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    Stories attached to social outcasts

    I saw that story - it was about a bloke called Mad Howard; I'm from that neck of the woods and remember him very well. As I recall it was only really by virtue of his Dad being a local business owner and quite wealthy and him having some kind of genetic condition that made him mature very...
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    Godlikeproductions visited by shills from Homeland Security?

    Yeah, they pinged back and it was a genuine DHS IP, but you're more than likely right Timble - there's no doubt that there's some sort of monitoring in place just in case nutters start making bomb threats etc. but I think if they were going to deliberately put misinformation and such like out...
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    That Annoying HUM!

    How far away are you from Dinorwig? That goes into 'reverse' in the wee hours, and given the mountains and valleys there could be some strong acoustics.
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    Godlikeproductions visited by shills from Homeland Security?

    What's interesting about the GLP one was another thread on there where someone had been posting from the same DHS IP, and were the ones to 'announce' the unencrypted Wikileaks files (the whole stash of diplomatic cables) and host the torrent to download it from! Jiggery abounds!
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    Chaplin time traveller

    What's interesting is that some scientists might see this as proof that time travel is indeed possible. And so after seeing it, they ultimately develop time travel technology, which enables the woman to go into the past to be caught on camera. Oh now hold on
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    Stuck-Tune Syndrome

    I've got the tune from the "They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard" video stuck in my head: The worst thing about it, is that I've adapted the words to "They're taking the pusscats to Meowrengard" and sing it to my cat, which makes it stick even more.
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    New coins!

    What a disgrace! Hopefully they'll start producing the odd run with nice big dragons thereon :P
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    Local or Dialect Words

    Some nice ones here: ... ingo.shtml
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    A cure for cancer?

    There's also the (separate) research of these two gentlemen : Harry Hoxsey - an elixir made from herbs and Royal Rife - using light and sound to treat illnesses (something I'd mused upon some years back, incidentally; looks like he beat me to it though) It would be easy to dismiss as...
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    Muslim Day at Alton Towers!

    **Mr Snowhamed is going to the fair! La di da di daaaa!** *skips gaily to the Corkscrew*
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    What the #$*! Do We Know!?

    I think that "The Secret" is a 'better' version of this film, as it explains the whole 'law of attraction' and visualisation thing on a much more practical level, as opposed to what turn out to be Ramtha-inspired teachings. Both would appear to carry the same message though, that essentially...
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    UnCon 2006

    Cheer up, triumph in the face of adversity and all that! And come on, it is pretty funny :D
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    The Ship

    How does the anti-gravity drive work? Does it (as I have long suspected) require the use of cascading sub-harmonics as well as magnets?
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    does anyone think hallucinogens can lead to paranormal exper

    Poor Bill. He was banned a looong time ago, so I wouldn't expect a reply anytime soon ;) It was a shame really, as the guy struck me as a totally mental genius. But on Bill's behalf: Yes, you're probably right :) Peace, Love and Serendipity xxxBillxxx (RIFTMBP)
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    Holocaust Denial

    Well, that's a subjective debate which could have no end. I'd have thought if you were talking with someone along such lines, then it'd become apparent if they actually meant one thing or another, in which case you could retort appropriately. Such thinking makes people scared to discuss...
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    Holocaust Denial

    DOH! That's the one! :wink:
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    Holocaust Denial

    I've always been of a mind that the Nazi holocaust was seen as a 'the buck stops here' kind of moment. Although the other incidents you mention were equally as awful, they were never perpetuated over tens of centuries on any specific group as has happened to Jewish people since, well, the birth...
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    Bird Flu - Worse than SARS?

