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    Anyone familiar with the significance and origins of the tie? As comedian Richard Herring would point out, "the businessman, in his suit and tie" could be a bit of a pervert, but I once heard a feminist take on the garment that its shape was deliberately phallic, so basically when you dress up...
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    Train Ticket UL?

    Anyone heard this one? I'm interested if it ever reached UL status... A man on a train sees the ticket inspector approaching and begins to rifle through his pockets for his ticket, but much to the amusement of the other passengers, he's been holding it in his mouth the whole time. The...
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    Death By Television: The Jeremy Kyle Show

    The Jeremy Kyle Show has been suspended after a victim, sorry, guest, committed suicide shortly after appearing on the programme: News story Reportedly the dead man was inconsolable after a lie detector test said he was lying about his relationship. Which is outrageous enough, but who the hell...
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    Russell T. Davies' Years And Years

    Just found out about this: Russell T. Davies returns to science fiction with Years and Years, starting on Tuesday at 9pm on BBC1. Here's the trailer: Quelle surprise, it's a dystopia, but at least it's one with a sense of humour. I'm enthused about this, when Davies is good, he's great.
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    Brucie In A Bottle Bafflement

    Message in a bottle proves baffling: News story Found near Grimsby, the finders opened a German brandy bottle (not a brand from the UK) sealed with wax to see the message was a crude drawing of the late entertainer Sir Bruce Forsyth, accompanied by some of his catchphrases. There is also a...
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    Bone Found In Socks

    Saw this in the FT, doesn't seem to be any follow-up: News report A human bone was found in a pair of socks bought from Colchester Primark. Sounds like there should be a terrific pun here, but I'll leave that to others. Any idea how the bone got there? The company claimed it must have been...
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    Ghosts (Sitcom)

    New show by the Horrible Histories guys on BBC 1 at 21.30. I read an interview with one of them plugging it, it's about a haunted house. He was asked it it's like Rentaghost, and he said not really - but it does sound like Rentaghost's main rival, The Ghosts of Motley Hall (he didn't mention...
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    Phantom Flusher Drives Out OAP

    The story of an OAP who was driven out of her home by a ghost that flushes her toilet: Flushed with success There's a bit more to it than that, she claims it pulls her hair out too. Alarm bells should ring when she describes herself as a psychic, so there may be an element of wish-fulfilment...
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    The Valdecebro Plane Crash

    In the latest FT, news of a 2018 Spanish plane crash caught my eye: Info here Not much in English, I'm afraid, in fact the above link was all I could find, but basically wreckage of an aircraft was found on a mountain in Spain, apparently after trying to land on a disused Civil War airstrip...
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    Pheromones Don't Exist

    Or rather, there's no evidence for human pheromones, no matter how much research has gone into identifying them. That's what the latest Mythconceptions says, so all those perfumes and aftershaves and body sprays claiming to contain them are lying, basically. Does anyone wish to dispute this...
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    The Godfather Of Soul: Murdered!

    News arrives that there's a new investigation into soul singer legend James Brown's death: JB News He might have been murdered! And not only that, but his wife Adrienne might have been murdered too. It's all very strange, I know he had his enemies, but murder? At his advanced age? What...
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    Stone Circles Of Modern Origin

    In this crazy world going crazier every day, at least we can trust the archaeologists. Unless... Stone circle report OK, we can't trust the archaeologists either.
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    Sticking Plaster On The Bottom

    Heard this one from my dad. Someone he knows, knows of a doctor from up Orkney way who liked a tipple, and one night on the way back home, he stumbled drunkenly and fell on the whisky bottle in his back pocket, breaking it. When he got back home and undressed for bed, he found he had cut his...
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    New Zealand Hitchhiking Cheat

    I read in the paper the other day about a New Zealand man in his 60s who claimed to have run the length of New Zealand in record time, only he had now admitted he hitchhiked most of the way. Squirreled that away as good for the Hoaxes thread. Went to look for the story online tonight. The...
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    Creepy, All-Knowing Watchers

    Long article here on a rare phenomenon I thought deserved a thread: Article from The Cut Basically, it's the extended surveillance by sinister individuals story, and that one's from this decade. Somewhere ages ago here I typed out the postcards story, where a man would for years receive...
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    Eerily Calm Sea

