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  1. luvpixie

    The 'Dog Poo Blossom Tree'

    There is a lady who lives just around the corner from me. Every day she comes shuffling past my house and lets her dog poo on the pavement and shuffles back the way she came. I would tell her off and to pick it up but, for one thing. I also caught her in my front garden once, pulling the...
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    Strange Strangers

    The more you boil sprouts, the more they make you parp. Best to steam them gently and serve them while they still have some bite..........
  3. luvpixie

    What is this?

    What is this?
  4. luvpixie

    Strange Strangers

    Yeah. I`ve had them too. I explain to them, how it makes me feel, via the medium of interpretive dance. They always seem to get the message and leave me alone.
  5. luvpixie

    Did She Really Confirm My Hallucination?

    I sometimes get the faces too. I live in a house with a large cemetery just beyond the front garden and always wondered if it could be the faces of the people buried there coming for a visit. I always get up and make a cuppa if I get an angry/evil stare.
  6. luvpixie

    Animals 'Naming Themselves'

    My Border Terrorist Evangeline can even spell words now. I once said to my son, " Could you take the D O G for a W A L K " and she knew exactly what I`d said and immediately ran into the hall to fetch her L E A D and B R A ......
  7. luvpixie

    My Illusions Delusions

    Thank you.
  8. luvpixie

    My Illusions Delusions

    I enjoyed the story.......
  9. luvpixie

    All The Lonely People...

    Hope he`s happy wherever he went.
  10. luvpixie

    All The Lonely People...

    Well.... This is a sad thread. Where has Rynner gone? I love his stories.
  11. luvpixie

    Humans Unfit For Human Consumption

    I heared you can get a disease called Kuru if you eat humans.
  12. luvpixie

    Parkinson's Causes You To See Phantom People

    My Dad had Dementia with Lewy bodys and Parkinsons and he saw all sorts of frightening people. Mainly though he saw cats and what he called Sea Cats which he described as looking like Trilobites with fur. They used to scurry arounf the floor trying to trip him up and then they`d climb into his...
  13. luvpixie

    Stiff, Upper Circle

    When I was a small child, if my parents or grandparents took us to the theatre or even cinema, they`d make us sit through the finishing credits of the film and then stand for the national anthem. :O
  14. luvpixie

    Stafford Visit :)

    You might remember the Soup Kitchen down St Marys Walk. It`s still there and just as lovely with all their food being home made. Also in the same area, the old college refectory has been made into a group of dinky little shops. And at the back of the old St Johns Market, there is The Market...
  15. luvpixie

    Odd woman talking gibberish on Facebook

    Unravelling from MK programming if you ask me. :shock:
  16. luvpixie

    My Not-So-Secret Admirer

    Uh oh! I think some people will curb crawl anywhere. My baby son was critically ill in Birmingham Childrens Hospital and I was living at the hospital with him as many parents often do. One particular night when I was in a particularly distressed state I felt the need for a cigarette(I...
  17. luvpixie

    Weird Sex

    Poor little dog! :cry:
  18. luvpixie

    Phantom Hitchhikers & Road Ghosts

    It is said that on the outskirts of Stafford in a village called Great Bridgeford on the road leading to Seighford and Derrington that the ghost of a young man has been seen by several people. Usually by males driving alone. The apparition is said to be wearing brown coloured almost...
  19. luvpixie

    Local or Dialect Words

    I`m from a long line of Staffordians on my Dads side and his Mother always used to try and correct our poor pronounciation by say things like "Ye munner say dunner it inner polite." :roll: I miss her. My Mums side of the family are Glaswegian and my Mum still says things like "Ye wee...
  20. luvpixie

    So What Were YOUR Erroneous Childhood Beliefs?

    Lawks!!!! The red legged scissor man!!!!!!! :shock:
  21. luvpixie

    On Becoming a Person

    I remember sitting in my highchair eating a boiled egg and soldiers when the song Down Town by Petula Clark came on the radio. I was singing along to it when my mother came in looking astonished at how word perfect I was......I was about 20 months old at the time. Her reaction sort of made me...
  22. luvpixie

    worst horror movies you have ever seen

    Frankenfish! :oops:
  23. luvpixie

    Abandoned, Disused & Ruinous Places

    Hello everyone! I`m too stupid to know how to post links and addresses....sorry. However if you google 28days later you get to a fabulous urban exploration site. It`s got everything old and decaying anyone could ever wish fo. It`s got some brilliant links to ghost towns of america and...
  24. luvpixie

    The Hindu Thread

    Do them for contempt of court? :roll:
  25. luvpixie


    The word crumpet is one of only 12 Welsh words to have found its way into the English language. :roll:
  26. luvpixie

    Hospital Happenings Of The Supernatural Kind

    Lordy! Cynical maybe. Rude definately. It was a sad but interesting story. Poor old lady. :cry:
  27. luvpixie

    White Dog Poo In The Eighties?

    This may well just gross you out a tad. In the 80`s I had this really grimey punkish friend who had a small dog .every time he took her for a walk this little doggie would pick on this one particular neigbour and poo on his doorstep.Which while awful for the neigbour,was also quite...
  28. luvpixie

    Personal Mutations

    liveinabin,Hi. I`m so glad to hear it. My son was born with what we were told was spinabifida occulta,but by 4 months old his dents were leaking spinal fluid,and an MRI scan showed that he had full blown spinabifida. 5 years down the line several operations and two lots of bacterial...
  29. luvpixie

    Personal Mutations

    liveinabin,that sounds a bit like spinabifida occulta to me. I hope they`ve had no health probs because of it. :shock:
  30. luvpixie

    So What Were YOUR Erroneous Childhood Beliefs?

