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    Cameras, digital cameras, cam phones, and UFO's.

    While it is possible for an individual to miss a photo due to the shock of the sighting (whatever is sighted), as regards UFOs, huge or otherwise, I have to wonder why the hundreds of satellite-mounted cameras aren't photographing reported UFOs. Virtually all of the Earth's surface is under...
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    UAV or UFO?

    If you paid for an education I think perhaps you have a right to your money back. To reiterate my point to you for the third time, it does no good to listen to and make judgments on the reliability of witness accounts because those who lie make great effort to sound just like those who are...
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    Aliens Are.... WITCHES!

    Looked like a zip line to me.
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    UAV or UFO?

    Issac I read "Isaac's" explanation of his Bob Lazar-like claim to have been part of a government alien tech reverse engineering program and came away with many more doubts than I had going in. I'll mention a few 'concerns', and leave the many more lesser problems aside: 1) To support his...
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    UAV or UFO?

    You miss my point. The point is that hoaxers and sincere witnesses say the exact same thing.
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    Aliens Are.... WITCHES!

    Huh? It's not real? DAMMIT.
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    Alligator/Lizard Men

    Might be one of those escaped/loosed exotic pet scenarios, where somebody decides that big lizard, snake, or other non-native pet wasn't such a good idea after all.
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    UAV or UFO?

    The problem is that if the guy who took the photo is genuine and reporting the facts as he remembers them, you get what he wrote to 'Dear Ms. Howe', posted by Rynner. However, if the guy is a hoaxer, you would then.. get... pretty... much... exactly... what he... wrote... to.. Ms. Howe, that...
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    UAV or UFO?

    Oh, I understand the nature of the forum. Here's your mystery craft: Re: 'possibility'... There is very little indeed that is not possible, so much so that to say a thing is possible is to say practically nothing. Is it probable? That question...
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    UFO Files Top Tens

    Nick Pope is not a trustworthy source. This one sentence alone is a major problem: "I'm not able to go into the details of this analysis, but the conclusion was that this was a real object, perhaps 25 or 30 metres in diameter, as I recall." No reputable photographic is going to declare a...
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    UAV or UFO?

    Conspiracy theories about governments covering up UFO evidence are little more than apologetics for the dirth of evidence for UFOs. When faced with so many observations (UFOs) that are never followed by physical evidence, the wise reevaluate the accuracy and efficacy of the observations, while...
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    UAV or UFO?

    The 'court' of science is far more discerning, with far higher standards of evidence and proof, than any court of law. Ask OJ Simpson, who continues to search America's golf courses, searching in vain for the Real Killers. Courts of law also address mundane events, events that constantly...
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    Strange Folk

    Gordon: "I tell the time but sometimes I get it wrong." Except for the tramp thing, Gordon and I are the same*. I too tell the time but am sometimes wrong. WHERE'S MY HONOURARY WEBSITE? [*Given a compelling reason, like the desire to make something special of poor...
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    Latest Internet UFO Sightings

    I gave this video its own thread prior to noticing this thread for 'latest internet videos'. Oops. Anyway, those who've suspected an occult connection with UFOs will have their evidence here:
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    UAV or UFO?

    It's premature to offer answers (fill the vacuum; complete the story) when the question isn't yet formed. It is fun and entertaining however. These are UFO photos on the internet and I'd venture a guess that 1 of 10 FT posters have a photoshop program capable of approaching their level. Like...
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    Aliens Are.... WITCHES!

    Without doubt, our paradigm has just shifted into 5th gear:
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    UAV or UFO?

    'Ufology' doesn't force us to choose between 'it's real' or 'it's fake' -we do that all by ourselves. As pattern-seeking, innately inquisitive beings, we tend to choose the risk of being wrong over the discipline required to simply suspend judgment. Humans dislike unfinished stories and...
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    Aliens Joking

    humor Alien Zen: "What is the sound of three hands clapping?"
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    Shadow Person

    PeniG: "Each of us, when something weird happens, has to evaluate it for ourselves, examining the available alternatives and plumping for the one we find most convincing." It isn't necessary to choose the 'most convincing'. You left 'I don't know yet' and/or 'insufficient data to conclude as...