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    'Drood' by Dan Simmons

    Anyone read this one yet, I'm about 200 pages in. I loved Simmons' last one, The Terror. From the book description:
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    'In the Realms of the Unreal ~ The Mystery of Henry Darger'

    Anybody seen this one yet? IMDB entry:
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    'The Historian' by Elizabeth Kostova

    Anybody read this one yet? It just came out here stateside. Publisher's Weekly says: I just finished it and thought it was great. I had a hard time putting it down. This is a must read for fans of Dracula folklore. I read the other day that Sony Pictures paid seven figures for the movie...
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    'The Descent' ~ new film from the director of 'Dog Soldiers'

    Trailer here: Not to be confused with the upcoming The Cave.
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    Worst Album Covers

    2 lists with some hilarious and disturbing stuff:
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    FT Mentioned in Rolling Stone Magazine

    In a profile of actor Paul Giamatti, it says:
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    Alan Moore's Watchmen

    'Watchmen' film to be directed by Darren Aronfosky from AICN: ------------------------------------------------- AICN EXCLUSIVE!! WATCHMEN Has A Director!! Hi, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab... I reviewed a draft of the Lloyd Levin/Larry Gordon production of...
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    'Tokyo Godfathers'

    Another winner from anime maestro Satoshi Kon. A trio of homeless people find an abandoned infant and set off on a quest to return the child to its family, facing their own personal demons along the way. Highly recommended!
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    Snake Handling Preacher Succumbs to Bite

    I just heard about this on my local news channel: ------------------------------ Minister Dies From Snake Bite During Service Members Practicing Serpent-Handling During Easter Service POSTED: 10:57 AM EDT April 14, 2004 ROSE HILL, Va., -- The minister of a church in...
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    Frank Miller's "Sin City"

    Frank Miller's 'Sin City' director and cast Along with this work on Daredevil/Elektra, this is my fave work of Miller's. from AICN: ----------------------------------------------------- SIN CITY cast begins to leak... Hey folks, Harry here... Well - a small part of the cool line up for...
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    Spielberg's War Of The Worlds

    Spielberg, Cruise to remake 'War of the Worlds' From Variety: Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise will bring "The War of the Worlds" to the bigscreen, with Cruise expected to star. Depending on how quickly the two get a "War of the Worlds" script they like, the sci-fi epic could start in late...
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    Upcoming Marvel Adaptations

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Marvel Enterprises' Q4 2003 Earnings Conference Call this morning, Marvel Studios' Avi Arad gave an update on the company's upcoming comic book adaptations. He says TV spots will start next week for The...
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    Bryan Singer to direct a new adaptation of 'Logan's Run'

    From the Hollywood Reporter: "It's going to be about two best friends who ultimately take different paths because of ideology, circumstances and a woman who comes between them," said Singer, who added that in his version, he may set the age of euthanasia somewhere from 21-30. The original...
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    Batman Begins

    'Batman Begins' directed by Christopher Nolan Casting news: Christian Bale ~ Batman Gary Oldman ~ Sgt Jim Gordon Michael Caine ~ Alfred the butler Katie Holmes ~ Rachel Dodson Liam Neeson ~ Ducard Ken Watanabe ~ Ra's al Ghul Morgan Freeman ~ Lucius Fox Cillian Murphy ~ Jonathan...
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    'Blade: Trinity' Interview with the director and plot outline here. :cool:
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    My Latest DVD Purchases

    Vanishing Point The Damned Lone Wolf and Cub ~ Baby Cart in Peril Lone Wolf and Cub ~ Baby Cart to Hades Lady Snowblood Death in Venice Once Upon a Time in the West
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    End of the Year Movie Roundup

    Here's the best I saw this year, in no particular order: Millenium Actress(Sennen Joyu) Whale Rider The Lord of the Rings ~ The Return of the King Kill Bill ~ Vol. 1 X2 ~ X-men United 28 Days Later Bad Santa :cool:
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    Outback UL

    Has anybody ever heard of a urban, well, actually, I guess it would be a wilderness legend about a poisonous snake going into a family's tent and biting and killing everyone in the tent? I think the name of the snake is a tai-pan and it's only found in Australia. Is this just a legend or has...
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    Kill Bill

    Movie Discussion/Review: 'Kill Bill, Volume 1' I'm a big Tarantino fan and even I had some reservations about a big budget exploitation movie. But from the opening 'Shaw Scope' credit to the Japanese ballad that closes the film, I was riveted. QT let all his obsessions hang out in this...
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    Movie Discussion/Review: 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(2003)

    I went in expecting this pointless remake to be crap, but ended up really enjoying it. They changed enough of the original story to keep it interesting and upped the gore factor quite a bit. For me the highlight of the film was definitely R. Lee Ermey as the sheriff, he was just incredible...
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    The Horror.......The Horror

    :eek: I'm waiting for the news that Brando's blown his head off. :cool:
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    Movie Discussion: 'May'

    Anybody seen this one yet? Read a couple of good reviews on aint it cool news months ago and then couple of weeks ago on Ebert & Roeper, Ebert said it was 'the best horror debut from a director since the 1st Halloween'. Roeper of course, hated it, which is a good thing most of the time...