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  1. Fluttermoth

    Better Than They Need To Be

    I've been saying for years that the folk songs in Bagpuss are far more complex and interesting than they had any need to be in a show for toddlers, which is, of course, a very good thing XD
  2. Fluttermoth

    Albino Animals

    I'm not an expert, but those do look like ferrets to me; the wild, brown colour in ferrets is called 'polecat' though, and they are so closely related to polecats that they will hybridise.
  3. Fluttermoth

    Is 'Vegan Meat' Just MEAT?

    I like the taste of meat and cheese. I don't like farrowing pens, or day old calves being put in sacks, so they can't learn to walk and cause a nuisance before the slaughterman comes, or carving a chicken and finding massive clots of blood where its legs were broken for a long time before its...
  4. Fluttermoth

    Is 'Vegan Meat' Just MEAT?

    There has been fishless fish around for a good while already; I believe there are three different kinds at Tesco now, including their own brand of fishless fishcake, which are quite nice, nicer than the Quorn fishless fingers anyway, IMHO!
  5. Fluttermoth

    Is 'Vegan Meat' Just MEAT?

    Many of the new vegan, fake meat style products are made from what's known in Eastern cuisines as 'seitan', which is just gluten. I know a lot of people assume that these kinds of foods must be weird, or 'frankenfoods', but from my experience they're just normal stuff, textured and flavoured...
  6. Fluttermoth

    The Mandela Effect: False Memory

    Appropriately enough for this thread, no, you didn't; there are no actual, real, stuffed dodos left in existence.
  7. Fluttermoth

    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    My aunt wallpapered her hall in paper that was white with red poppies on that has the same, unfortunate effect, my uncle's been making jokes about it ever since.
  8. Fluttermoth

    James Burke's Connections

    Be warned! I relied on YT for Connections (Series 1) rewatches for years, but they have a habit of disappearing! The two later series were made by Discovery, and they're obviously not as diligent protecting their copyrights as the Beeb, so they pretty much stay up all the time. Thankfully...
  9. Fluttermoth

    Is The Whole Truth About The Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire Being Presented?

    I'm sorry I don't have a clue what you're on about..
  10. Fluttermoth

    Confessions Of A Computer Game Addict

    Here's the the most recent little world I've made, it's called Pentreath Valley: I have to say, I'm very pleased with how the church in the stone circle came out :)
  11. Fluttermoth

    Confessions Of A Computer Game Addict

    OMG... Wow! I've spent a lot of time with The Sims 3 Create a World tool, which is like a shittier version of this, and this makes my mouth water!
  12. Fluttermoth


    No, a mongrel is any non- purebreed animal. People just use 'cross-breed' because they don't want their animals being called 'mongrels'. Nothing but snobbery!
  13. Fluttermoth


    Which is, technically, a mongrel, as I once pointed out to the owner of one of the various varieties. She was not happy! (I must admit a sneaking admiration for the people selling some pekingese x chihuahua puppies that had listed them as 'pikachus'! )
  14. Fluttermoth

    Thylacines (Post-1936 Sightings)

    Sorry to distract from the Thylacine discussion, but could it be anti-freeze? That tastes very sweet, apparently, and attracts a lot of animals.
  15. Fluttermoth

    What's The Point?

    I'm so sorry, buddy, take care x
  16. Fluttermoth

    What's The Point?

    I don't have any spiritual or religious beliefs, and I think everything is pretty much pointless. On the other hand, we're immensely lucky to have been born at all, and any way you spend the time between birth and death, as long as you've enjoyed it and didn't hurt anyone else whilst doing it...
  17. Fluttermoth

    The Party At The End Of The Board

    Bye bye, my darlings, bye bye. See you all on the other side!
  18. Fluttermoth

    Cottingley Fairies

    Very true; my daughter is one of those youngsters :)
  19. Fluttermoth

    Cottingley Fairies

    Gosh, I'm a little bit busy right now, so I haven't looked this up, but I know one of the girls had worked in a photographer's, so would have had a least some technical knowledge, and one (I think the same one) was quite a talented artist, so copying pictures but making a few changes wouldn't...
  20. Fluttermoth

    Cannabis Is Good For You

    But could those things not be the very things that the weed is suppressing, as opposed to withdrawal effects? I've been on and off drugs, both legal and illegal, for years, and have never experienced any withdrawal symptoms from weed :/
  21. Fluttermoth

    Evolution: A Work In Progress

    I hope they republish Man After Man too; that's my favourite of the two, and it's going for stupid money online (I borrowed it from the library, years and years ago).
  22. Fluttermoth

    So Don't Blow It All On...

    Freshwater shrimps and Bettas.
  23. Fluttermoth

    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    I'd very much like think it's not to give a frisson of the threat of physical violence to their rants, but what other reason could there be? (I haven't listened to the video posted above, I just skimmed it to look at the visuals.)
  24. Fluttermoth

    Cats & People—What Are They Like?!

    I used to think the same; I didn't have a cat for years, after my last boy got hit by a car on the road that's at the end of our garden (it's the worst kind of road for cats; not busy, but long and straight, so you get a lot of speeding cars late at night :( ). But I have a house cat now, and...
  25. Fluttermoth

    Where Have All The IH2Ms Gone?

    Here, here! Have one yourself, too, Yith, fantastic job :clap:
  26. Fluttermoth

    Men Chatting Up Female Strangers (Advances; Obtaining Personal Info; etc.)

    Quite simply, it's because most times men shout stuff at you, they're not complimenting you, they're commenting ON you. Just as an example (because it's the thing I'm most familiar with), I don't make a big deal out of my boobs. I don't wear push up bras, or low cut tops. I didn't ask for these...
  27. Fluttermoth

    Men Chatting Up Female Strangers (Advances; Obtaining Personal Info; etc.)

