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    Jimmy Savile

    In hindsight Minipops looks like a bad idea that someone thought would work and C4 quickly realised they made a mistake. In hindsight, we know that Savile helped create formats where he would be working with children every single week, and now that we know he was a paedophile you have to...
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    Live broadcast: freefall from the edge of space

    The link is here. ... rIxH6DToXQ The balloon is still rising and it's not that exciting right now, however he 's scheduled to jump within the hour.
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    There's some excellent 3D comics. The comics of Basil Wolverton are still a favourite ... us-3d.html
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    The grimmer the girls comic, the more it sold. The worst and more brutal it was, the more readers it picked up mainly because IPC did some surveys and realised the nice girls comics of DC Thompson peaked in sales when there was a nasty strip in it, and nasty by DC Thompson standards was bugger...
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    Owzabout That Then? The Jimmy Savile Revelations & Aftermath

    Re: The Sir Jimmel "Owzabout then" Paedo ring cove And he won't because he's dead. However with the police having over 300 lines of enquiry and the Telegraph revealing that the police actually did investigate him several times over six decades, you have to take the sheer weight of...
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    Owzabout That Then? The Jimmy Savile Revelations & Aftermath

    He didn't sue, but he threatened to proceed with legal action so Radio One refused to renew his contract. Effectively Morris was sacked
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    There's also the question of just where Annage is getting his funds from as he's hired some of the most expensive lawyers in the country to fight his case.
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    It's not paranoid, it's the law. I also believe Sweden has something similar. Whether it's slapped all over the net, or the women have done interviews in Sweden or not, in the UK you're on very dodgy ground naming suspected rape victims...
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    You need to edit out anything which can identify them and that includes their initials.
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    BBC or ITV footage of cigar shaped UFO

    I remember the original footage when it was shown when I was a kid in the 70's, and my memory tends to be the same as it was shown quite frequently during the 70's as these types of UFO sightings were hardly common. I do have a vague memory of it being on the news first of all, then a kids...
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    The Alien Movies

    Species does have the man who played Ghandi walking around with a ridicuously large gun though.
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    A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss

    It's very much worth a look, though last time I watched it about three years ago it looked it's age.
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    The Walking Dead

    There really is nothing else on FX worth watching, however I believe they were the first to grab the British rights even though the programme came with a very obvious pedigree.
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    A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss

    I did love the mention for Halls of Hammer magazine. That was lovely.
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    The Event

    That's exactly what i thought when I saw the trailers. Hopefully a Mitchell and Webb cameo is in order?!
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    BBC Ghostwatch

    It should always be pointed out that the majority of the UK was being battered by heavy storms that night, so when I saw it live the sound of the storms added to the heightened tension of the programme.
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    Irish UFO film with Patrick Moore

    I'd heard this was a rumour so I'm glad this has finally been confirmed as still being in exisitence.
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    La Horde

    This is a wonderful French zombie/gangster film that manages to do something a little bit different with what is becoming a tired zombie genre. French website: Synopsis from IMDB: It's out in the UK in September.
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    Torchwood - doctor who spinoff tv series with captain jack

    Rhys and the child will be in it, or mentioned briefly before we get to all the shagging and violence. They'll also be a scene where Jack and Gwen eat burgers and talk about aliens while looking at a hi-tech laptop.
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    The Human Centipede

    Oh dear god. That's depressing and mental at the same time.
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    The Human Centipede

    Well I decided to download the film and it's amazingly dull for a vast majority of it's running time as it desperately tries to be an art film for most of it's running time. However the mad doctor is a great mad doctor and the whole thing is frankly too ridiculous for anyone to be taking it...
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    A request for your help.......

    44 now.
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    It's a less middle class Heroes, with some very, very sharp writing that for a British mainstream programme doesn't demonise the underclass all the time. I was impressed by it and the only thing I'm puzzled about is that it should have a bigger audience on Channel 4 rather than being hid among...
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    Ghosts in the Machine (history of the supernatural on UK TV)

    It was meant to be British programmes on the BBC only.
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    Sarah Jane Adventures - starts New Years Day

    This week's story was a hugely positive story, not to mention being enormous fun and quite touching at points. It's a great series and the sort of kids drama that Nu-Who gets a bit wrong at times. I really can't wait to see how they'll treat Tennant's Doctor next week.
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    2012 movies

    It'll be shite, but it's going to be the type of shite I'll disengage my brain for a wonder how much John Cusack was paid.
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    The Men Who Stare at Goats - the movie!

