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  1. Iris

    Things that disappear

    Yesterday I went with the craft group to a gallery where you can paint your own plate and have it fired later. They also have a showroom with lots of china for sale quite cheaply, so I bought some cereal bowls as ours are always getting broken and two soap pumps with china flowers which I...
  2. Iris

    Floating bottle tops.

    One of my friends rang this morning after coming back from heir onsite van at Philip island. They had stayed with their daughter and her children and decided to go to a local cafe for lunch. It was just a light meal, sandwiches and such and screw top bottles of water. Anyway while they were...
  3. Iris

    Lady beckoning

    My friend just rang me, rather frightened. She said she had been sitting in bed as it was cold when she heard a noise like a roaring wind out in the lounge room. She got up and went in. She said that there was a beautiful woman standing there all dressed in white and standing on what looked...