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  1. Ringo

    Just Like A Movie...

    Have you ever had an experience that rips you from your everyday life and just for a moment, it feels like you're in a movie? Maybe something really cool or really just so different to your normal day that it feels really cool to have experienced it. I thought I'd share an experience from a few...
  2. Ringo

    Demonstrating The Electronic Spirit Bell

    @Georgek - depending upon your intention, you might want to change out that relay for a reed switch. Just sayin'. (From a person who makes and uses spirit bells on a regular basis).
  3. Ringo

    Any Physicists Or Cosmologists Here?

    Once again, in the development of my work, Ringo needs to ask a few questions of someone who knows much more about things than I do. I'm happy for this thread to drop off and die in a few days but until then - does anyone here know a lot about the physics of space and/or cosmology? Please Inbox...
  4. Ringo

    The Curious Case Of The Von Sydow Murders

    In the end, an aristocrat, his maid, his cook, his son and his daughter-in-law are all dead. The murderer(s) are only suspected and the motives are totally unknown. On the 7th of March 1932, Circuit Judge and Politician, Hjalmar Von Sydow was found dead in his luxury apartment on Norr...
  5. Ringo

    Finding Religion

    Inspired by a comment I left on another thread, I thought I would see if we can get a discussion going about Finding religion, or at least wanting to. I have felt for years that I am missing something spirtual - a belief in something greater than myself. I am athiest and don't believe in God...
  6. Ringo

    What To Call The New Board?

    All is not lost yet as I understand it but if we have to close, migrate or start a new then should we keep a Fortean-based name? This is not an official thread or in any way tied to reality. What are your hypothetical suggestions and musings... I think a nod to The Transdimensional Gas Station...
  7. Ringo

    Late-Night Jukebox/Movie Soundtrack

    I'm looking for suggestions and specific examples of songs that make you feel as if you're the protagonist in a weird film. Imagine that you're driving through the Arizona desert, maybe running from (or to) someone. It's late and you're tired and dusty. Then you happen upon a bar in the middle...
  8. Ringo

    Suspicious Van With A Man

    I'm not sure where to put this so I thought chat might be the best place to start. For almost three weeks now, I've been seeing the same modern, black VW van parking for about 5 hours a day in a small car park near my house. It has no markings at all. The back is all tinted windows including...
  9. Ringo

    What Fills You With Fear/Dread At The Mere Sight Of It?

    What I mean are things that for others wouldn't necessarily warrant a sweaty palm response. I suppose irrational fears is close to what I mean but fear isn't the right word it. So I included dread in the title. A sense of foreboding, a worrying quality, a disturbing feeling that you can't quite...
  10. Ringo

    Mysterious Dog-Like Lizard Creature

    Prompted by the thread on Dragons, I saw a very mysterious, huge lizard like creature when I was in Mexico a few weeks ago. I haven't told anybody about it (here or IRL) because, well, I'm always talking about my weird experiences and I worry that people think I'm exaggerating or just making...
  11. Ringo

    Projector Advice

    Just thought I'd throw this out there on the off chance that somebody here knows a thing or two about projectors. I'm looking to buy a projector that has the following benefits: Is very quiet Is very bright Throws a large picture at a small distance. It can be mains power driven and...
  12. Ringo

    AATIP: The U.S. Government's Clandestine UFO Programme

    From BBC news tonight: "The Pentagon has been running a secret multi-million dollar programme to investigate Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), US media report. Only a small number of officials were aware of the programme, which began in 2007 and was reportedly closed in 2012. The brainchild...
  13. Ringo

    Hard Brain-Teasers & Lateral Thinking

    I tried to find a suitable thread but came up blank. I thought we could post hard mind puzzles and brain teasers here to give us all something to do whilst we pretend to be working. Lateral thinking stuff too if you want BUT no cheating, no Google, no peeking or bribing the poster. Take some...
  14. Ringo

    Aged by stress

    I noticed the other day how weathered President Obama was looking and wondered how much of a toll the stress of office had taken on his health. This got me thinking about Prime Ministers/Presidents before and after they have served their terms and how much the weight of their decisions must...
  15. Ringo

