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  1. AlchoPwn

    "Storm Area 51" (Campaign To 'Raid' Area 51: Sept. 20, 2019)

    A philosopher has an obligation to live dangerously. This is the first time the citizens of the USA have really stood up and challenged the Military Industrial Complex, and in that sense Sept 20th is already bigger than Woodstock. I choose to be a part of it, and if I get a Darwin Award, I...
  2. AlchoPwn

    "Storm Area 51" (Campaign To 'Raid' Area 51: Sept. 20, 2019)

    I have a couple of days yet. My buddies are already saying that I'm only doing this to get out of grading papers. They're at least partially correct.
  3. AlchoPwn

    "Storm Area 51" (Campaign To 'Raid' Area 51: Sept. 20, 2019)

    Only 4 sleeps to go. I'll be in Nevada on the 19th if anyone wants to catch up, you can message me. I will be leaving pretty early on the 20th as it is a fair drive out to Nellis. I'm staying at Caesar's Palace in Vegas, and have a rental car. BYO bulletproof vest & helmet, and gas mask. I...
  4. AlchoPwn

    Big Cat 'The Size Of A Large Dog' Filmed Roaming East Yorkshire Fields

    I hold with the idea that they were US regimental mascots released into the "wilderness" of Britain. I suspect the same is true of the Australian big cat sightings too. A case of introduced species. They must be very inbred by now.
  5. AlchoPwn

    The Shit Thread: Excremental Discussion

    Yeah, but try getting a stone out of a horse's hoof with it...
  6. AlchoPwn

    Religious Stampedes

    *sigh* sheeple.
  7. AlchoPwn

    Birds Aren't Real

    A good thing too, or Ogred's mate Barry will shit on it apparently! FFS! This is so ridiculous. How can a person not grasp that every "bird camera" would need to be monitored, and even with CCTV mass monitor setups, you would still need multiple people working in shifts watching the screens...
  8. AlchoPwn

    Fred Krueger Haunts My Dreams!

    I med Fred in a dream and discussed how the real Nightmare on Elm Street was actually the Kennedy Assassination. We discussed semiotics, filmography and the collective unconscious over a couple of beers with a talking plush bumblebee and a blue pig ( I didn't catch their names, sry). Freddy...
  9. AlchoPwn

    Why Haven't Aliens Contacted Us Yet? (Fermi Paradox)

    Take up the Little Green Man's burden — / Send forth the best ye clone — / Go bind your bots to exile / To tag and drop them home; / To wait in heavy gravity, / On flustered girls gone wild — / Your new-probed, sullen rednecks, / Half-Sheeple and half-child. Take up the LGM's burden — / To...
  10. AlchoPwn

    Why Haven't Aliens Contacted Us Yet? (Fermi Paradox)

    Sure. Why not? If you were part of a galactic civilization, gently nudging people out of parochial savagery and a scarcity driven economy is just neighborly, but then, I am a better neighbor than most, I suppose.
  11. AlchoPwn

    What Archaeologists Really Think About Ancient Aliens, Lost Colonies & Fingerprints Of The Gods

    Yeah, they're part of a Hiroshima time travel guided tour you can take as of AD 2341. Tickets are a bit pricey, and locals who lost relatives get priority booking. There is a super strict no littering policy too.
  12. AlchoPwn

    Do Microbes Control The Weather?!

    Fair enough, I thought it unlikely that you wouldn't. I think Crispr might have a bit of an edge over your old school rando evolution, just sayin'.
  13. AlchoPwn

    Do Microbes Control The Weather?!

    Clearly you have never heard of CRISPR. LINK It will give the bugs a run for their money, as we can direct the change productively while evolution isn't always that effective. The fact is, with the correct tweak you can get a species to specialize itself into extinction.
  14. AlchoPwn

    Harry Potter Vs. The Religious Right

    Well, as atheism is technically a religion according to the US Supreme Court , it should be covered in RE.
  15. AlchoPwn

    Free Will Vs Destiny?