    Buddy, I was typing my post as you were posting yours. I know this is a really difficult thing for the (lovely!) men on here to be able to grasp, but the kinds of behaviour that many of us women have seen and experienced is of a different order altogether than the ones you're thinking of. Of...
  28. Fluttermoth

    Men Chatting Up Female Strangers (Advances; Obtaining Personal Info; etc.)

    I've also read through this thread with interest, and I can totally recognise 'scarg's summing up of the female experience; it's pretty much the same as mine, I'm sad to say :( I'm also not conventionally attractive but, like catseye, I am quite well endowed in the chest area. This is, it...
  29. Fluttermoth

    Very Symmetric Flowers

    It is beautiful, and tastes nice; I can't understand why it's so rare to see it in the shops! I've tried growing it this year, but without success :(
  30. Fluttermoth

    Very Symmetric Flowers

    Asters are normally more 'messy' looking than these; I think they might be dahlias? Chrysanthemum flowers also show the same kinds of symmetry, it's very beautiful.
  31. Fluttermoth

    Minor Strangeness

    You savage, you are dead to me now. Re: Walking backwards to protect your night vision. That would be madness! I've walked many a country lane, and you just stand still and close your eyes while the car passes. Six people doing that (we were walking home from a party where, I will admit, some...
  32. Fluttermoth

    "Political Correctness Gone Mad"

    That is genius, I need one! I don't travel much, but I am frequently assaulted by people walking past me who have gone the other way, and covered themselves with so much perfume it surrounds them like a solid wall, extending about eight feet from their actual person and chokes you when you...
  33. Fluttermoth

    The Good Stuff Online Thread

    Horse people still use that knot (which I've always called a 'quick release knot') for tying up horses. You need to be able to untie a horse in an instant, if it gets panicked or tangled (it's very rare, but horses can break their necks jerking on a rope), but it needs to hold if the horse is...
  34. Fluttermoth

    Vegetarianism: Roots In Europe?

    I'm sure the Catholic Church could excommunicate vegetarians, at least during the Middle Ages; perhaps they still could? but I can't find anything about it online :/ I was told by a Christian girl I went to school with that being a vegetarian was against God.
  35. Fluttermoth

    Plug It If It Deserves It

    The man's quite clearly mad; egg tempera is a ridiculous medium to be using for land and skyscapes. I love him :)
  36. Fluttermoth

    Dodgy Doggy

    I used to make sand dogs on the beach; big hounds, mostly staring mournfully out to sea, with their heads on their paws. Lots of people used to stop and look at them; I never thought to put a hat out, I could have made my fortune!
  37. Fluttermoth

    Confessions Of A Computer Game Addict

    It's not really a game; more of a walkthrough of optical illusions and their discovery. You only need to move to the right to unlock bits of information and animations, although some sections have 'libraries' (like various strips in the zoetrope section, where I spent most time; I'm slightly...
  38. Fluttermoth

    What Fills You With Fear/Dread At The Mere Sight Of It?

    From the UK; peanut butter and raspberry jam :dinner:
  39. Fluttermoth

    Alternative Medicine: Homeopathy

    I can't for the life of me remember where I read or heard it now, but I'm sure there has been some research into different kinds of placebo. IIRC, small pills are 'better' than large ones (as people perceive them as more powerful), and red ones are 'stronger' than blue.
  40. Fluttermoth

    What Fills You With Fear/Dread At The Mere Sight Of It?

    Well, you might be weird as well, but fear of loud noises is definitely a thing! I can be reduced to a gibbering wreck by an unexpected loud noise; paradoxically, one of the ways I deal with it, is by listening to really loud metal on my iPod; better the loud noise you know and are expecting...
  41. Fluttermoth

    Hottest Chili in the World

    Oh, that's sort of interesting, I laughed quite a lot when I had it in my eye, I couldn't understand why, it really wasn't very funny!
  42. Fluttermoth

    Hottest Chili in the World

    I'm quite a fan of Carolina Reaper, even though I don't normally like hot food; it has a really, really nice flavour. I find a piece about the size of my thumbnail (dried, no seeds) is enough for a six person chili. I did once get a bit in my eye when I was chopping it (dried, not fresh) and it...
  43. Fluttermoth

    What Fills You With Fear/Dread At The Mere Sight Of It?

    Here you go bud;
  44. Fluttermoth

    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    You can 'hypnotise' quite few animals by stroking them different ways, or disorienting them suddenly; you must have heard of crocodiles being turned on their backs? Like that :)
  45. Fluttermoth

    Deceptive Perspective

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think there might be some ramps (to the left of the 'stairwell/lift' block) which is also throwing things out. The discrepancy of that angle was one of the things that caught my eye first.
  46. Fluttermoth

    Weird Sex

    :rollingw: Urghh! This mindset, that every single person must be desperate for a partner or constantly 'looking for love', is so maddening to those of us who've chosen to be single and like it! It is very prevalent though, so I'm sure you're right.
  47. Fluttermoth

    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    I thought he was hanging on to the pig so it doesn't get out through that hole; it's obviously an escape attempt on piggy's part :)
  48. Fluttermoth

    Random/Peculiar Images

    They should just leave it like that and make people sit on the floor :P
  49. Fluttermoth

    Happy Easter!

    I didn't take them into the doggy bit of the park! I carried them until we got to the play area :)
  50. Fluttermoth

    Happy Easter!

    As it's also my birthday, and as there's nearly always someone who thinks it's hilarious to give me 'joke' presents (hint; it isn't ) I can only hope this comes to pass (hint; it won't ;) ) I used to take my rabbits to the local park on a harness; I must have been 13 or 14, so 1983-ish. It's...