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    The cat speaks English

    I LOVE this topic!!!!!! Unfortunately, no English-speaking cats in my household. :(
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    Monster under the bed

    I had a gnomelike of elflike creature who lived under my bed. The benign thing he did was shake the bed. The scary thing he did was to creep up over the side of the bed when I was trying to get to sleep, but the icky thing is that he did it between the top sheet and bottom sheet!! :shock: I...
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    Radioactive Cat Poo

    When I had that treatment for my cat I was told to keep all the cat waste in a closed container for at least 30 days (I think it was that long. It may have been longer.), after which the radioacitveness(?) was so little as to be harmless, and it could be disposed of along with regular garbage...
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    The Transdimensional Gas Station

    I wonder how often this might happen to other people. Not specifically a trans-dimensional gas station, but some odd event that triggers some thought of 'Hey, that was wierd', and then when one tries to return to the scene, nothing is there, or the place is different, but one just shrugs and...
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    Creepy Cumbrian clinic (pics)

    Ugh. But wouldn't the examing table have some sort of stirrups (as in OB/GYN examing tables)? I didn't see any in the photo, but maybe I just missed them.
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    The Eggman—Including The Monster of Glamis Castle

    That painting has the look about it of being done by more than one painter. Often, background and/or bodies would be painted by an apprentice, and the faces would be painted in by the 'real' artist. Either way, whether done by one painter or many, he didn't have a real command of rendering the...
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    Modern teaching methods

    The lack of spelling and grammar skills shocks me when I visit another website's forum, the membership of which seems to be mainly teenagers. The common belief that the words 'they're', 'there', and 'their' all mean the same thing and can be used interchangably irritates me no end, as well as...
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    Weird phone calls

    Or it could be those d*** telemarketers, or people canvasing for charities, which is worse, because one feels bad telling them that one will not donate anything (which of course is exactly what they want! Guilt donations!)
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    Walking At Night

    Late one night, twenty years ago or so, I was walking on campus with the bf (haven't seen him for 18 years now) through a huge open space, but the path we were on was headed through a densely wooded area. The path seemed to just disappear into darkness under the trees. The bf stopped and said...
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    Creepy Cumbrian clinic (pics)

    A vacuum cleaner? With storage space below for all the attachments. Although one thing in the tray below looks like a distributor cap. :?: (by the way, vacuum cleaners are the work of the devil! :twisted: )
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    The Wolf Also Shall Dwell With The Lamb There was a special on The Animal Planet about this about a year ago. The lioness ultimately adopted five baby oryxes, but I don't remeber what happened to the last two. She disappeared into the bush, and hasn't been seen since.
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    Strange Deaths

    Here's one from a while ago: A narcotics traffic stop on the Downtown Connector turned deadly Saturday afternoon when a man climbed over the interstate railing, fell about 35 feet and was decapitated on a wrought-iron fence, Atlanta police said. Officers in a marked car stopped the man...
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    Lyme Regis ghost photo

    I'd say it's a time exposure.
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    The Transdimensional Gas Station

    Any new developments? Fascinating account, by the way, and no need to apologize for your excellent English. Most who have it as a first (and only) language could learn from you. And condolences on your divorce. :|
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    The Swinging Key

    It seems to me that experimenting with another key, cotton, and a magnet witll only give accurate results if they are exactly the same as the originals. Therefore, I want more information about the original set up. Was the key hanging on the hook by a hole in the key, or by a rope/thread/piece...
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    Beware November 11, 2011, at 1:11 am (or 11:11 am)!!!
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    Bronze "Bewitched" Bust-Up

    And, IIRC, the modern town of Salem is not even the location of the historic witch trials. Go figure.
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    'Pumpkin' Head?

    :laughing: Although, I must say I'm happy for them. (Which I never thought I would be!)
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    Strange Folk

    Eli, could he have been wearing contacts? How uncomfortable that must be.
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    Strange Folk

    My neighbor downstairs last week had a guest or guests out on her patio, talking and laughiing in a normal tone of voice at 2:30 in the morning. They did stop and go inside when I pointed this out to them. Another neighbor would hold loud (and I mean LOUD) parties complete with loud music...
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    'Pumpkin' Head?

    Well, if you have a hideously deformed head that looks like a pumpkin with ears, when CAN you go jogging?
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    Still Puzzled 25 Years Later!