    Could someone refresh my memory, please? I read ages ago an account of a sailor, possibly crossing the Atlantic solo, who amidst the choppy seas found himself sailing through a large patch of ocean that was eerily calm and still, not even a ripple. Does this ring any bells for anyone? Could...
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    Fitness Sweating

    FT 372's Mythconceptions asks whether sweating heavily during exercise is a sign of being unhealthy? Must be more factors involved than that, I would have thought. Some people perspire more easily than others, and it's nothing to do with being unhealthy, right?
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    FT 372

    Arrived this morning! Main feature about Churchill's battle against UFOs or something! Haven't had time for a proper read of it yet!
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    The Reason Animals Are Cute

    There's a reason for everything, as they say, but is the reason a lot of animals are cute a form of self-preservation? You think, "What a cute creature" about its appearance so you don't kill and/or eat it? Does this mean animals can find other animals cute? Would a tiger that found animals...
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    No, not the Joe Spinell video nasty, the new Netflix show. I hated the same guy's True Detective, so was reluctant to try it, but a friend recommended I give it a go so I started it tonight. Not sure whether it's exploiting mental illness or acknowledging it, though it did have an authentic...
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    Horror TV

    Couldn't find a horror TV thread, so to kick one off there's this: Joe Hill's very decent horror novel of a few years back NOS4A2 (or NOS4R2 if you're in the UK) is getting turned into a TV series, with...
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    WW2 UK Car Crashes Vs Blitz Bombs

    Mythconceptions in FT 371 asks whether it's a myth that more Brits died in car crashes during the WW2 blackout than were killed by Nazi bombs, basically because they couldn't see where they were driving. I'm not sure - there can't have been as many cars on the roads, for a start. Any ideas?
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    Humans Unfit For Human Consumption

    OK, what do you think of this one? Apparently we humans are now so filled with toxic elements from pollution that if we had to pass an official test (FDA or something) to see if we were fit to be eaten, we would fail utterly. Is that true? It's from Hal Lindsey's The Late Great Planet Earth...
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    Bakewell Tart in Spaaaaaace

    Well, not any more: Our long national nightmare is over.
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    FT 369

    It's here! And it's about Lovecraft's Elder Gods! Alas, it looks like a Trump-heavy issue and I've had more than my fill of him, but it's the zeitgeist I suppose. Bumper IHTM makes up for it (well, two pages). The woman's blinking visions simply sounds like eye floaters she is interpreting...
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    Ghosts Repeating On You

    Got me wondering, are there any reliable cases of ghosts that genuinely stage repeat performances and aren't poltergeists? One off performances seem to be a lot more common, but have independent witnesses over the course of years, or decades, seen the same thing, like a grey lady or something...
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    FT 368

    Hey, I got the new ish early for a change! Have read a bit, the letters page was pretty snippy and testy this time, I note. Main article about robots taking over or something. Interesting apology for issue 236's back page in the editorial. Scared the kids, apparently. Some of us remember...
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    Billy Corgan's Shapeshifter

    No, not the name of his new band, but the Smashing Pumpkins frontman claims he met a shapeshifter, as detailed in this report: He's not too forthcoming, but he may have been having sex with it when it...
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    Inflatable Dog

    Surprised this didn't get a mention here (unless I missed it?): Rare condition inflates Trevor the sausage dog to three times his normal size. Pics and vid at the link...
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    Man With Missing Time Now Has Missing Finger

    Couldn't find anywhere to put this, but mentioned in the current FT: Man goes out for a meal, wakes up hours later in a ditch with part of his finger missing. Nobody knows what happened him. I've heard of...
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    River Elbe Serpent Photo

    In case you were wondering, the photograph of the River Elbe monster referred to in FT366 is here: No idea why it wasn't in the mag, maybe copyright issues, but yeah, it does look like...
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    Houseplants Are Good For You

    This issue's Mythconceptions asks the poser: are houseplants good for you? Does a plant in the bedroom do you the power of good because it increases the oxygen? Or would the only way that would make a difference if you had a Canadian Redwood in the bedroom?
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    FT 366

    Nice little coincidence: was at the optician's this morning, and when I got back the new FT was waiting for me. As usual, I turned to Mythconceptions first - and it's about opticians. Looking forward to reading about Richard Nixon and Rodney Dangerfield.
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    The Sarah Joe Disappearances

    Don't think this has been mentioned on here before: In the Strange Deaths column in the latest FT, half of it is given over to the disappearance at sea of four fishing tourists in 1979 around Hawaii. They were never found...
  35. GNC

    Most Expensive Food?

