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  1. GNC

    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    In Glasgow Ikea, police were called to prevent a huge game of hide and seek this weekend: Horrendously formatted and advert-ridden news story Apparently this is a "thing" across the world, but Glasgow cops were having none of it (well, large gatherings have not gone well here, recently)...
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    Cannibalism: Disturbing, Gory—Strangely Common

    The "let's eat human flesh" theme to many of your recent posts - should we be worried?
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    What Were You Doing Five Minutes Ago?

    Rhubarb and custard doughnuts are nice (it's OK, I only have one a week).
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    Popular Songs That They Couldn't Write Now

    "Hey, what could make a boy behave this way?" is the lyric, not what you're thinking.
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    Random/Peculiar Images

    The Thundersley Invacar! There was a rap record that sampled the ad for those and I'll be darned if it I can remember what it was.
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    What Music?

    Love that! Eurodisco at its finest: check out the lyrics, especially in the second verse!
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    Blitz Limericks

    My own life, as most folk can see Is as placid as placid can be It may be because I've gone deaf, so soz If I have full volume on my TV. *** My brain transplant has gone very well But the headache I have hurts like Hell
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    But the hair on the back of my hands Caused by those heavy metal bands Is so long I can braid it and now I'm afraid it Is making tonsorial demands. *** In my placebo effect experiment
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    Stephen King

    Just started watching Castle Rock. I know Terry O'Quinn tears his own head off in the first five minutes, but it's strangely muted otherwise. Maybe it's a slow burner...
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    The Placebo Effect

    There's a letter in the current FT that says paracetamol works because of the placebo effect: it's 20% the medication and 80% the power of suggestion. This could explain why I never feel any benefits from it on the occasional times I take it. Anyone know anymore?
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    Now it's YouTube.

    Maybe... better off in Chat?
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    "Google Assistant" Experienced Users Here On Forteana Forum: We Need To Talk

    Yes, exactly! It's called data mining, and it makes you the product. It currently makes more money than the oil industry. There's nothing strange about it, though it can make you paranoid. Everything you share with your electronic devices is fair game. I really don't see why people are...
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    Now it's YouTube.

    And the Fortean element is...?
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    Cannibalism: Disturbing, Gory—Strangely Common

    And everyone else is just fine?!!!
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    My Curious Phobia (Trypophobia)

    Was James Dean an arachnophobe? He died because of a Porsche Spyder. Well, he died because he was speeding, but you know what I mean.
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    Rude Vegetables

    Isn't that more or less what we got?
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    Science Fiction: Films & TV

    I wasn't massively impressed by Aniara, and was surprised it got so many glowing reviews. It's well done, but has such a downer on the human race, it was sternly telling us we don't deserve to survive all the way through. Also, the pornography in it was added from out of the blue. Apparently...
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    Horror Films

    Anyone seen Greta? A 1990s-style psychohorror update, and a lot of fun. But there's one scene in it where famously French star Isabelle Huppert reveals herself to... NOT BE FRENCH!!! It's really funny, but she gets angry in a restaurant and growls at our leading lady Chloe Grace Moretz in an...
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    The Whinge Thread, Resurrected

    And she's here tonight! Or maybe she was Welsh. Or the leader of the Teen Angels.
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    Blitz Limericks

    But once I performed like a god they all said 'beware that old sod' He might just attack us Cause he thinks he's Bacchus Leave him alone or get a rod. *** I really do not wish to meddle But I think you should walk or pedal
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    I leave my front door open all night You're crazy ! that just can't be right I yell "Come in for cocoa!"
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    Better Than They Need To Be

    Yes, Captain Scarlet was incredibly grim and violent for a puppet show. No wonder it was popular! Some have pointed out The Mysterons were entirely justified in their terror campaign, too!
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    The R.I.P. Thread

    Singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston dies at 58: Obit Some called him a great eccentric, he was certainly Fortean, but only because he was desperately ill with schizophrenia for much of his life. The obit above repeats the notorious account of him believing he was Casper the Friendly Ghost and...
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    Pirate Archetypes

    I'm planning to ask people if they want a copy of E.T. on VHS.
  25. GNC

    What's Your Local Urban Legend / Folklore / Myth?

    I certainly saw a "backwards walker" in Glasgow city centre in the 90s, wonder if it was the same guy?
  26. GNC

    Not if it's in a tin mug.

