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  1. AlchoPwn

    The Natufian Culture & The Garden Of Eden?

    I bumped into a friend today who was eager to tell me anout the Natufians and the Eden myth. The Natufians were a culture centered in the Levant from 13000 BC to 7500BC, and were pioneers in agriculture during the epipaleolithic period. They were settled hunter-gatherers who were effectively...
  2. AlchoPwn

    Hover Bike Now Available For 60K

    This is old news but nvm. For those few who have not yet seen this: For those who are interested in flying cars, no more mollers, but there are these as of 2016:
  3. AlchoPwn

    Dark Matter and Dark Energy? Probably solved.

    We have certainly heard a lot of hubbub about Dark Matter and Dark Energy of late, and a lot of us were wondering if someone forgot to "carry the 1" somewhere in the calculations. Well, the dust has largely cleared on the issue and there is a theory in the issue that nobody has yet been able to...
  4. AlchoPwn

    Oldest Known Figurative Cave Art Discovered In Borneo

    This was a bit of a surprise. 40,000 years old. The depiction of a now-extinct form of bovine is pretty interesting. Hope y'all find this as worthwhile as I did.
  5. AlchoPwn


    If something is totally FUBAR in the USA, it is almost always in West Virginia. The place is cursed. It doesn't matter if it is being a coal state during global warming, or the old news oxycontin epidemic, the moth man or Indrid Cold, or the sheepsquatch, or the countless cult compounds and...
  6. AlchoPwn

    The Cadaver Synod

    For sheer perversity, this historical event is one of the most remarkable and hilarious, and presents some ongoing issues for the Catholic Church that they would rather not confront. Also, upon searching the forums, the only reference I could find to the Cadaver Synod was one of my own...
  7. AlchoPwn

    A New Paradigm For How The Brain Works

    For over 100 years now human beings have thought that everything abut the brain could be explained by way of electrochemical impulses within it. Humanity has known about neurons since the 1890s thanks to early pioneers in the field, and...
  8. AlchoPwn

    Strange Blue Light Follows A Cruise Ship

    I am hoping the collective brilliance of you fine Forteans can help me with an interesting sighting one of my neighbors told me about that I have frankly not heard the likes of before. She saw the same thing on two occasions while on a P&O cruise in the Pacific in 2006. I don't want to dump...
  9. AlchoPwn

    The Vision Of Constantine The Great Revealed!

    The historian Eusebius provides us with an interesting episode from the history of the Late Roman Empire. On 28th October 312A.D. (a Monday btw), there was a decisive battle fought between Emperor Constantine of the Eastern Roman Empire and Emperor Maxentius of the Western Roman Empire, for...
  10. AlchoPwn

    Malmö Leads The World In Hand Grenade Attacks

    It's great. You can have a hand grenade if you want: Immigrants have nothing to do with it.
  11. AlchoPwn

    The Witcher (by Andrej Sapkowski)

    I was surprised to see that nobody had posted anything about "The Witcher" by Andrej Sapkowski. Why am I posting this now? Well, the Witcher started life as a series of short stories that grew into full novels, that spawned some very entertaining and high quality video games, that in turn are...
  12. AlchoPwn

    Millennials In Iceland Convert To Zuism

    The fastest growing religion in Iceland is Zuism But what do Zuists believe? Wait...What? Is this some sort of back door Anunnaki...
  13. AlchoPwn

    A Legally Haunted House: Stambovsky Vs Ackley

    I have just stumbled over this little gem for the first time. Apparently in 1991 the New York Supreme Court ruled that a house was legally haunted, and not disclosing such information could void a contract. If ghosts don't exist, how can this ruling be valid? Ergo, ghosts must exist. The...
  14. AlchoPwn

    This Guy Takes Stupid To A New Level

    If you ever think you aren't very smart, at least you aren't this stupid...
  15. AlchoPwn

    Ghost In The (Vending) Machine

    This is the sort of thing that will keep you awake at night:
  16. AlchoPwn

    Patient Seventeen

    This documentary showed up in my Neflix feed today. I thought I should draw people's attention to it in case they find it interesting. Here is the trailer:
  17. AlchoPwn

    On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs (D.G. Grimes 2016)

    The following is a link to a scholarly article that should inform anyone who is interested in conspiracies and how they can work, and, more importantly when they must fail (by the numbers). I hope this proves useful to people who are interested in the subject. With further research it is...
  18. AlchoPwn

    Issue With Cursor On The Site

    When I try to correct something I have written something odd happens. I delete things, but then when I go to re-enter the correct text, the cursor jumps to the start of the word and I end up writing pirevam instead of vampire or somesuch. Is this a known issue? It is annoying. I hope someone...
  19. AlchoPwn

    The Chonchon

    The Chonchon is a Chilean/Argentinian folkloric creature. It takes the form of a human(typically masculine) head, typically with feathers in place of hair, and immense ears that serve as wings. It has a cry, sometimes given as "too-ay too-ay too-ay" and is vampiric by diet. It is the...
  20. AlchoPwn

    The Penanggalan

    The Penanggalan is a detached female head capable of flying about on its own. As it flies, the stomach and entrails dangle below it, and these organs twinkle like fireflies as the Penanggalan moves through the night. It is a creature of folklore from the Malaysian Peninsula with echoes in...
  21. AlchoPwn

    JUCHE: The Religion you have probably never heard of that is larger than Judaism.

    While I expect that the Fortean Times forum audience is better informed about "matters fringe" than nearly everybody, I have posted this little tidbit in case someone has overlooked this totalitarian religious anomaly. Juche is the official religion of North Korea. Here are a few links to help...
  22. AlchoPwn

    Uganda's Machete-Wielding Chimps

    Does the right to bear arms include the right to arm bears? These are the questions that keep me awake at night. That and the nightmare scenario initiated by the regime of Idi Amin where he trained chimps to use machetes including throwing them with considerable accuracy in order to protect...
  23. AlchoPwn

    Russian Disinformation Campaigns: The Ancient Art Of Subversive Trolling

    How many of the conspiracies that have gained traction over the years have actually been based on disinformation planted by the Russians? But hang on, what does Russian have to gain? Plenty as it turns out. When you flood the world with false news, the truth is drowned out and your opponents...