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    I'm no expert but it does look like a plane flying past a star especially as it was filmed late evening.
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    Do spells work

    Any spell used against another person even for good purposes is black magic. I'd advise you not to do it. You could however use Sigil Magic or The Cosmic Ordering Service to improve your own situation.
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    Rattlebones Inn, and Other Pub Names

    I thin kthe oddest name I have come across is I Am The Only Running Footman in Mayfair.
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    Wakefield Roman ghost?

    It looks superimposed to me. If it were sunlight it would still be moving about because of the trees shadows.
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    The 'Obesity Epidemic': Contagious?

    It always has been. My sister has been treated like a leper for years. Every ailment she has is attributed to being fat and the doctors just keep shoving diet sheets at her instead of tackiling the real problems behind her overeating which is mental rather than physical.
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    Minor Strangeness

    Rynner The woman forgot her letters and the other one walked half way to town for extra exercise.
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    I Saw Something Yesterday

    A little bit of punctuation would be nice too :roll:
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    Invocation of a Brownie?

    I have a sprite/brownie/pooka/boggart whatever you wish to call it living in my house. I have seen it in shadow form, one person has seen it completley but it is always taking stuff it likes and it will return them when it is finished with them. It also delights in freaking out my mother as...
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    Breastfeeding In Public

    But not always possible to make the baby drink it. I breast fed all three of my children and none of them would drink breast milk from a bottle. As far as I am concerned if someone has a problem with public brestfeeding then it's their problem not mine and they can go take a running jump...
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    I want It to happen to me!!

    Exactly. I am going on an all night ghost vigil soon and expect to see nothing. I do expect to have a good laugh with some dear friends though and anything else will be a bonus!
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    Spooks On The Tube: Ghosts Of London Underground

    Was it intentional? :lol:
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    South America video of "entity"

    It looks too much like Gollum to be real.
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    South America video of "entity"

    I have enlarged and fiddled with it a bit. Enlarged entity! Fiddled with
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    South America video of "entity"

    Gotcha! At 53 seconds on the counter. Entity!
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    South America video of "entity"

    I am trying to screen shot it but all my screen shots are blank :shock: I can see a skeletal creature crouching from 47 seconds to 53 seconds when it looks up at the camera and it's eyes shine like a cats.
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    Preservation of Dead Persons' Webpages at

    My feelings would be to leave the sites up if the families wish it. They are in effect memorials that anyone can access and deleteing them would be like wiping out peoples memories of the dead person.
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    South America video of "entity"

    The 'entity' appears about 50 seconds in. Clearly fake :roll:
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    What The Hell Is Mr Winkle?

    Aw it is so cute whatever breed it is :D
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    Spike Milligan Created the Funniest Joke?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one :lol: I do not find him remotley funny, sorry!
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    The Librarian

    It was on Sky One the other week and the title made me laugh so much I just had to watch it (I am a librarian). I only saw a bit of it though as it was the usual TV movie drivel.
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    Mapping your Surname

    No results for my surname either :D
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    Sainthood - an act of spiritual murder?

    :rofl: St. Bob of the Spurs!
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    Lottery Disrupted

    Damn I thought we had finally got rid of that bunch of *****!
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    Your initials spell your doom?

    Mine are PC and I worked at Scotland Yard for 15 years :lol: I did marry at one time and they changed to PS so it was a promotion for a while :lol:
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    Fleeting sighting of a fairy?

    Well I can't remember if I posted it or not. I have little 'people' living in my house. All I have seen are shadows of small things moving very quickly froom to room, and hearing them rummaging about in cupboards. But they appear to me to be just small humans, no wings, or gossamer and are very...
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    May 25th Asteroid

    We'll still be here on 26th :roll: The times I have heard similar stories. Jeez!
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    Fleeting sighting of a fairy?