    It also seems to completely ignore American military torture for a quasi-comedy road movie. Ewan McGregor also has the worst American accent ever in that trailer, possibly revenge for Keanu Reeves in Copppla's Dracula.
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    The Unbearable Strangeness Of Edmonds

    A new game that's sprung up here in Bristol is trying to spot Edmonds cab and shout 'oi wanker!!!' at him as loud as possible.
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    The Loch Ness Monster

    It's going to the offy for a fresh bottle of Buckfast.
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    Video Nasties - Hip or Hype ?

    I gave in and downloaded Grotesque and as much as it pains me to agree with the BBFC, it is worthless and just gore for gores sake. There's nothing in it at all which redeems it as ny more than a piece of violent porn, even if they try to spin out the 73 minute running time with something like a...
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    James Cameron's Avatar

    Looks lovely, but it's a bit dull though. Still, can't be much worse than Titanic.
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    Krod Mandoon & The Flaming Sword Of Fire

    I actually managed half an hour before giving up & reading the latest issue of Viz while waiting for That Mitchell & Webb Look to start. Terrible, terrible mess & hopelessy unfunny, what was alsosurprising was how badly acted this mess was. It's something which, at best, could have worked as...
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    Alan Moore's Watchmen

    I was quite pleasantly surprised by how good & faithful it actually was. Even the changed ending made sense for the film, though the alien squid still works better for the comic. Snyder clearly has talent though I'm still sad we never got to see Paul Greengrass make Watchmen, that could have...
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    Out of this World - Vintage Documentary

    Maybe they bought a job lot from Primark?
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    It's alright & that's really all that can be said about it. It does have a nice concept & it's nasty enough but as mentioned, it needed a load more money to pull it off as it was obviously intended.
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    Alan Moore's Watchmen

    The character posters for the film are excellent & take their influence from Dave Gibbons original posters from the 80's. ... originals/
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    Scully and Mulder return!

    It's not bad, but it's entirely un-cinematic as an experience. Chris Carter hasn't the skill as a director to make the film seem anymore than a regular TV episode, so it looks flat & uninspiring a lot of the time. However the script is great, with both Anderson & Duchovny getting some...
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    Caligula Restored

    It's a terrible film though it is only worth watching for the gore & porn.
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    It was utterly dismal. Bad writing, bad acting & no idea of what on earth it was trying to do.
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    Doctor Who 2 (Avast! There Be Spoilers!)

    The 4th series is due to start April 5th.
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    BBC4 on comics - Ross "tracks down" Steve Ditko

    The series so far has been excellent; the Ditko documentary was fantastic and showed just how good Rossy is (his interview with Stan Lee where he pushes Lee on how much input Ditko had on Spider Man was essential viewing) & the Comics Britannia series has been a joy to watch. Tomorrow...
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    X Files

    I picked the first season up in Virgin for 20 quid having not watched the programme in years, & ended up watching the entire season over 5 nights & remembering how much I loved the programme. I've bought up to season 5 now & it's coming back to me as to how the programme amazed me as it kept...
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    Southland Tales

    The graphic novels are incredibly poor & hugely disapointing. I've not got a good feeling about the film at all.
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    The Madeleine McCann Disappearance

    The father is Scottish. I believe they have to report back to Portugal at some point in the next ten days. However they've went and made a huge PR cock up by legging it from Portugal as soon as they're both charged as suspects. It is easier to play up the 'it's just those pesky incompetant...
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    BBC4 on comics - Ross "tracks down" Steve Ditko

    Wonderful stuff. Even if Ditko doesn't appear the series looks great & the mix of subjects looks to be just right. Looks like Damon Albarn's comments to Ross ages ago actually ended up in something productive.
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    Iron Man Begins

    Downey does seem to pin Stark down perfectly (smug, bored tosser who has issues and is a bit of a nasty bsastard) in what is/was a fairly short clip. I'm actually looking forward to it now; I previously thought it was a fairly naff idea but it might work.
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    Daft Punk's Electroma

    If it's as fun as Interstella 5555 then I'm sold.
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    Doctor Who 2 (Avast! There Be Spoilers!)

    If you listen to the podcast Davies is clearly taking the piss when he mentions the Rani.
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    Torture Porn goes mainstream: Yikes! Is it just me?

    I actually enjoyed Hostel Part 2, but how the hell the BBFC can give this an 18 (some people actually left at one point as they were gagging at what they were seeing!) while banning outright Manhunt 2 is beyond me.
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    Hulk Out! *spoilers possible but not neccisary*

    The Lee film is bad, really bad and is utterly joyless and sterile, something I find Lee's films to be in general. However the idea of Norton as Hulk/Banner is great, as is trying to make it more fun.