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    Star Wars

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    The Mandela Effect: False Memory

    Indeed. I see the guy's point - these are clearly things that he believed for much of his life, and now he finds that the accepted version of events is not what he remembers. However, just because one recalls something incorrectly, it doesn't mean that some freaky effect is at work. I'm just...
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    Quitters & Shape-Shifters: Last Words & Reincarnations

    Maybe I'm oblivious (or maybe I'm so shitty I wouldn't notice), but I see very little on this site that's shittier or ruder than any other similar place, or indeed real life for that matter. We all get more sensitive to perceived rudeness from time to time, but overall, this is a very friendly...
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    Worst Movie EVER?

    No, Ramon's right, on each of the points - it's a western, actually pretty good, and you might well enjoy it!
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    Random/Peculiar Images

    Very much like the Time Lords in Dr Who!
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    Political Correctness Rides Again

    Well, most of the police officers I've met have been PC. A couple of sergeants as well.
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    Vatican Issues Guidance On Gender Identity

    Well, quite. And assuming we're still living in a world where people are allowed to disagree with one another, I think they make a reasonable point, worthy of consideration.
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    A Million Messages

    I think you mean "tails".
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    Flannan Islands: Mysterious Disappearance

    No, no, I won't have that. There's an Enterprise rent-a-car advert on at the minute with GB in it which is fairly watchable...
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    Flannan Islands: Mysterious Disappearance

    That's enough of a review for me. I saw the DVD in Sainsburys and was briefly tempted. No more...
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    The Good Stuff Online Thread

    It must be programmed in some way, surely, for that level of accuracy?
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    Invasion Of Privacy

    I agree with your sentiment, and can add the following, which is either amusing or worrying, depending on how I'm feeling : I've added my other half to my mobile contract - she was always reluctant to overuse her PAYG phone, so for an extra few pounds a month, she's got all the free calls and...
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    Suspiciously Accurate Pop Media Items Attracting Official Inquiries

    There's an Arthur C Clarke story in a similar vein about a toymaker who progresses to making convincing-looking model spacraft for a kids' sci-fi show. One day, he receives a visit from a couple of MIB types who quiz him at length about his inspiration for the designs. Then he notices the...
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    Weird Sex

    Gosh. I can't for the life of me think who that could have been. Much.
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    Unfortunate Advertising & Publication Layouts

    There's the "Piss-poor proofreading" thread, which covers similar ground. Could that be what you're thinking of?
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    Razor Blades Found In Tennis Balls

    Just a feeling, but I fear that the unnamed folk who reported this were just sad attention seekers. If so, the news report has done well to deny them the oxygen of publicity.
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    The Terminator Films & Franchise

    Not at all! I refer you to my post #123 above. The series is predicated on changing the past to affect the future, so choose whichever "reality" you like.
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    Charity Shop & Poundshop Finds

    Ah, good point. I remember that now, particularly "Robot". I had most of the target books at one time. Think I had the first 100 before I sold them!
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    Charity Shop & Poundshop Finds

    Any time I find myself pointlessly browsing the CDs or DVDs in one charity shop or another, I reassure myself that I'm under no compulsion to buy anything, even if it is for a good cause. Or put another way, I'm not James, and I don't feel the need to acquire a copy of every DVD ever produced...
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    The Continuing Insult To The English Language

    Same for Northerners. Shifty lot...
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    Tech Help

    Nothing exciting, probably rather not say for fear of revealing too much. Fuck. Busted.
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    Tech Help

    Thanks for the tip. The stuff I have listed BIN lends itself to that method of sale, but I possibly need a rethink. In the meantime, I've had a cull and brought my listing down way below 50, so that should buy me some respite, according to Myth's advice. I've only really played at Ebay thus...
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    Worst Movie EVER?

    No, you're quite wrong - the last thing you want is loose clothing if you're operating heavy machinery. Anyway, back to the movie, to see if I can pick up any more chainsawing tips...
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    Political Correctness Rides Again

    How dare you say that I can't be a woman unless I conform to your foul gender stereotypes of clothing and make-up? I choose to wear trousers and go bare-faced!
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    Random/Peculiar Images

    Wasn't that also the name of the actor who staged his own mugging?
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    Political Correctness Rides Again

    What a pillock. Claims he lowered the car to aid stability, as well as for the looks! Hmm... wonder if he told his insurance company about this safety modification? Nevertheless, a small part of me is slightly sympathetic towards him. The way he tells it, at least, the council have been quite...
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    Abandoned, Disused & Ruinous Places