    1930's mental asylum

    Hi guys, I'm busy writing a new theatre performance/dinner show which includes ghostly characters. One of them is a psychiatric nurse from the 1930's (for reasons which are too long to go into here). The guests will come into close contact with the various characters. What I'm missing is...
  16. Ringo

    Bell sound from nowhere

    I found another IHTM story about bell ringing but it was of a different sort so I thought I would post this as a seperate story. Mods feel free to move it of you want. Last Saturday, I was supposed to be away on a ghost investigation at a haunted hostel/hotel in the middle of nowhere. The...
  17. Ringo

    Research help finding picture

    Hi everyone, I need help trying to find an image online. I have seen it before (twice I think) but can't find it now. I am looking for an image of a building facade. It's a café called Mon Cheri which was located on Kungsgatan, Stockholm during the 1980's. It was wall to wall with the...
  18. Ringo

    phpbb Critical Error - Cannot connect to database

    Dear Points if View, Why, oh why, do I keep on getting this message. It's happening more and more. Is it just me or is it systemwide. Have a word with "them upstairs". I'm on a Mac using Safari. Thank you. Angry from Manchester. P.S. What's with all the repeats on TV?
  19. Ringo

    Stumbled Upon Forteana

    I'm not sure if such a thread exists already (I did some searching and came up empty handed). I thought this could be the place for any unexpected discoveries or things which we would like to show. This is all in aid of this signpost I discovered recently, deep in the heart of the forest in...
  20. Ringo

    Frankenstorm Sandy

    Looks like this could get messy. I caught a bit of Obamas televised speech this morning regarding the storm and he was stressing how serious this should be taken. I got a bit of a Morgan-Freeman-in-Deep-Impact vibe. The news was fascinating to me: forced evacuations, stock piling of produce...
  21. Ringo

    Scary Hallucinations?

    I did a search for hallucinations but only found IHTM posts. I thought this thread could be about hallucinations generally - whether fever, alcohol or just mentally induced. Our stories, other stories and of course, fortean stories. To kick us off, how's this. I was with my hunting buddies...
  22. Ringo

    Mars Curiosity UFO

    I usually watch a few UFO vids every day on Youtube and I found this one as part of a 10 minute compilation. Mars Curiosity UFO August 2012 Compilation (Mars UFO at 1:30) Most of the compilation is ho-hum but a few are interesting - especially I think the Mars one.
  23. Ringo

    Survivalist fiction/TEOTWAWKI stories?

    Hi all, I'm looking for help and a point in the right direction regarding a genre I think I'm interested in. I'm becoming fascinated with End of the World scenarios; the lone survivor in a desolate city, human ingenuity put to the test etc. After watching countless movies I realised I've...
  24. Ringo

    Turning blood white?

    <Simon Bates>WARNING: Whenever you rent or buy a thread you want to make sure the thread you read is suitable for the audience at home. This thread contains death and gore. Thanks for listening, enjoy the thread.</Simon Bates> Do the emergency services have a chemical which turns spilled...
  25. Ringo

    Jerusalem UFO - 2 videos

    I'm surprised no-one has posted this yet. A UFO filmed from two different angles. Too good to be true?
  26. Ringo

    Are space shuttles armed?

    I've no idea where to put this so it's going here. It is really just a question that came to me yesterday. Do space missions carry weapons to defend against ET attacks? Are space shuttles armed or do they have any built-in defenses at all? Do the astronauts have any weapons at their disposal...
  27. Ringo

    UFO Filmed By BBC During 'Look North'

    My sister just sent me a message about this and I thought I'd check out if anything has been said here but I can't find anything. A white object moving very fast passes thorugh the background shot of a BBC current affairs programme Look North. The presenter asks for any information as to what...
  28. Ringo

    How well do you know yourself?