    Yes, they could do things a bit better. It's not difficult to kill a bird with your bare hands at all - I mean, if I could do it before I was ten when we used to go out getting pheasants, then I'm sure that the people collecting them could do it as part of the process as well. I've a feeling...
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    Predictions for 2006

    GOLLOS HAS RETURNED TO GUIDE YOU : HEAR ME NOW, FOR SPAKETH I DOTH TO THEE 1. Ascendence to the 24th level of dimension hyper-consciousness will occur on the 7th day of the 7th month. 7+7=14 : 1+4 = 5 And lo : 1+4+5 = 10 : And thus 10 + 7 + 7 = 24. Herewith I decree so. On this day...
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    Ongoing experiment to see if an UL actually works...

    Curious, I never believed this to be an UL, because it has always worked for me in the past! It has to be a pretty big onion, cut in half and loosened slightly. I must say that it has no effect with acrylic paints, but certainly does work with emulsions. I recall that it was my grandad who told...
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    David Icke & His Work

    You know, I think you've totally missed the point about what I was trying to say. I'll quote my other post if that helps I wrote: The debate isn't about whether he's a nutter or not. In some respect he is, in some respects he isn't. What I take issue is with the representation of him in...
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    Board speed

    Yeah, it seemed to fix itself earlier this evening. I'm not sure what could've cause it; one can only assume that one of BT's big super-duper internet controller things decided to conk out and reduce the bandwidth for lots of people. The effective downstream didn't seem too bad, but the upstream...
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    Board speed

    Like, DUH, like Joined: 05 Aug 2002 Total posts: 1441 Location: Embassy Cymru, Nottingham Age: 29 Gender: Male
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    David Icke & His Work

    Just like I said in my first post.. interesting with his political observations, unless he starts harping on about multi-dimensional space reptiles from the 41st level of the ascended consciousness of the Zlof continuity or whatever. :wow: And certainly not anti-semitic.
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    Board speed

    The whole internet seemed to be broken briefly during the late afternoon/early evening. I was getting lag and time-outs everywhere :(
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    David Icke & His Work

    I don't wind people up. People don't just don't like their comfortable populist views to be challenged. There's an element an absino lanam in trying to make people look at things in a deeper sense than as they're initially presented these days, owing to a misplaced faith in standard media...
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    David Icke & His Work

    Re: The Call of Cthullu Well that's just it, that's his theory, and you can't blame someone for having theories or ideas. I'm not an Ickesian Apologetic by the way, his reasoning is clearly flawed in some areas. What I am is a defender of people being allowed to say what they want to say...
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    David Icke & His Work

    Well, that first paragraph is not an indication of anti-semitism. He refers to the idea of some kind of secret cabal that betrayed its own people. Would criticising extremist Muslim or Christian groups on the basis that they are willing to sacrifice non-extremist Muslims or Christians for their...
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    David Icke & His Work

    Don't read those books, you'll just get yourself into a right old state ;) The big problem I have with Icke is that his political observations are actually quite interesting in respect of the links between individuals and organisations, but then he has to go and spoil it all by ranting on...
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    Masters of Horror: The TV Series

    I've had the good fortune to see the first four episodes of this, and whoa, modern classics in the making. These are as good as the Hammer shorts seemed at the time, but I suspect will stand up to future scrutiny a lot better, owing to the fact that it's not dodgy effects overload, but good...
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    Well, the pilot is great! But unfortunately it all goes downhill after that :( I fell asleep during the fifth episode, and all this talk about it being the new X-Files is way off the mark; it doesn't even come close. Basically, each episode is like a "Where's Wally" book, except it's "Where's...
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    IT Depatments prop Windows up

    Pietro's got it right. I'm at a local authority and our procurement people are absolutely clueless. I don't know where to begin in displaying their stupidity, but needless to say, when the 'Best Value' approach gets you bog standard Compaq P4 desktop unit for £1,500 a crack, then you realise...
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    Clashes in Birmingham

    I don't know if anyone here saw "Edge of the City" on C4 last year about the underbelly of Bradford, but apparently this is/was the kind of thing that goes on there (perhaps some of the ULs stemmed from this); although the documentary did suggest that rather than being 'snatched off the street'...
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    Because : There appears to be a great big electromagnet located in or around the bunker which lies underneath the hatch! The gun case key which Jack wears around his neck starts to float towards the wall whenever he walks near to it.
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    U.S. Sizing Up Iran?