    Fairies exist, no doubts in my mind, I have seen them, but they do not look like the romanticised Victorian images of fairies which we see all around us today on greetings cards, kids toys etc. i.e pretty little things with wings.
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    Do Sigils Really Work? Desperate Journalist Wants to Know

    Sigils do work, I have done many over the years NEVER though to influence or harm another person and always to better myself. However just as effective is Barbel Mohr's Cosmic Ordering Service. Book
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    Tipping The Scales: Tales Of The Super-Sized

    I find that a little insulting :evil: Overeating and obesity is NOT just about eating too much. It is also a mental issue. You wouldn't insult anoerexics this way would you? Compulsive eating has the same mental health roots as anorexia only because of people like you it isn't treated in...
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    UnCon 2006

    My first Uncon and a little disappointed. I expected more 'stalls' than there were. The talks were good though esp the one on magic lanterns and Rat Scabies of course. I pointed out to Chris Dawes that he should come here and see what people have to say about Rennes le Chateau and he seemed...
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    UnCon 2006

    I was confused as I have only ever heard of one set of dates. Very very Fortean if you ask me and at least you have given us all a laugh Emps :lol:
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    UnCon 2006

    Oooo I want my aura done......
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    Mapping your Surname

    The link isn't working any more :(
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    The Shrinking Bed

    That is the most sensible suggestion so far :lol:
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    So What Were YOUR Erroneous Childhood Beliefs?

    I believed that if you turned the cold tap on while the toilet was flusing the water came straight from the loo and was unclean.
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    A while ago I was gardening and got a scratch on my hand. It was a perect IX which is roman numeral nine but viewed the other way is XI = 11. I still have a feint scar........
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    Ice Skates & Missing Fingers

    Something similar happened at the rink the other day. Just caused a nasty gash though not severing completely. If it ever does happen though at least there is plenty of ice to pack them in :lol:
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    Ice Skates & Missing Fingers

    Having just been ice skating I doubt this very much. You could ride bare arsed to London on one of the hire skates they are that blunt. As for ice hockey skates being banned from public sessions I didn't see that in eveidence either given the amount of dick heads speeding around the rink...
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    Help me find this picture, please

    Thanks Rave I now have something to occupy me at work :D I can spend my day looking for ships on Google.
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    Kevin Carlyon, High Priest of White Witches

    It all boils down to money in the end. He is a show off who is conning believers into parting with cash.
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    Kevin Carlyon, High Priest of White Witches

    Witch craft should not be for men anyway. It woman's power. Men do not have the right mentality, you have to think in cycles for witch craft. The cycles of nature and woman's cycle are very much entwined. Maiden, mother and crone. Obviosuly IMO :D
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    Kevin Carlyon, High Priest of White Witches

    Is this guy for real? :roll:
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    Smoking Ban

    I am pleased with the result of the vote. It might mean I can enjoy going into pubs again.
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    FT at work - yes or no?

    I haven't come across anyone censoring like this but I do get some very odd looks from people when I talk about Fortean stuff. Sort of the "blimey you've got three heads" look :roll:
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    Glowing orange/yellow/white UFO close to the ground

    Great links thanks Emps. It could have been a combination of the onset of the fever and the setting sun. Fever plays dreadful tricks on the mind.
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    Probably not the best place for this, but has anyone seen the latest edition to the 'fashion'? Hoods up with a baseball cap over the top and the price label still on the cap? :shock:
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    Giant Bipedal Cats

    Time has a habit of magnifying frightening events too. The cat you saw may not have been that big at the time but over the years it has grown in your memory. Maybe.... :D
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    Lady Gives Birth, Becomes Quadruple Amputee

    :shock: WTF is going on there? How terrible for the poor woman.
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    Strange or Fortean Annual Celebrations

    I love haggis too!!! Its haggis, neaps and tatties for me tonight!!!
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    Revenge 'more satisfying for men'

    Revenge is a nasty thing. It is better to live and let live IMHO. I prefer karma to revenge. If someone has done sonething nasty to you just let fate take a hand. They'll reap their just desserts sometime and your karma will remain clear.