    When i was really small we lived in a lane with a farm further up it. Every morning I suppose after milking.the farmer would drive them up the lane to a field to graze.One day I was watching them go by with my dad,and I suddenly noticed the cows udders,for the first time.When I asked my dad...
  31. luvpixie

    What Music?

    Oyez! The toy dolls are grand...I love the spider song and their version of la vida loca! Does anyone remember the beardy wierdy band called The Enid?I seem to remember having an album by them once called Someting wicked This Way Comes. ..........or was that another thing I...
  32. luvpixie

    What Drew You to Forteana?

    In search of........with Mr Spock! :oops:
  33. luvpixie

    Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns

    Blimmin heck Yorkie!!!!! That was a little strong.I don`t hate anyone,definately not Derekins,I think he`s just a harmless old dear who likes looking for ghosts. :shock:
  34. luvpixie

    Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns

    No I didn`t.I tried to mumble something like a star-struck apology I think........and accidently dribbled a bit of my tuna sarny down the front of my lovely floaty skirt.....and hobbled hurriedly away. :oops:
  35. luvpixie

    Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns

    It was lunch-time about a month ago and I had rushed frantically into town for a sandwich after dropping my son into his nursery induction day and I had 1 hour to get into town and back again,so I was flustered to say the least. this particular day I had decided to make an effort to look smart...
  36. luvpixie

    What Music?

    It was all this nostalgia that made me do it..........ooooooh! I just listened to Dark side of the Moon. Still grabs me after all these years....... :D
  37. luvpixie

    What Music?

    Corr! I`m everso glad this thread re-opened,because I just wanted to ask the Gong family friends if they`d checked out the University of Errors site,or the official Gong website?...............because we are not alone. :lol:
  38. luvpixie

    Opus Dei

    You`ll probably think I`ve gone mad.....but I`m sure I heared Mel Gibson was a kind of weird Opus dei type Catholic.........or maybe I dreamed it..... :?
  39. luvpixie


    No ones mentioned broken mirrors yet have they.? In our family if a mirror was broken,we used to bury the broken pieces somewhere they wouldn`t be disturbed,to deflect the 7 years bad luck we believed would befall! :lol:
  40. luvpixie

    Psychic Pet?

    The first time I saw a mexican Axolotl I was told that these amphibians were thought of as being able to comunicate between this and the spirit world.I thought "Oh yeah!Rite" and promptly went out to buy one to experiment on. I got him a lovely tank with all the trimmings and set it up on a...
  41. luvpixie

    Communing with spiders

    Didn`t some ancient goddess religions think spiders and snakes were sacred and things to be revered because they shed thier skins every month in the same way that women shed thier womb linings(yuk.sorry)every month......Or maybe I dreamed that grandma told me this...
  42. luvpixie


    When you go to lourdes or any other similar catholic holy shrine,there are always..."souvenirs" for sale.Like a jesus snow storm thingy or christ on a bike or flashing pictures of the sacred heart and so on......little pretend weeping statues of our lady etc... I find them pretty funny,but I...
  43. luvpixie

    The Rosary, The Romany & The DIY

    Possibly.I`m not very clued up about all of this stuff. Another point....when my little boy was 4 months old he had menengitis and was in hospital for weeks.....the first six were spent on an isolation ward but when he got a bit better he was moved to a ward and in the next cot to him was a...
  44. luvpixie

    The Rosary, The Romany & The DIY

    Now this little black glassed mirror was given to me about 17 years ago by a guy I only ever knew as Northly.He used to be into all kinds of ritualistic occult-type practices,and to be honest I used to think he was more than a bit odd. He basically scared the life out of me by telling me he...
  45. luvpixie

    The Rosary, The Romany & The DIY

    Hello. Your grlfriend is correct,muslims jews hindus and buddhists all use some form of rosary beads as a means of keeping count of prayers psalms and mantras,and earlier religions also used them in the form of pebbles counted into a bowl or bag. I also know..(Although I cant remember where...
  46. luvpixie

    the horror of open fields

    An old postcard picture of Tinkerborough. Sadly it looks very different today.[/img][/url]
  47. luvpixie

    the horror of open fields

    Hi all,its me. I`m not sure whether I should put this post here or in the Scaredy dog thread. Anyway........ When my daughter who is now 26 was around 6 or 7 years old,I used to take her camping all over the place.One place in particular I used to camp quite frequently iether alone or with...
  48. luvpixie

    Re-suss annie.

    I remember when I was in the girl guides hundreds of years ago,we had a resuss annie doll.It was horrifying to look at,just like a dead drowned person.I simply couldn`t make myself go anywhere near it I was so frightened of it.Daft eh? Then a few years ago,I went on a red cross first aid course...
  49. luvpixie

    the horror of open fields

    again...hello. Whatever happened about your evil neghbour that you couldn`t look at? ....Or am I gloing mad?.........Tis just that I seem to remember you had lots of strange things gloing on with them.......The spooky woman and her hiding husband etc.....please give us an update somewhere. :)