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  1. Tempest63


    Just dropped through the letterbox. Little early isn’t it?
  2. Tempest63

    DNA Testing For Supernatural Powers

    I recently had my Ancestry checked and as an aside to that my sister submitted my results to another site that identifies what my bad DNA could potentially lead to health wise. It identified that I am 35 times more likely to suffer Crohn’s disease (surprise, surprise I’ve lived with it for 45...
  3. Tempest63

    Invasion Of Privacy

    Why... ...has YouTube invited itself onto my iPad and iPhone home screen? and Why... what’s app raiding my contacts and messaging me to get me to open a what’s app account? T63
  4. Tempest63

    Haunted Construction/Renovation Projects

    Having worked in U.K. construction for over 40 years, both major and small projects, you often hear of hauntings or weird occurrences. Here are a few that immediately spring to mind. For instance I was told of a plasterer working on a wall in the Old Vic theatre during renovation when a face...