    Mythconceptions in the latest FT poses the question, how do you judge the world's most expensive food? Whose word do you take for it? What are the criteria? Is it really white truffles, for example? Anyone have any idea?
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    Diane Morgan Ghost Clips

    Couldn't find an appropriate thread for this, but after hearing Diane Morgan on a podcast mention her ghost show she did for the BBC last year, I found this page of audio clips from it...
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    Nijinsky's Slow Vaulting

    Mentioned in passing in the current FT's Fortean Library section, apparently the ballet dancer Nijinsky could "slow vault", which means he could leap gracefully in the air and descend to earth slower than he went up the way. A web search reveals no mention of this anywhere, couldn't get a...
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    The Victorians Lit Farts To See At Night?

    In the most recent FT's Mythconceptions, someone writes in to ask if anyone else heard that the Victorians used sewer gas to light their gas lamps in the street (before electricity became the norm). I have never heard of this, and am pretty sure the writer-in is mistaken, but just in case: any...
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    Music Channelled By Mediums

    According to Rosemary Brown, this is music sent to her from beyond the grave by Chopin: She was merely his vessel, and wrote it down for him, then gifted it to the world. Sounds a bit Scott Joplin to me, but better than a medium claiming to have channelled John Lennon I heard once (presumably...
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    Black Lightning

    Anyone tried this yet? I know, I know, yet another superhero show. It's on Netflix and I was considering giving it a go.
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    FT 359

    What a nice surprise, a new FT arriving on time - this new distributor deal is working out. It's a witchy Halloween special, haven't had a chance to delve into the articles yet, but I did read the letters page. Um... very brave to publish the missives from the "critics", especially the first...
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    Bears Don't Like Honey

    From the most recent Mythconceptions, the question is asked, do bears really like honey at all? Or do they raid bee nests for the larvae and pupae, which is their preferred dish? It would be just like the thing if Winnie the Pooh had been based on a lie. But don't all mammals like sweet...
  43. GNC

    Police Tape & Chalk Outlines for Bodies

    Another poser from the Mythconceptions column in FT 357 where someone asks if the police have ever put a chalk or white tape outline around a murdered corpse (doesn't have to be murdered, I suppose, could have been suspicious or dramatic circumstances). I've seen this in films and on TV, but do...
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    FT 357

    What do you know? They might have sorted out the subs, because I had FT 357 drop through my letterbox this morning! Five days before its street date! Will wonders never cease? Had a look, they're taking the piss with Crowley now - or are they taking the piss out of Crowley now? Superbly...
  45. GNC

    Drowning In The Desert

    Interesting question posed at the end of Mythconceptions in FT 356: is it true more people drown in the Sahara Desert than die of dehydration? I have visions of stranded travellers gasping for water stumbling across an oasis and getting carried away by diving in.
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    I see the Australian science fiction series Cleverman starts on BBC 2 tomorrow at quarter to midnight (prestigious timeslot!) and continues over till Friday (double bill to end on). There is a second series, but I don't know if they're showing that. Any Australians seen it? Is it worth...
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    We don't seem to have a thread on utopia. I was reading that hauntology article in the latest FT, and the writer made the point that a lot of science fiction of the speculative kind used to be based on the premise of a forthcoming utopia, that we would eventually reach a perfect society. All...
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    Delete Posts Button

    An anomaly has arisen on the Limericks thread: how come I have a delete post button at the end of my posts and Recycled doesn't? What are everyone else's like? What's to be done?
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    There doesn't seem to be an alternative history in fiction thread, but there was a new adaptation of Len Deighton's alternative World War II novel SS-GB on BBC 1 last night. Narratives where the Nazis have won are always very dour (see Amazon's Man in the High Castle), and this was no...
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    The Important "OF" in Universities

    Is it true that applicants who addressed their forms to "The University of Oxford" would only be replied to if that's exactly what was on the envelope? And if they were addressed to "Oxford University" they would be binned? It was an easy way of cutting back on the admin, apparently, and also...