    I know it was a long time ago INT21, but I still think it is unfair this sort of thing happens at all. Glad you are still with us. Just don't post any photos from the event. I had a gf who worked industrial accidents for an insurance company who showed me photos. I'm still traumatized 19...
  16. AlchoPwn

    Why Haven't Aliens Contacted Us Yet? (Fermi Paradox)

    No, we get closer to cracking it every year. We have already been to the Moon, and Mars is coming up soon. I suspect we have out physics difficulty dialed up in this simulation, but we are making good progress. We just need to keep at it. I suspect that many UFOs are actually ball lightning.
  17. AlchoPwn

    Don't Put Wasp Nests In Your Vagina

    I don't know what I was expecting from this title, but despite having fewer errors and contradictions than the original, I still found it disappointing.
  18. AlchoPwn

    Akupāra... Now that's turtle power you can run a planet on...

    Akupāra... Now that's turtle power you can run a planet on.
  19. AlchoPwn

    Don't Put Wasp Nests In Your Vagina

    C'mon, whatever happened to Caveat Emptor? If all we do is protect the idiots from their own idiocy, how will they ever learn not to be idiots? I think that if someone wants to shove a wasp nest up their vagina that we as a democratic society should support their right to do so, while...
  20. AlchoPwn

    The Power Of Silver

    Silver is a heavy metal and is toxic to humans in large-ish quantities. People have poisoned themselves thru the use of silver salts imbibed for their "health". Silver does have low level antiseptic properties. It is worth pointing out that the use of garlic against vampires is based on a...
  21. AlchoPwn

    Immortality (Not Far Away)

    That totally depends on the type of statistics in play and the quality of the data gathered. 2 Sample T tests for example work well on small samples. Of course small samples will always have power problems. Much depends on the questions you ask, and understanding the technical statistical...
  22. AlchoPwn

    Don't Put Wasp Nests In Your Vagina

    FFS (literally, not figuratively).
  23. AlchoPwn

    U.S. Sizing Up Iran?

    Read the article LINK, back in July Iran has arrested 17 Iranian dissidents who are sick of the current regime, called them CIA Agents, and planned to execute them. Given that Iran can't find actual CIA agents, they conveniently create them out of disposable enemies of the state. Clearly...
  24. AlchoPwn

    Was There A Dimensional Shift After The Turn Of The Century?

    I remember the 1980s without much fondness. I also remember finding the 70s abysmally stupid. Admittedly things were looking up by the end of the 1980s with Communism starting the dismantling of itself and the Montreal Protocol banning CFCs, but the bulk of the 80s was all about a growing sense...
  25. AlchoPwn

    The Atlantis Thread

    It worries me that as time goes on, this theory seems more plausible.
  26. AlchoPwn

    Incest Is Best?

    I see there is a death of reference to Cromer in these studies btw. I suspect it must be a statistical outlier.
  27. AlchoPwn

    The Shit Thread: Excremental Discussion

    I'm a simple soul. Here I am, over 50 and a goddamn academic, and I still laugh hard at toilet humor. I suppose it is better than not laughing, but aren't I supposed to have grown out of it by now? Is nature or nurture to blame?
  28. AlchoPwn

    The Shit Thread: Excremental Discussion

    So tell me if I'm wrong, but was the point of this to try to get toddlers and young children to eat it? When I was in UK back in my 20s and saw this, that was what I was told. I also know that the trap was often successful, with distraught parents winding up in Hospital emergency with their...
  29. AlchoPwn

    Hong Kong Protests, Umbrella Movement

    Has anybody actually addressed how much of a barrel the pro-democracy protests actually have the "Communists" over? If Xi is seen to crack down on HK too hard, business will flee HK, and China's economy is already slowing down thanks to Trump's trade war. The only think keeping the...
  30. AlchoPwn

    Incest Is Best?

    Under-reported in the UK? You should get a load of Turkey LINK, the level of 1st cousin on 1st cousin marriage is literally killing their children with birth defects because it has been going on for so many generations LINK. I personally know of a 1st Cousin marriage Turkish girl who gets...
  31. AlchoPwn

    Hong Kong Protests, Umbrella Movement

    If you want to watch a really good doco on the HK Protests, I was pretty blown away by this Australian one: 4Corners on HK I was also pleased to hear that Winnie the Pooh, in a rare display of common sense and humanity, finally wants to back down on the extradition bill LINK. Who knows...
  32. AlchoPwn

    Given Time Travel, Where & When Would You Want To Travel?

