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  1. hunck

    Alaska's Underground "Dark Pyramid"

    I'll fend them off with the shovel. I'm on a budget.
  2. hunck

    So, what have you been doing today ?

    Good luck Shady - I'm sure it'll be better than your fears.
  3. hunck

    Alaska's Underground "Dark Pyramid"

    I've booked the flight & bought a shovel.
  4. hunck

    What Are You Eating & Drinking?

    An alternative lyric to While My Guitar Gently Weeps.
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    Jeffrey Epstein Suicide Or Murder: Speculation

    Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal A very loooong article about Epstein's connections. A secretive Mega Group comprised of billionaires with alleged links to organised crime, Israeli Intelligence, Maxwells. How much of this is...
  6. hunck

    Stuff You've Just Bought

    It's encouraging when an electric guitar sounds good unplugged. It points to being well constructed & made of good wood.
  7. hunck

    Strange Crimes

    Sleepwalking man cleared of sexually assaulting woman
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    The Family AKA The Children of God

    'Raised in a doomsday cult, I entered the real world at 15' Article about one of the boys raised in the Family until the police raided the place in 1987. Ben learned that his mother was not Anne, but an "auntie" he disliked named Joy. She told him He meets her later in 2006 & there's a...
  9. hunck


    Not looking good for Bees. Must be a guesstimate unless they've counted the bodies, nevertheless.. 500 million bees have died in Brazil in three months Elsewhere
  10. hunck

    Stuff You've Just Bought

    Never heard of these. Looks nice - what's your verdict?
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    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    Bass frequencies travel further because of their long wavelengths. I don't like Rammstein.
  12. hunck

    The Transdimensional Gas Station

    I too think it's most likely fiction but well told, with a good snappy memorable title, & it's produced enough intrigue to last 19 pages & 14 years of responses so far. The receipt never materialised did it? & the op vanished fairly early on.. If it were posted in another thread, Time Slips eg...
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    What Are You Eating & Drinking?

    I think we've found the person to run the proposed Troll's Head catering operation.
  14. hunck

    'Ghost Hunting' Shows Are Getting So Bad That It's Beyond Amusing

    It's a radio receiver that scans wavebands & also produces high frequency white noise which apparently helps spirits in communicating. It will tune in to a radio station for a brief moment & pick up whatever is being broadcast before moving on to the next. How long it stays on each broadcast for...
  15. hunck

    What Are You Eating & Drinking?

    All round to Shady's for dinner.
  16. hunck

    Happy News Stories

    This is a rarity - property developers don't win the day. Londoners win battle with council to save homes from demolition A determined coalition of residents in east London, including a 94-year-old woman who is one of the original residents, has won its battle to stop the council...
  17. hunck

    Dybbuk / Dibbuk Boxes: From Scroll Cabinet To Ghost-Hunting Fad

    Seems odd that the Rabbi's note said it couldn't be hidden yet it was hidden in the chimney. He seems to have contradicted his own pronouncement. And what happened to this box, seeing as this happened 30 years ago. Have you still got it or did you sell or trade it, did you look inside & if so...
  18. hunck

    Know Any Haunted Dolls?

    Setting aside the details of the story, the fact you won't say it happened solidifies it as fiction, if one had any doubts before. Why would someone who's experienced weirdness not say so openly? Otherwise it's just a story.
  19. hunck

    Know Any Haunted Dolls?

    This is a work of fiction, right? You're not saying this actually happened..
  20. hunck

    Entomophagy: Eating Insects / Insects As Food

    If you were brought up in a culture where people ate insects, it would be entirely normal to you. It seems odd/unappetising/disgusting to Westerners because we don't, generally. Some African tribes eat termites I think, sometimes pressed into patties or cakes.
  21. hunck

    The New Members' Thread

    Welcome aboard Skeleton. What country are you in?
  22. hunck

    Newly Discovered: Animal Fossils

    Extinct Giant Penguin A giant penguin that stood as tall as a person has been identified from fossil leg bones discovered by an amateur palaeontologist on New Zealand’s South Island.
  23. hunck

    What Are You Eating & Drinking?

    A helpful card to carry in your wallet
  24. hunck

    The Good Stuff Online Thread

    From the same site as Yith's post. 19th Century China Beijing Hong Kong
  25. hunck

    'My Baby Monitor Is Haunted’: Tales Of Parental Fright

    No - same as the other link - I have to subscribe to read the full story. The splotches are fairly underwhelming.
  26. hunck

    Medical Mysteries, Bizarre Cases

    Man hospitalised with permanent erection
  27. hunck

    Kids Today

    15-year-old sends tweets from her fridge after mother confiscates phone She resorted to drastic measures after action taken ‘so I’d pay more attention to my surroundings’ She then started twittering using her Nintendo. After her mum discovered & shut that down, she went on to her Wii U & sent...
  28. hunck

