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    The Hairy Tree

    This is an offshoot of the Sawney Bean legend . Apparently one of his daughters , Elspeth was hung from the Hairy Tree in Girvan , South Ayrshire (some accounts say she planted it). As can be imagined , the tree was not in actual fact 'hairy' , but had an odd appearance which gave it that...
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    This film has been out a couple of years now, but I can't finf a thread on it, so mods, please feel free to move. :D I am a lifelong fan of Asian cinema, and found this to be one of the most unsettling films I have ever seen, but one that I would highly recommend. It was directed by Hong...
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    Art Student Found in Terracotta Army

    Check this out :
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    Medical Blunders

    Just heard about this story :
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    Frosties Boy Is Dead, and other advert ULs.

    Enjoyed watching board member Max Molyneux doing his rendition of the Frosties song on YouTube. It got me thinking though.. recently I've heard reports that the annoying kid in the ad has now died . There are a few variations on it... one is that he was murdered by a gang of yobs who recognised...
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    Saw an absolutely amazing film last night . It is a Japanese film about two prisoners who escape from jail , and end up in the Forest of Resurrection . There they encounter a band of Yakuza , then countless zombies and a fair few vampires . Lots of martial arts action , gore and a couple of...
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    Survive Style 5+

    Yesterday I saw the most amazing film I have seen in a long time , Survive Style 5+ . Think Pulp Fiction , but set in Tokyo . And with Vinnie Jones. It has a pretty impressive cast - Asanao Tadanaobu (Ichi The Killer) , Japanese film veteran Sonny Chiba (Kill Bill) and the afore mentioned...
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    Second Coming Of Christ

    From BBC Scotland : (the second coming of Christ in more ways than one)
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    TV Psychics Claim Lennon Contact

    From the BBC Website: TV psychics claim Lennon contact John Lennon was shot dead in New York in 1980 Psychics claim to have made contact with late Beatle John Lennon in a controversial pay-per-view TV seance broadcast in the US. Makers of The Spirit of John Lennon claim the musician...
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    Can't find a thread on these boards about this on these boards , so mods feel free to move. Last night I was DJing in a club and came across a guy that had a tattoo of a nose on his arm . I thought this was a kind of weird tattoo to have , but unfortunately never had the guts to ask him why...
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    TV Digibox Triggers SOS Rescue

    From TV digibox triggers 'SOS' rescue Digital set-top boxes pick up additional TV and radio channels A faulty TV digibox sparked a rescue mission from RAF Kinloss by sending out a signal identical to those transmitted by vessels in...
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    Arthur's Seat Coffins

    Every time I visit Chambers Steet Museum in Edinburgh , I make a point of having a look at these . They were 17 tiny coffins , each containing a small figure , and were found buried on Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh back in the 1936 . If I recall correctly , thes coffins also formed part of the plot...
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    Musselburgh UFO

    Just caught the tail end of a report on Forth FM this morning , saying that UFO's are being seen over Musselburgh in East Lothian this morning . Apparently the radio station have received several texts about this , and the locals are used to seeing planes overhead and insist it is not a plane...
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    IRA Spiders

    Read this in today's Mail On Sunday . Don't know what to make of it though : From the Mail on Sunday , 20th November 2005.
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    Judge Jules' UFO

    Don't know if anyone else was listening to Judge Jules on Radio 1 last night , but around 1830 he announced that he was getting text messages from drivers on the M6 motorway in the West Midlands about a UFO seen overhead . Another person texted in from Macclesfield to say that they too had seen...
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    Scottish Loch Monsters

    Everyone knows about the monsters in Loch Ness and Loch Morar , but here in Scotland many more lochs have a reputation for having unknown creatures dwelling in their depths . Recently there have been sightings around Duck Bay on Loch Lomond of a 'crocodile' type creature . Other lochs such as...
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    Crying Boy Portrait

    Back in the late 70s early 80s my aunt and uncle bought a picture of a young boy crying and leaning against a tree. I always hated that picture , but one day they had a chip pan-fire in their flat , and they were told by a friend that it was because of the picture . Apparently the picture was...