    Not if it's in a tin mug.
  27. GNC

    Missing Persons

    Wow, that's a long time coming. Wonder if the police have found evidence of their bodies?
  28. GNC

    The Dark Crystal

    I just like the concept better than the execution. I do love The Muppet Movie, mind you.
  29. GNC

    In Soft Water (Scat Warning)

    Right you are, I won't ask you about - hey, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute!
  30. GNC

    The Bloody Irish

    Really glad you enjoyed it! As an aside, I'm looking forward to Cousins' epic doc series on female directors out soon.
  31. GNC


    You also make gingerbread men? How do you identify them, again?
  32. GNC

    The Dark Crystal

    Thanks for the info, @CuriousIdent ! I did enjoy it up to a point, but the thing is I've never been convinced that The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth were classics, so I was not quite as sold on the idea. Technically, they're marvels, though. The Gelflings have that "uncanny valley" look about...
  33. GNC

    Harry Potter Vs. The Religious Right

    But aren't the spells in Harry Potter all flying and turning invisible and shit? I'm pretty sure that's not possible with cod Latin.
  34. GNC

    The Loch Ness Monster

    But do they fish the waters?
  35. GNC

    What Are You Eating & Drinking?

    I suppose Lionel will have to take it like a man and swallow hard next time. I asked my dad to make me French toast after seeing Dustin Hoffman make it in Kramer vs Kramer. It was very underwhelming.
  36. GNC

    Blitz Limericks

    Should I hang around here loafing Or should just I go out golfing? They both involve balls And far louder calls To instead take up some windsurfing. *** I've discovered The Hobbit expanded Unpublished before now, cannot stand it
  37. GNC

    Confessions Of A Computer Game Addict

    The Very Big Cave Adventure was the best one I remember (you are sent to the swear box and must "WASH MOUTH" out with the soap provided). Judging by that sample, most of the time the games tell you not to be disgusting.
  38. GNC

    What TV Are You Watching?

    M*A*S*H ran every Wednesday night at nine for the whole of the eighties on BBC2, and I too watched every episode. My friend got season 1 on DVD a few years ago, so I tried it and... didn't laugh once. Oh well, so much for nostalgia.
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    Have an unpleasant aftertaste? No thanks, but don't feel you must waste
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    And Now—Sport

    Amazing men's singles final at the US Open last night. After Rafa won the first two sets, I was ready for bed, then - wait a minute, Medvedev gets the third! And the fourth! They're calling it one of the greatest grand slam finals ever, and I wouldn't disagree, it was totally riveting. They...
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    The Loch Ness Monster

    In the documentary Loch Ness with Ted Danson, there are fishing boats on the loch, which leads me to believe it may not be entirely accurate. But (squeaky voice) ye haff tae believe tae see it.
  42. GNC

    Crucifixion Of Joseph de Havilland (Hampstead Heath; 1968)

    Sounds like a shared madness, I know the sixties were a turbulent time, and prompted some strange behaviour, but were there drugs involved (all that talk of otherworldly beings!)? The 60s equivalent of the 21st Century Florida Man who gets off his face and indulges in weird practices that grab...
  43. GNC

    Let's Dig Up Old Threads!

    That's either very romantic or very bleak - maybe both at the same time!
  44. GNC

    Avoiding Carbohydrates

    If you have reduced sugar baked beans, you can make some beans on toast that are better for you. Living the high life!
  45. GNC

    What Music?

    Found out recently that Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes) is only 30! I thought she was in her 50s! Sorry Brittany.
  46. GNC

    Crucifixion Of Joseph de Havilland (Hampstead Heath; 1968)

    Man, that is strange. I hope I haven't opened a can of legal worms by mentioning it. Seems to have some resonance beyond the "simple" act of crucifixion, but it's unclear what.
  47. GNC

    What TV Are You Watching?

    Yeah, but the original Star Wars saga is all about teddy bears getting violent by that reductive thinking.
  48. GNC

    My Gamera never lies...

    My Gamera never lies...
  49. GNC

    Harry Potter Vs. The Religious Right

    Harry Potter banned again: Outlining article This was reported as something new, but apparently the books used to be the most banned in US schools - they were overtaken by books with gay themes recently. I don't know if anyone has tried casting a spell from Harry Potter, but I suspect - just a...
  50. GNC

    What TV Are You Watching?

    Yes, I watched all of Lost, loved it. Didn't even mind the ending that offended so many people, it was the journey I enjoyed.