    'My Baby Monitor Is Haunted’: Tales Of Parental Fright

    I used to have a fuzz box which picked up random nearby taxi/minicab radio voices. Or maybe it was haunted. I couldn't access the WSJ article in the OP without opening an account. Was there a photo of the humanlike figure?
  29. hunck

    Hong Kong Protests, Umbrella Movement

    It started as a protest against the Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill China would be able to extradite anyone they chose for whatever reason they chose. In your view HKers should just accept this without a murmur. I'm sure they're...
  30. hunck

    Hong Kong Protests, Umbrella Movement

    Yes, that'll be a happy day won't it.
  31. hunck

    Hong Kong Protests, Umbrella Movement

    You haven't been paying attention. Have you not seen the videos of gangs running amok beating people with sticks & metal poles? They've been filmed consorting with police & the police don't seem interested in doing much to stop them. They may not openly be doing the beatings but they're more or...
  32. hunck

    Historic UFO Encounters: Newspaper Articles

    Looking at Wiki, the Lightning seems to have been remarkably accident prone. In 1970, the year of this incident, there were 7 losses & 4 pilots killed. It is odd if the canopy was still on when they found it.
  33. hunck

    Russian (Nuclear?) Missile Explosion Incident (2019)

    I think that's footage of the Siberian ammo dump which went up recently & not the nuclear powered missile they're connecting it to. Not nuclear. Impressive shockwave though.. This one. There's other footage of it around on the net.
  34. hunck

    Hong Kong Protests, Umbrella Movement

    There's reports of large Chinese military build up at the border with HK in the past few days. Seems only a matter of time before they steam in. Everyone there must be on edge.. Unlike Tiananmen Sq, it'll be on video.
  35. hunck

    Vegetarianism: Roots In Europe?

    Was it? I must've missed that. Your wait could be over..
  36. hunck

    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    Well you did say Looking at it again in slo-mo & step through, I think the first shot that hits the road is fired by the guy on the left - you can see smoke from his gun. Could just be a warning shot to get back. On the other hand the guy on the right aims directly at the car & hits it. The...
  37. hunck

    Vegetarianism: Roots In Europe?

    Algae - food of the future? Algae could be a way for vegans and vegetarians to get the right kinds of omega-3 fatty acids in their diets
  38. hunck

    Entomophagy: Eating Insects / Insects As Food

    On a more positive note, insects could possibly be easy to farm..
  39. hunck

    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    Hard to know wtf is going on. I'm not seeing your view of the red car being the target - why would they overtake a car that's chasing them? If they were blocked from in front why don't they target that rather than the car following? Two guys fall as if they've been shot, car doors close, guy on...
  40. hunck

    Entomophagy: Eating Insects / Insects As Food

    Insects are reported as being in steep decline in some parts of the world. We really are fucked. Get 'em while you can.
  41. hunck

    Swallowing Strange Stuff That Can't Pass

    Feckin' hell that's horrible. Hard to believe they didn't notice for so long. He should've mentioned his lost dentures though.
  42. hunck

    Jeffrey Epstein Suicide Or Murder: Speculation

    That's probably true of pretty much any prison you care to name. How much equipment do you need to hang yourself? Any stoutish material could do the job. It's extremely convenient though, & despite the fact he was on suicide watch. If he was. Maybe he was banged to rights & couldn't face the...
  43. hunck

    Missing 411: The Film

    I said this before on another thread, but my impression of Paulides is there's a fair degree of bullshit, exaggeration & speculation in his output. I think he has to be taken with a large pinch of salt. There's a few Reddit pages about his stories & some of the comments are worth reading. One...
  44. hunck

    Canada's Highway Of Tears

    Yes it seems utterly pointless & motiveless. Just for the hell of it. It'd be fascinating to have heard some of the discussions they had along the way..
  45. hunck

    The 'Unemployed Again' Thread

    Don't mean to be nosy but what's up Shady? Get well whatever.
  46. hunck

    Sonic Weapons

    Bummer. Fellow tinnitus sufferer too.
  47. hunck

    The Unwhinge Thread

    My front door Chubb mortice lock has been getting hard to work recently & I thought I'd have to replace it. I was looking for the same model so it would fit straight in, otherwise I'd probaby need a lock fitter. It's an old lock & I wasn't sure they still made them the same size etc. My local...
  48. hunck

    Sonic Weapons

    There's an interesting article here about ultrasonics & whether some people are affected by them. It has a video of a tone generator running continuously from 20hz to 20khz if you want to see what you can hear. I've got high end loss & don't hear anything after 12khz.
  49. hunck

    What Were You Doing Five Minutes Ago?

    I echo this & think most of us here do. Have you got somewhere else lined up & if so, fairly close by?
  50. hunck

    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    Certainly a WTF, not sure where it's from. Two of the guys drop to the ground - to get a more stable shot?