rarely drink, and I'm a hetero female, so I suppose the 'wild women' part is out. :lol: I've felt old since my early 20's, go figure!! It really hit home, tho, when my dad developed (probable) Alzheimer's about 5 years ago...
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    Lost tribe of Israel...

    RubberRonnie, that makes sense!! Good post, and welcome to FT Forums!! :D
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    New Claim: Mirror Imaging _Last Supper_ Yields New Figures

    I always wondered about that extra hand holding the knife too. Maybe El Diablo put in an appearance??? :twisted:
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    The End of the World is Nigh. Run to the hills!

    I'll join the party, but you have to promise to call me "Bunny". *simper*
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    Britain: A Nation of Immigrants

    Well, try living in the good old US of A, guys. We've already got bilingual signs up--I think I'll soon have to learn Spanish in order to fit in! :shock: It's true that the US is a nation of immigrants, but I think things are getting a little extreme when Muslims insist that if they...
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    Baldness on the Mother's Side

    Sorry, Creamstick, I was already roaring with laughter when I read your warning--mea culpa! :lol: If you don't want people laughing you shouldn't write so--er--vividly!! :twisted: Then again, sitting on my ovaries--OUCH!! :shock: You know, they say (I have no idea who "they" are...
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    Is Prince Philip a God?

    If Prince Philip is a god, I'm the Queen of France. :lol:
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    Murderers: How Many Have You Met?

    I haven't met any that I know of :shock: but I have met--online--the "wives" of two serial killers. One was married to Ronald DeFeo Jr (the guy who murdered his family and started the whole "Amityville" thing) and the other was married to Richard Ramirez, the "Night Stalker" of Los Angeles...
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    Scared Of The Dentist? You Will Be!

    I am so phobic about dentists it ain't funny. My current dentist has to give me nitrous oxide (laughing gas) before just cleaning my teeth-otherwise he knows I'll be hoofing it out to the parking lot flagging down cops!!! :lol: :lol: I can thank a dentist I had in childhood for this...
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    Freaky Video

    Yes, obviously faked--and the "thunder" scared my cat!! :lol:
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    Patience Worth

    I remember reading about this years ago--I was very curious about it!
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    New Claim: Mirror Imaging _Last Supper_ Yields New Figures

    That is priceless--I wish it were true!!
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    O. J. Simpson Question (yes, it's on-topic here)

    Interesting idea, OTR. I suppose anything is possible (as a good fortean I have to say that :lol: ) but in this case, I think it was OJ running in the dark and in a frenzy banging smack into Kato's air conditioning unit. Near where he dropped the bloody glove. OJ was guilty as homemade sin...
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    The Green Man

    Well, dang!!!! All this cool stuff in Britian--and the Netherlands and Prague and even the Middle East--and none of it here! :evil: All we've got is that hairy ham-footed smelly old Sasquatch, and I'm thoroughly bored with him. I wanna Green Man---waaahhhhh!!!!!
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    'Fairies Kill Four People' (News Item; Lamplugh; 1600s)

    I, on the other hand, am a very nice fairy. I only sprinkle people with my pixie dust in order to improve their manners--takes a lot of doing, these days. 8)
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    Nominative Determinism

    Sorry, not trying to take over the thread altogether 8) but another one just sprang to mind. Over in Augusta, Georgia (about 35 miles from my home) is a family-run business which does automotive repairs. The family name? Yes--Crook!!! At least said Crooks have a sense of humor. One of...
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    Nominative Determinism

    Talk about synchronicity!!! :shock: I just walked into the den for a moment (where the TV is playing) and heard another one on the TV! It seems that out West somewhere (USA) there's a group of undercover cops out to arrest some drug dealers. The man chosen as their leader? A man named...
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    Nominative Determinism

    I thought of the unfortunately named Cardinal Sin too--and to make it even worse, in Catholicism we have a history of dividing sins into lesser and greater: the lesser sins are "venial" sins and the more serious are, sadly, called Cardinal sins. Poor man!! :lol: I once heard of a man whose...
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    Top Causes of Death

    Unfortunately--as recent events have shown--drug-resistant TB is an ever-increasing threat. I know just how deadly tuberculosis can be. Years before I was born--in fact my mother was only 6 years old at the time--my grandmother came down with a bad case of TB. This was around 1933, before the...
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    Brain 'Pacemaker' Tickles Your Happy Nerve

    So....where do I sign up? :twisted:
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    Putting a Price Tag on Death

    :shock: :shock: :shock: Sorry--but if you lose someone you dearly love, I can't see how any amount of money can make you happy!!! I just do not think you can put a price tag on love. Maybe I'm being overly sentimental here--then again, maybe these gentlemen (however...
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    Man wakes after 19 year coma

    About your question, Taffy: I have no medical expertise, training or anything close to it :D but I think this is sometimes true. I recall a case--I believe it was here in the States, several years ago--where a woman was sueing a hospital for "emotional distress". It seems she had been...
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    An “Assyrian ghetto” in the Plains of Niniveh to save Iraq’s

    Thanks for posting this. It's disturbing to read. Having all the Christians located in one place would definitely make them sitting ducks for anyone who wanted to eliminate them. After all, when Hitler decided to exterminate the Jews in a country, he first herded them into Jewish-only...
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    Hitler's Pope?

    Interesting! I might have to trot over to myself. :P "Spiritually we are all Semites..." I like that! :D
  46. S / Westboro Baptist Church

    Well, how very remiss of you! Haven't you at least gone out of your way to make life utterly miserable for any gay people in your community? What are you, some kind of heathen?? LOL! (Just kidding, you know! :wink: ) Yes...imagine the nerve of some of these so-called Christians going around...
  47. S / Westboro Baptist Church

    I guess if anybody understands condemnation, it's the Rev. Mr. Phelps and his pack of rabid--umm, sorry, I meant to say, his congregation. :P
  48. S / Westboro Baptist Church

    Methinks Moby hath a point there! And it utterly beggars belief that the Phelps gang would picket the funeral of Jerry Falwell, who as I recall cozied up with Pat Robertson in the aftermath of both 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina to explain to America that we were being punished for our sins by a...
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    Church Criticised In Abuse Probes

    This whole thing is shameful, and a disgrace to the Church. It's bad enough that priests would molest innocent children (who trusted them!!)--it's even worse that the Church knew about these abuses and covered them up!! And it's unforgivable that the Church would shuffle offending priests...
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    Is Auschwitz Haunted?

    I'd like to add--Lord R, whatever gives you the impression that it would have been easy for inmates of any Nazi extermination camp to escape?? There were more than enough guards--esp. when you consider that they were armed and the inmates, unsurprisingly, were not--besides being half-starved...