    Woohoo! Here's a new one! It's like listening to a kid making a huge list of excuses for wanting to do something stupid. What next? "Iranians suspected of calling the Queen old and silly = The Daily Mail says ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" ... 333246.stm "Iran...
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    U.S. Sizing Up Iran?

    It'll be interesting to see what the reaction will be if the 'Allies' do decide to take on Iran on the basis of 'concrete intelligence', owing to the fact that the secret services were eventually shown up to be.. stretching the truth, shall we say, re. the evidence of WMD in Iraq. If any new...
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    Nuclear-Era Civil Defence Measures In The UK

    Most town halls and civic centres have nuclear bunkers. Well, of sorts. The vast majority of them were decommissioned at the end of the Cold War and turned into storage areas as far as I know, but in the event of a surprise nuclear war, I'm sure they'd still be useable.
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    Pink Floyd CD case conundrum?!

    Ah, it takes a country mind to be able to empathise with that, so true. Re. foxhunting, well, as long as it's done with shotguns by people trained to kill with one hit, then fair enough - foxes are a verminous pest, no matter how sweet and innocent they look, but the idea of hunting with...
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    Wouldn't want to offend anyone...depends....

    *unforseen return from unpredictably short retreat* Don't take this the wrong way Olly, but that's one of the most naive things that I've seen in a while. By the same token as what you're suggesting, then I think it's time to close -any- thread where the -potential- for any kind of suggested...
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    Quitters & Shape-Shifters: Last Words & Reincarnations

    Time for the annual sabbatical... see you all soon 8)
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    An open letter to Alastair Strachan

    I'm becoming increasingly reminded of when I first moved away from home. Upon my first visit back, I discovered that the crowd had changed, people were doing different things etc, but it was still fun, just a little different :? Tbh, there's an overriding image of heads being banged against...
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    Bird Flu - Worse than SARS?

    Here's a quick tip : avoid public transport. I've not used a bus regularly for about a year now, and I've not had a cold or cough for yonks! Plus, it's not very nice, but sometimes I can feel a 'twinge' in the back of throat/nasal passage when a cold is about to start. I find that pouring...
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    Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About

    I've often pondered over the issue of cures for illnesses being 'hidden' by pharmaceutical companies. Although it's easy to pooh pooh the idea off hand, it's a little like the 'water engine' being suppressed by oil companies i.e. inconceivable by moral and ethical standards, but completely...
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    What Would You Like To See On The Message Board?

    Well, this takes my old idea of Mod elections to the next level, so I'm in full agreement!
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    What Would You Like To See On The Message Board?

    It does seem awfully unnecessary. Is it a case of August being the 'slow news month' and the journalists having to make up their own stories?
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    Useful Applications

    Listen to radio stations from all around the world with this handy freebie : Internet Radio Tuner Some of the Nicaraguan ones are interesting :P
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    Quitters & Shape-Shifters: Last Words & Reincarnations

    "Unofficial Fortean Times Messageboard" would be ok. What kind of storage and bandwidth consideration would one need to run this messageboard elsewhere (complete with existing archive)? I know a bloke see..
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    Paisley Patterns: The Mark Of The Devil

    There's hope for me yet :cry:
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    Pratchett vs Rowling

    Agreed Liz, although I'm going to raise the ante and say that I can't stand either of them! Like you say, it's worth doffing your cap at them for what they have done for children's literature, but I have always maintained that adults have NO place reading such books and then coming to work and...
  50. M What Do You Make Of It?

    Hmm.. the real spooks must've gotten annoyed with the fake ones stealing their thunder.. GhostStudy appears to be (possibly temporarily) no more.. That's a shame, there was some good wheat amongst the chaff on there. The only problem is(was) wading through orb/smoke pictures and obvious fake...