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    Strange Coincidences?

    Some strange coincidences have been happening to me since January. I have been trying to sell up and move since January 2003 and finally January this year we had an offer and the ball began rolling. I live on a road where houses come up for sale few and far between. Now since January these...
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    Swan Song

    I had to laugh at this. I love this bloke, his comments are fabulous. Source
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    Foreign Objects Moving / Migrating in One's Body

    This is probably the best place for this tale. My ex hubby once stepped on a sea anemone (?sp) in Spain and had the spikes in his foot. The doctors left them there saying they would come out on their own. Well 2 weeks later they did come out - of his nose!!!!! :cross eye
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    Synchronised Death?

    I don't know if this is just my family , or if this happens to anyone else, but when someone in my family dies then within weeks another one or two go as well. 1974 - My Great grandpa and my grandma (his daughter) died within 6 weeks of each other 1990 - My Dad, Aunt Dolly and Aunt Sandra...
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    Case of the disappearing coin

    A strange thing happened to me and my sister the other day in Asda's car park. I had just retrieved the pound coin from the trolley and duly diposited it into the ashtray. I heard the coin hit the bottom of the ashtray and spin round like coins do, but when I looked down it had gone. We...
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    Mysterious Marble

    This actually happened to my sister, who is much more attune to the other side than I am. She has asked me to post it here for her. It happened at work a few years ago. She was sitting at her desk typing on the computer when she looked up. Sitting on the desk in front of her was a large...
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    Clocks Gone Haywire

    I have to tell you about the clocks at my work place. There are two battery operated wall clocks in here and about 10 days ago I came to work and they both had the wrong time displayed, so I duly let the caretaker know and he changed the batteries. Two days after the battery change one of...
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    Unexplained Music

    I hope this is the right place to put this. I encountered some unexplained music (but quite funny) on a train from London to Nottingham last night. We were just pulling into the station and people were getting up when we heard the music from Psycho, you know the shower scene screechy...