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    East Anglia - Most haunted place?

    I'm trying to look it up on Google, but a few people told me a couple of days ago that East Anglia is the most haunted place, but I'm not sure if they're actually right. Has anyone got any information for me?
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    Scariest experience you've ever had...?

    Me and my boyfriend went out today, and on the way to a supposed haunted location, (Northwood Park), we decided to tell each other our scary experiences. Whether or not the experiences we had MAY have been our imagination, some of them he told me left tingles down my spine. So, I was...
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    Ghosts: Real Or Just Our Imagination?

    Is it possible to create Ghosts in our head after talking about them alot, or do they actually exist? Bit of a weird question, I know. But me and my boyfriend were talking about it the other day, and the subject came up. I was wondering if maybe when you're talking about them, you suddenly...