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  1. Trevp666

    Worthing (U.K.) Hazardous Materials?!

    Just saw this on BBC news. Puts me in mind of the mystery gas/smell thing that happened just a little further along the coast a year or two ago.
  2. Trevp666

    Space/Time Malfunction?

    I don't think I have mentioned this before, and I'm not sure if it fits better in another thread elsewhere instead of on it's own but here's a recounting/recollection of a minor odd thing that happened to me many years ago. I used to live in Hemel Hempstead and one day had driven to nearby...
  3. Trevp666

    Dogs That Saw Something Their Owners Couldn't

    I found this over at 'neatorama'. I dunno if it's been covered elsewhere, if so, could someone move it to the appropriate place?
  4. Trevp666

    The Grave Of Lady Anne Grimston

    An interesting piece on The Grave of Lady Anne Grimston has appeared on Journal of the Bizarre. As I live really quite nearby (in Welwyn Garden City) I popped along there today and got some nice new pictures. It was a...
  5. Trevp666

    This FT site - time for an update?

    I was just thinking that this site is getting a bit, er, 'dated', as it still has a link up the top there to 'Uncon 2011'. Do we (anyone) know if the site is going to be 'tidied' at some point soon?
  6. Trevp666

    "Oompa Loompas" sought by Police

    You couldn't make this stuff up!
  7. Trevp666

    Whatever happened to the "Weirdness Index"?

    IIRC there used to be a "Weirdness Index" annually in FT - does anyone know if there is any likelyhood of it being revived?
  8. Trevp666

    Unexpected Pages in Publications?!

    I wasn't sure where I could put this, so started a new topic, but if it fits elsewhere then I apologise, maybe someone can move it for me. Basically I found this odd entry in a day-to-a-page 'desk calender' thingy that I got bought for me last christmas. It's a 'How to survive almost...
  9. Trevp666

    "Tempting Fate"

    Surely this is 'tempting fate' isn't it? How ironic would it be if they hit an iceberg? Relatives of some who died on the Titanic are on a voyage to the North Atlantic site where the liner sank, to mark 100 years since the disaster. MS Balmoral has left Southampton docks, retracing the...
  10. Trevp666

    Things That Are Not UFOs

    I've just bunged some links here to some vids that are clearly NOT UFOs. Just in case anyone needs a comparison/reference point, for things that they can't identify. #1. Plane coming in to land at night. Not obvious to start with, but as it gets closer, well, you decide...
  11. Trevp666

    Unexpectedly Finding Your Own Name In A Fortean Story!

    Whilst reading my latest FT I got to the continued story about PC Alan Godfrey. I wondered if he was still alive so checked his name on Wikipedia. Well, I was amazed to find that the only reference to him on there was the following; Now, my...
  12. Trevp666

    Nissan Leaf Electric Car

    Dunno if this is the right place to post this, but had to share my despair with someone! When I was a kid I (long time ago) I used to see electric cars on Tomorrows World, but they were all a bit rubbish...