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  1. Dinobot

    The Stuff It List

    The exact opposite of a Bucket List, where we list all the things we never want to do before we die. Cruise Ships - Hell On High Water, and they're ruining Venice. Bungee Jumping - Why would I want to leap off a perfectly good bridge? Sky Diving - Why would I want to leap out of a perfectly...
  2. Dinobot

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year, You Delightful Devils! May it be filled with Nessie/Bigfoot/Mothman sightings (all at once, one would hope!), fish falls, ball lightening and other delightful oddities! Or at least a wonderful romance that would make Barbara Cartland blush!
  3. Dinobot

    FTMB Users "Autobiography"

    Game is to write either your own autobiography or a FTMB users autobiography (making it a biography, I guess!) with the title, first and last line of the book. Dinobot - title - It Came From Outer Space! First line - At the arse end of the universe I decided to visit. Last line - With my plans...
  4. Dinobot

    What Are You Listening To?

    Currently listening to the podcast by film maker Christopher R Mihm, writer/director of fifties-b-movie-inspired movies. Would like to know what others are listening to.
  5. Dinobot

    Nibiru Party!

    Are people planning on holding a Nibiru Will Kill Us All Party this weekend? Even though nothing will happen (if Nibiru really existed, we'd be able to see it two days before it hit!), it should be fun to party through the "end of the world" - bring your own tin foil hats and survival gear!
  6. Dinobot

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter, you delightful, infuriating, happy-go-lucky, amiable bunch of rabble rousers, ring leaders and gunmen on the grassy knoll! May you never regret eating your own weight in chocolate in one sitting! Not one of you fails to put a smile on my face with your own quirkiness and wacky...
  7. Dinobot

    Missing Subscription Issues

    Who do I email about missing two recent issues that haven't arrived?
  8. Dinobot

    Fortean Events On This Day

    Years ago there used to be a "On This Day" section which contained amusing/baffling/interesting Fortean tidbits, but the section was lost when the website underwent a revamp. Is it possible to get this back at all? I rather enjoyed it!
  9. Dinobot

    Godzilla Movies

    Any Godzilla fans out there? Favourite films? I like Tokyo S.O.S and any involving Mothra.
  10. Dinobot

    Pop Culture Conventions

    Having just arrived home from one of these, I can safely say I am glad to have survived! All these people dressed up as their favourite characters (the man dressed as Spiderman should not dress in a form fitting outfit!) kept waving their swords about (no, that is not a euphemism, I might add...
  11. Dinobot

    FT 335

    I had thought the subscribers would be receiving their issues by now, since it is due out next week... No doubt someone will receive their issue in the next few days and post the highlights.
  12. Dinobot

    Flash Gordon & Other Bad Films!

    For those living in Australia, Flash Gordon is on SBS tonight at 8:30 pm. This is a classic film, up there in its badness with Iron Sky (Nazi's on the moon!), Wasp Woman and Plan 9 From Outer Space!