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    Mind Power - What Do People Think About This?

    You would need some scientific evidence Synchronous do you know of any parapsychologists who have written anything on tulpas or done experiments? Would be interesting to see if any papers/journals have been published on this. I can not find any. Though one paranormal researcher seems to have...
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    Mind Power - What Do People Think About This?

    Well theres a whole difference between the idea of mind over matter, which also made itself into mind-body medicine and new thought compared to the theory of thought-forms, though they may be interlinked. There is very few books published on thought forms. Though the mainone would be the book...
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    Which theory may explain ghosts?

    Which theory do you believe may explain the phenomena of ghosts, hauntings, apparitions and poltergeists etc? Has anyone heard of the stone tape theory?
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    Which theory may explain UFOs?

    Which hypotheses or theories best explain the phenomena of UFOs? I think the extraterrestrial hypothesis is silly, theres also the interdimensional theory but that seems quite far fetched... recently I have been looking into the electromagnetic theory. I don't think we need to equate any...
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    Which Theory May Explain Psi Phenomena?

    To those who are open to PSI existing. Which theory do you believe may explain PSI (paranormal phenomena) such as telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, near-death experiences or apparitions etc? John Beloff a well known parapsychologist concluded that PSI occurs becuase of dualism ie the...