    It's never happened to me again either, that I know of. I think the only reason my roommate mentioned it is because she knew me well. So that leaves me thinking that, if this HAS happened again, people who don't know me well might think that whatever emotion was on my face was my true emotion...
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    I, Threadkiller

    It will never die........... It is immortal, and will last through the ages. Even when mankind is dust, somewhere a computer screen will flash with this thread, because.... It will have evolved, and become self aware.......... It will never die. :twisted: Moua ha ha ha (evil laugh)
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    Still Puzzled 25 Years Later!

    This happened to me when I was in my early twenties: I was at a party with some of my friends, we were all getting ready to go out somewhere. I was talking to two of my friends when one of them (who was my roommate and knew me fairly well) suddenly exclaimed that I had had an extremely hateful...
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    Tiny Monkey?

    Awesome. That one looks like a mature version of the first picture. After searching myself (using 'smallest primate') I came up with this link: ... gkong.html So it looks like the pygmy marmoset may not be the smallest primate, if they are...
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    Tiny Monkey?

    How could it be related?
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    Crop Circles

    I hate to throw a spanner in the works, but even if ALL the crop circles are fake, what about the ice circles, done on the surface of frozen lakes with ice too thin to support a human? And one article pasted into a message in this thread mentioned that circles are also found in sand...
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    Odd stone in King's Cross, London

    Obviously, some effort was made NOT to remove or destroy this stone. Was the pavement put down by KFC, or by the city? If the city did it, then some government official must know about it, or know where to find out about it. Also, the local library might have some sort of historical document...
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    IIRC? ISTR? What do they mean?

    Thank you!!! I had been racking my brain---and then last night in bed I realized IIRC could be If I Recall Correctly, but I thought ISTR was It Stands to Reason. Thanx again :idea:
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    IIRC? ISTR? What do they mean?

    I don't know where to ask this. I am new here, and really enjoy reading the message boards. But I don't know what some of the abreviations mean, such as IIRC, ISTR, and IMO. I understand FOF or FOAF, and WTF and some others are easy to figure out. I have looked for a list of these, but can't...
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    Plugging a Gun???

    Is anyone familiar with this (from the movies): Man A is holding a gun on Man B. Man B slowly works his way closer to Man A, while cleverly distracting him with small talk. Suddenly Man B plugs the barrel of the gun with his finger. What would happen if Man A squeezed the trigger? Would...
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    Childish Terrors

    I used to be afraid of finding a severed head in the toilet. It would be still alive and try to bite me. Not something that scared me every time I needed to go, but still.... I hate to think what a Freudian would say about that...... Another childhood fear was started by a movie I saw...
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    "That's the beauty of it!"

    Is it from a cartoon in Punch? Or maybe Calvin and Hobbes? I seem to remember reading it (as in a cartoon), rather than hearing it (as in a movie). I checked my much loved copy of Best Cartoons from Punch of 1950 (my parents bought it, and sooner or later everyone in my family had just about...
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    Cat drag fever

    Unfortunately, it is true. It happened here in Seattle not too long ago, maybe two years or so. A man, drunk, or on drugs, tied his two dogs to the bumper of his car so they could get some exercise. His excuse? "He didn't go very fast around the block..." The dogs were taken away from him...
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    Once, when I was a teenager, I was burning some trash in the fireplace, and unknowingly two batteries got burned. And, yes, they DO explode. These were not big, though, and no one was injured. In fact, they really just sort of popped. Loudly, though.
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    The Queen & Poo

    Ok, how weird is this? This is the first time I have read this thread, and reading all this stuff about the Pope is strange, because HE JUST DIED TODAY........ And soon, after the white smoke goes up, a naked Cardinal will sit on a chair with no seat........ No offense or disrespect...
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    Tiny Monkey?

    Tiny Monkey That's not the photo I saw, but I'm sure it's the same type of monkey! Thanks, I was wondering if maybe the toothbrush had been a giant fake one, and the monkey regular size. Now, I'm sure it was a regular toothbrush, and a TINY MONKEY!!! Thanks again!
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    Hybrid Animals

    From what I've heard (and seen on tv) about Bonobos, they would mate with anything......
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    Tiny Monkey?

    I don't know if this really belongs here, but I'll share it with you anyway. I remember seeing in the local paper (The Seattle Times, or maybe The Post-Intelligencer in 1983 or 84) a photo of a monkey that had just been discovered in South America (I think). It was clinging to the head of a...