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    Fukushima Lies

    Surprisingly, there wasn't a thread dedicated to it. While the mainstream media turn a blind eye on what is happening at Fukushima, what was suspected from day one is now confirmed. TEPCO, with the help of the Japanese state, has been constantly lying on what happened, and is still lying...
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    Ghost monk in Souvigny

    A classic case of a ghost in France. In 1955, Mrs V. and her two sons Gaston (30 years old) and Jean (20 years old) had moved into an old 16th century abbay called the Prieuré (house of the Prieur, the name given to the leader of the benedictine religious community that had inhabited it...
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    Toulouse 21 September, 2001: The 'AZF' Disaster

    I open this thread, dedicated to the disaster that took place in Toulouse, on 21 September 2001. The city was ravaged by a powerful blast from a nearby factory, leaving thousands of people homeless. In the early aftermath, victims as well as the general public hoped that liabilities would be...