    This is hard to explain but please bear with me. It seems now that I'm over 30 I'm finally starting to get to know myself better. What I mean is that only in the past year have I started to recognise my usual thought processes and anticipate my emotional responses and moods. It's hard to get...
  29. Ringo

    Voted most authentic ghost photograph

    Here's a link to an online article about the photograph that was voted "most authentic" from amongst 250 "unexplainable" photographs. Photographed by a tourist at Tantallon Castle, the image has been examined by 3 "experts" no less :wink: and found to be unmanipulated. Simulacra or similar-crap?
  30. Ringo

    Help Finding Picture (De Loys' Ape)

    Hi Guys, I'm giving a lecture on Friday about variuos paranormal things and I'm missing a picture that I want to show; namely, an image of a "monkey woman" with her head supported on a stick, with a man standing on each side of her. Can anyone provide me with a link. I've searched around...
  31. Ringo

    Sudden Seizures and Shenannagans

    Saw this today and thought it was something for our board. An Arabic footballer is taken by a sudden seizure and performs quite acrobatic feats but the story was circulated that he was attacked by the Angel of Death. Video Here:Youtube Link (It's not gross or even bone crunching - just...
  32. Ringo

    Light/Object filmed on vigil

    Hi everyone, I shot this film myself on a Sony DV cam with an external IR illuminator. We captured a light/object which seemed to fly underneath a table and through the legs of a stool before coming closer to the camera and disappearing into the wall. The light was invisible to the naked...
  33. Ringo

    The Knock?

    I have been telling people for years about something that happened to me as a child and now that I come to try to read more about it, I can't find any mention of it so I'm hoping our collective knowledge can uncover something. To cut a long IHTM story short, one evening my mother and I both...
  34. Ringo

    Mysterious symbol?

    I have recently met a strange character. I took a large group of men on a ghost walk in Stokholm and over coffee afterwards, we all chatted about ghosts, legends etc. One man was very interested in my knowledge of secret societies (which isn't very much) and then he asked about the masons. He...
  35. Ringo

    Man under the bed

    I heard this a few months ago but it's UL style never dawned on me until tonight. (I'm not the quickest off the mark, am I?) A close friend, let's call her M, told me that this story happened to her close friend, let's call her S. Now, M met S at University and have hung out together for...
  36. Ringo

    The Cinema and Jam Jars

    My Grandmother used to tell me that during/after WWII (can't remember which), kids could get into the cinema for free if they brought a cleanly washed jam jar. I presume which the cinema would then sell back to whoever made jam jars!? Anyone heard this before?
  37. Ringo

    Slime in the throat

    I have literally just heard this and I'm posting to ask if anyone else has heard this before. A FOAF was suffering from a sore throat and was coughing up lots of green slime. He went to the doctor and was examined. The doctor prescribed some form of tablet and when the guy asked what was wrong...
  38. Ringo

    Razor Blades

    Hello everyone, There seems to be alot about razor blades in the UL section and it reminded me of a somewhat curious occurence back when I was at Uni in London. I was in the toilet doing what men do when they sit down instead of standing up and time came for the clean up. The toilet roll...
  39. Ringo

    Shop ghost on the news?

    My sister has just told me of a strange news item that happened (she thinks) towards the end of last year. Apparently, after a shop owner kept finding his shop in amess every morning when he arrived, he installed cameras. He managed to capture a ghostly hand on camera, materialising from a...
  40. Ringo

    HELP! Victorian Spiritualism/Parlour Games

    MODS, please move if necessary. I wasn't quite sure if it was Esoterica, Ghosts or whatever! I need help finding a good website that describes and shows how Victorian spiritualists would fool their audiences. I need details and if possible, diagrams of set-up, positioning, lighting etc. I am...
  41. Ringo

    Intestinal Worms!

    I was recently at a funeral of a family member and it set me thinking to long lost relatives. A memory emerged from a distant past when my Grandmother used to warn about eating too much sugar as it would give you worms! That set off another memory as I recalled an UL about somebody having a...
  42. Ringo

    Jedi Religion

    At University, back in good ole '99, there was a buzz about registeríng to vote. A leaflet did the rounds saying that if enough peole put jedi as their religion, then it would become a recognised religion in the UK? Does this do the rounds every year? Is it even true, if a large enough...
  43. Ringo

    Ghosts R Us

    My entire family have long known that paranormal activity has been centred around my sister. I shall regail you all with the complete story. I'll tell you now, it's very long but I know that's how you like it :wink: I don't know why, as this is a paranormal forum but I feel I must say, all...
  44. Ringo

    Falsification of News?

    The jist of it is, when i was at Uni in London, a project required sifting through tons of old copies of tabloid papers. I began to notice a correlation between major movie releases and breaking stories. many summer and christmas blockbusters were preceeded with news events regarding similar...