    To clarify - "Abandoned Engineering" is nowhere near that bad. It's pretty watchable, they could just do with toning down the dramatic voice-over and recaps/previews a bit!
  28. Peripart

    Tech Help

    50, is it? Didn't realise the limit was that low. I thought you were allowed so many new listing per month. Also didn't realise I'd listed that much! Thanks for the info, Myth. I'll have a bit of a cull ASAP.
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    Political Correctness Rides Again

    I was going to write about how this stuff makes me feel, but since the Sam Smith "I'm not male or female" situation, I realise that I'd better not open my trap for fear of causing offence. Actually, sod it: Sam Smith, what a self-important prick. There are people for whom gender dysphoria is a...
  30. Peripart

    Tech Help

    Sorry in advance, but here's my latest in what must seem a long line of ignorant questions about Ebay: I've been using Ebay to sell bits and bobs for a couple of years, nothing of huge value, but enough to generate a few pounds now and then. I don't bother checking my Paypal account that...
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    Abandoned, Disused & Ruinous Places

    To add: I think that the series is made by the same team that produce "Impossible Engineering" and indeed "Impossible Railways" (neither of which titles are technically true...). These other shows also suffer from an excess of repetition in what are actually very interesting subjects. The "meat"...
  32. Peripart

    Railway Ghosts

    That certainly is a beautiful station, and if you don't mind me saying so, an extremely British-looking one. Apart from the slightly orangey colour of the station buildings, this could be any well-preserved rural station in this country. I'm thinking somewhere ex-GWR, maybe...
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    Abandoned, Disused & Ruinous Places

    I've seen a few of those - quite interesting, if a little repetitive.
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    Words & Phrases You Never Want To Hear Again

    The phrase "The proof's in the pudding" seems to be gaining currency, which seems to miss the meaning of what the phrase should actually be. A bit like saying "ignorance is bliss", without the rest of it.
  35. Peripart

    Photoshop Or Time Traveller?

    Not for me. All I see is "open this in Apple News", which I guess is an app that I don't have.
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    Best Cars Ever

    I'm sure we've had this sort of conversation before, but I've owned very similar cars to those 2. An '89 Scirocco Scala, but manual rather than auto, and which had been given a mild dose of the Max Power treatment - single wiper, big exhaust, but mostly quite original. Very cheap, and mostly...
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    Is The Era Of The Petrol-Head Drawing To A Close?

    I got muddled up with multi-quote. Now fixed!
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    Weird Names

    I though the Swedes had (sensible, IMO) laws against this sort of thing?
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    Is The Era Of The Petrol-Head Drawing To A Close?

    I know where you're coming from, but I respectfully disagree. for instance, I've owned a couple of 80s cars - MK1 golf GTi and early shape MR2 - which were and, to me, still are pretty cool. There's plenty of yet later stuff that would classify as quirky or charming, too, but I would agree that...
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    Confessions Of A Computer Game Addict

    Yikes! Call me tight, but my Nintendo Wii cost me less that that game!
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    Worst British Accent Attempt. Ever.

    How dare he! He should take a leaf out of his compatriot Jan Molby's book, and speak Scouse...
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    Humour & Jokes

    It's the way you tell them...
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    NY Times British & Irish Dialect Quiz

    Snap! I might do it again on my computer, and see how accurate it is.
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    And Now—Sport

    There's baseball (or rounders, as the rest of the world knows it). Also horse racing, boxing... only my personal opinions, I'm not stating facts! I agree with you on gridiron, though.
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    Ever Met Anyone Famous?

    Staying? Not sure. We'd gone for a meal and Mr Sayer's small group just happened to be on the next table. I think I know the industrial estate you worked on. Could it be called Brickyard Lane, or something like that?
  46. Peripart

    Ever Met Anyone Famous?

    The very same. Fairlawns Hotel - you probably know it. Hell, you probably worked there!
  47. Peripart

    Tales Of A Flat Earth

    Maybe, if enough people ran to the edge, the World would tip over?
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    Ever Met Anyone Famous?

    I hardly think so, but thanks for saying it! I guess the combination of the mundane and the slightly surreal is quite amusing. I won't go into just how Mr Reynold's railway was connected with the French Office, unless anyone really wants to know... I'd forgotten about him (and had no idea he...
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    While swinging one day through the trees I encountered a big swarm of bees They said "hey, it's not funny "You'll mess up our honey
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    Ever Met Anyone Famous?

    Edwyn Collins sounds like a bit of a prat... There are some great ones here, which I can't top. Having said that, some of the more obscure celebs, particularly in unlikely situations, are quite fun to read, so here's a couple of mine: I've exchanged words with Alastair Reynolds (reasonably...