    Idk if that would be a great idea. Remember in many ways, despite the press to the contrary, Hitler was pretty much a figurehead put in place by the Junkers as a means of curtailing the rise of Communism. Germany was always going to re-arm and re-militarize, and Hitler was a symptom, not a...
  33. AlchoPwn

    "Storm Area 51" (Campaign To 'Raid' Area 51: Sept. 20, 2019)

    So, you're an alien? Great! I'll meet you at the north end of Groom Lake near the gates and I'll take you out for beer and BBQ, my shout.
  34. AlchoPwn

    Silly Product Names

    Is Johnnie Worker a rubber Johnnie? Just another Chinese knock-off.
  35. AlchoPwn

    Does Magick Work?

    Here is a taste of what I am talking about: LINK Back prior to WW2 the Black Chamber (precursor to the NSA) used to decode occult texts for practice and John Dee's works were among them. Suffice to say this was a very interesting exhibition. I went for the Voynich Manuscript and stayed for...
  36. AlchoPwn

    Does Magick Work?

    It is quite possible to decode Dee's texts via their integrated ciphers and they reveal his secret correspondence regarding international politics. Angels and devils of an entirely human variety. The fact that people are able to get the texts to work as magic despite their true purpose provides...
  37. AlchoPwn

    Aztecs: New Theories & Discoveries

    I am a fan of Colavito, but he is a trickster. He has done some pretty interesting self-confessed pseudo-histories in the past. I am not presently in a position to test the validity of this one.
  38. AlchoPwn

    Is 'Vegan Meat' Just MEAT?

    Actually in Japan fish was considered to be a vegetable for a very long time. This related to monks keeping their vegetarianism vows. Go figure.
  39. AlchoPwn

    Given Time Travel, Where & When Would You Want To Travel?

    My thinking on this matter is slightly different. As money is power, the ability to land windfalls that can then be invested and turned into a proper fortune could then be parlayed into political influence around the world, potentially tipping the balance on certain decisions that influential...
  40. AlchoPwn

    The Gay Gene And The Nature / Nurture Debate About Gender

    The whole issue of aborting babies that carry the "gay gene" poses some interesting questions for the Church I'd wager.
  41. AlchoPwn

    Given Time Travel, Where & When Would You Want To Travel?

    Forget going into the past, I am far more interested in seeing the future. If that future was too awful, I would be all about getting lotto numbers so I could raise the resources to change it. If the future was better than expected, and seemed receptive to me, I wouldn't come back.
  42. AlchoPwn

    The Shit Thread: Excremental Discussion

    This confused me. I thought I was reading the lyrics to an unusually good rap song.
  43. AlchoPwn

    "Storm Area 51" (Campaign To 'Raid' Area 51: Sept. 20, 2019)

    So should I take that comment to mean you aren't coming EG? Nevada is lovely this time of year.
  44. AlchoPwn


    There are some sects, such as the White Lotus in China, that were engaged in organized crime a la the Tongs. Tibetan Buddhism also had some truly disgusting practices before the Chinese set about their cultural genocide. Japan however gets first place when looking for Buddhists behaving badly...
  45. AlchoPwn

    "Storm Area 51" (Campaign To 'Raid' Area 51: Sept. 20, 2019)

    Only 18 sleeps to go. Is everybody excited?
  46. AlchoPwn

    Worst Movie EVER?

    Autistics being given a bad name? I think it is a bit too late for that. Weaponized Autism is now a meme.
  47. AlchoPwn

    Blaming Cryptids For Crimes & Other Incidents

    The cases I am more interested in is when toddlers go missing in rough terrain and show up 20 miles away, or when people go missing and their bodies show up on ground previously searched many times. Or those occasions when people travelling in groups vanish from sight for only a moment and are...
  48. AlchoPwn

    Blaming Cryptids For Crimes & Other Incidents

    I have strong doubts that a flying radioactive almas was responsible for the Dyatlov Pass incident. If I were looking for cryptid criminals, you might try looking at US National Parks disappearances. They can't ALL be due to serial killers and bandits.
  49. AlchoPwn

    Blaming Cryptids For Crimes & Other Incidents

    Kondoru, I find your namby pamby liberal attitude towards cryptid crimes appalling. Next you'll be blaming society for everything cryptids do, when really they need to be taught to take responsibility for their actions. Isn't it obvious that the reason cryptids are so hard to find is that they...
  50. AlchoPwn


    Wikipedia on Ectoplasm I think it has been determined that most ectoplasm is substantially, if not completely composed of muslin cloth, which raises interesting questions. I am of the opinion that we have everything wrong. Clearly this is the "spiritual" universe and the other side is the...