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  1. titch

    FT 383

    Charles Manson, the temple of satan and the worlds weirdest bets , i doubt this issue will live long in my memory
  2. titch

    Possible Black Magic?

    The young lad I work with came across a black bag, inside a black bag, containing a black candle and these pictures, all wrapped in a black cloth. Has anybody got any ideas about its purpose? He had asked on 4 chan, but surprise surprise he just got trolled.
  3. titch

    FT 374

    FIRST! Gingerbread houses, santa and flying saucers and the British mothman, looks like a very good issue
  4. titch

    FT 371

    FIRST!!! My lives ambition is complete!!! Conspiracy in the age of trump, lives of fasting artists and John keel in Hollywood, doesn't look like an issue that will interest me, but I was FIRST!!!!
  5. titch

    Broken Bones

    Recently i have been pondering on the tangle of betrayal, sexual perversion and mugs of early grey that make up my life, and in doing so i realised i was a tad accident prone, i have broken my jaw while messing about at dinner time in primary school, my nose was broken in an attempted mugging...
  6. titch

    Chatcull Old Hall

    A friend of a friend recently stayed at chatcull old hall and was frightened by pictures of orbs ( i know i know, i am just the reporter) noises of people walking in empty rooms, cold spots and a noise like somebody falling upstairs while everybody was downstairs. she has apparently been very...
  7. titch

    Online Parapsychology Course

    I have been looking at doing an online course, i had been thinking of going for one i had seen on facebook, thinking i was bound to learn SOMETHING useful, but a ghost hunting book mentioned edinburgh university has an online course. There are...
  8. titch

    Ghost-Hunting Companies

    I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread where we could list the ghost hunting companies we have used and our experiences with them. Haunted happenings are the group i have used the most, they are friendly and professional,i have been on four ghost hunts with them, the...
  9. titch


    When i was very young i was taken to a trip to glasgow or edinburgh zoo and what i saw there put me off zoo's for many years, there was a tiger pacing up and down in a tiny cage and a polar bear standing on a concrete island surrounded by a tiny amount of water. I never went to a zoo again...
  10. titch

    Faceless Ghosts

    I was at a spooky london talk last night, the subject was the Morton Case and the speaker when talking about how the ghost would be seen with a handkerchief covering her face, made the observation that it is quite common for ghosts to have their facial features obscured, he said that whatever...
  11. titch


    So how many of us practise or have tried archery? I have been trying my hand for about a year now, done a training course at an archery club but i haven't been back since i got my own bow, i fear i must be the worlds worst archer and was to embarrassed to go to the club on a regular basis...
  12. titch

    deep heat (the heat rub not some pervy movie)

    How come deep heat warms my back up nicely, but the fingers applying it seem immune?
  13. titch

    Alien Isolation

    Has anybody else played this yet? i got it today and so far i have spent an hour wandering round in the dark getting the power back on, not very impressed so far
  14. titch

    The battersea poltergeist

    I Have just finished "the poltergeist prince of london, the remarkable true story of the battersea poltergeist" and while i thought it was a very interesting read, the case itself i have my doubts about. While there appear to be a few events for which shirley can't seem to be blamed for, i think...
  15. titch

    The caretakers of the cosmos

    Or The Caretakers of the Cosmos Living Responsibly in an Unfinished World to give it it full title, I bought it just because of the review in the magazine, which since the DVD's i have bought on the advice of the fortean times have all turned out to be a disappointment, may not have been a smart...
  16. titch

    Grave Encounters

    Has anybody seen this movie? i watched it last night and it begins excellently as a ghost hunting "reality" TV show piss take, but the longer it went on the harder i found it to keep interested, and eventually i was longing for it to end so i could go to bed. I would give it 5/10...
  17. titch

    The avengers assemble

    Watched it last night, and as somebody who normally thinks this kind of thing is for kiddies reading comics, i loved it. Funny in places, and the fight at the end is wonderful. And having always dismissed as silly kiddies nonsense (without watching them ofc) iron man i have to say...
  18. titch

    Predictions for euro 2012

    I thought it would be good if people would predict the winner using their favorite divination technique and post it here, BEFORE the final whistle. Using my number one divination technique (a pint of strongbow) i predict thus.... England will play...
  19. titch

    musical suppression

    Type Bob Dylan make you feel my love into you tube.Look at the results. How many less notable or never heard of em singers came before the real Dylan version? Do you think its possible that things like you tube have "fixed" their search engines in order to channel viewers into what...
  20. titch

    Prince of Wales inn Research

    In "500 British Ghosts and hauntings" by Sarah Hapgood,she writes "The prince of wales inn once played host to a new idea in psychic investigation" Then goes on on to say how after the inn keeper had heard ghostly voices and organ music, electrodes where connected to the walls at night and tape...
  21. titch

    double post

    I seem to have done a double post on the human centipede thread and cant delete one of them,if a mod would be as kind to hit 1 with a big hammer i would be very happy [/url]
  22. titch


    As i was looking at the saddest movie thread, goggle said there was a problem,this website was infected,bla bla bla,and if i visited this site before then it may have been hacked after the last visit,i am running avg now as i suspect the problem is more likely to be at my end, but thought you...
  23. titch


    I avoided watching this at the cinema,since it was slated by all the critics,but watched it last night and really really enjoyed it.Everything an alien invasion movie should be this was.Apart from the crap last minute which spoiled it a bit :roll:
  24. titch

    Flying tub of sudocrem

    I have just had a bath,and as i was pulling on my trousers ,facing the door,an object came from behind me and struck the door,then bounced back and came to a stop just before my feet! :D I cant think of any rational reason for it,i was on my own at the time,Dayia the fearless...
  25. titch

    What was this?

    Many years ago,it was the summer of the world cup in France.i went for an evening walk to escape a stressful domestic situation,i ended up in some woods over looking London. I had not been there long and was in a clearing,when over the trees there appeared...
  26. titch

    Dont panic!!!

    I am releasing some Chinese lanterns tonight,so if there are any reports of an alien invasion of north London tonight dont worry,its just the natives having some fun. :D
  27. titch

    Governments Suppressing Cancer Treatment?

    I was standing at a bus stop this morning, when i heard one man talking to another,the 1st man said he had listened to a radio show that involved someone from the who that was telling the listeners about a cancer treatment that had a 90% clear up rate,but the UK government was not interested ...
  28. titch

    A recording ghost theory

    I found this on the ASSAP website,and it makes for an interesting (but long) read. ... hosts.html
  29. titch

    Giant anaconda?

    found this on the cfz site,i dont do metres so dont know how impessive the snake is. :D ... video.html
  30. titch

    The renfrew swimming baths ghost

    Saw this on this months fortean times, so checked it out on you tube,and once again i have to wheel out my catchphrase...could be anything really.What does everyone else think? If the MI5 agents discover that i have double crossed them, feel...
  31. titch

    Sneezing your way to orgasm

    A friend of mine sneezed 3 times and then commented that if she had 4 more she would have an orgasm,she said it is an old folk belief,but i have never heard of it before,a quick google does indeed show that there was such a belief,anyone else heard about it?
  32. titch

    Encounters/uri gellers encounters magazine

    I used to buy the above magazine until it folded and i decided then to buy the fortean times,a friend this morning said i had made do with the sun instead of the guardian, was encounters really that bad?
  33. titch

    Good Ghost Books

    Apart from Hilary Evans seeing ghosts,all my ghost books are of the a to z of ghosts,no real research just 3 rd hand accounts,copy what another writer has already made up without checking facts kind of book,any suggestions of a really good,interesting,well researched book on ghosts?