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    I know we've all heard of the lore surround changelings, but has anyone had any real (or even realistic) experiences regarding changelings?
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    Deaths Related To Video Games / Gamers / Gaming

    Likewise, I've never slashed anyone for 9999 damage with a viciously huge sword, nor shot at anyone with a BFG, destroyed any Rebel Scum Pilots in their X-Wings, eaten any ghosts, violently stomped on any mushrooms, or driven over anyone. ;) So let me get this straight... if I kill someone...
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    Predictions for 2004

    Well done!! Marlon Brando passed away at age 80 of natural causes on the 2nd of July. And about the WMD....well...we all knew that was going to happen, didn't we??
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    Weird Names

    Around here we get some REALLY odd names, because people tend to name their kids after a sound that they like, and not necessarily because of the meaning of the word. Hence I've come across guys named Calculator and Microkombi!!
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    The Phantom Artist Strikes

    Illicit trafficking in chirascuro :p hehehe... Mind you, you never know how deadly someone's semen could be when applied liberally to the corner of a canvas :o Seems to me that he was just looking for an excuse to jack off into the paint pots, really.
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    Islam, Muslims & The Modern World

    I'd be very interested to know which "demonstrably" false premises Judeo-Christian religions are based on. But therein lies the crux. People believe that what docrines are being passed down to their children are truth, and I think that you'll find very few people who pass doctrines on while...
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    Portal to the "Other Side"? (Giessbach Hotel, Switzerland)

    Sorry, Judge luck here. I checked about 6 search engines with various combinations of the words "lake brienz", "room 338", "portal", "legend", "myth", "haunted" and "urban legend". All I get are tourism sites or nothing. Anyone else have any better luck? I'd be interested to...
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    Not quite KFC...

    My father used to work at a chemical processing plant, and this particular plant had two really tall stacks for the emission of unwanted gasses. I recall back then that, at night, you could see the gas emissions burning blue out one stack, and yellow/green out the other. Anyhow, asked my...
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    Shadow People

    Just did a little bit of googling, and here's an explanation of the floaty, pretty lights: I don't know if that's what you're getting, but it sounds right.
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    Shadow People

    Yep...see them all the time!! Not only at night. They're quite bright, and they float around in your vision for a while before disappearing. I always figured them for the optic nerves misfiring. They're pretty tho!:D
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    Islam, Muslims & The Modern World

    AFAIK, there's nothing in the holy scriptures that says it okay to oppress ANYONE, be they man, women, children, black, white, brown, green, yellow, blue or purple. Islam untainted by muddying ideologies just does not condone this. What you'll have to remember is that a lot of islam, as it...
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    Islam, Muslims & The Modern World

    The key problem here, as was raised earlier, is that the media in and of themselves see themselves as "gatekeepers" of the news. Basically, what we see is what they want us to see, and what they want us to see is what they feel sells. Make no mistake, despite the sentiments of "the public has...
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    Islam, Muslims & The Modern World

    Islamically, (and according to the teachings in the Qur'an and the Hadith), women and men are equal. However, just because it says so in the holy scriptures, doesn't mean that it's followed to the letter. My islamic teachers always stipulated that where there were different rulings for men...
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    Islam, Muslims & The Modern World

    AFAIK, the reason that islamists feel that it's justified in having a "state within a state" scenario, is that above all else, islam is supposed to be a "way of life" (note the "supposed to be"!) The logic seems to be that if you have control over the way people lead their lives, you will lead...
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    A Baby Crying

    On that note, why is it that we find the sound a baby crying so spooky when played in scary movies? Surely logic dictates that something so pure can hardly have a connotation of creepiness, but logic means buggerall when you're sitting in a darkened cinema and a sound of a baby crying plays on...
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    Ever been fooled (by something you're good at)?

    Was driving around one evening, and almost swerved to avoid a "cat" that was crossing the road. Turned out to be a plastic bag :rolleyes: How on EARTH I managed to mistake a plastic bag for a cat, I have NO idea.
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    I agree that the idea of the beheading being a hoax puts an interesting spin on things, and quite frankly, my feeling is that if it is, it's a nice case "Wag the dog"! A quick google around will bring up a host of sites with the feeling that this beheading a hoax, but currently it's all...
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    The missing people-shredder

    For a fascinating insight into what happens when a human shredder is used, read the novel "The Last Six Million Seconds" by John Burdett. It's a murder mystery set in Hong Kong, guessed revolves around a murder of someone who got placed in a human shredder alive.
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    Cases of empty head ? (no brain)

    Do we need our brains? Culled off What do you think? Is your brain really necessary? Do you really have to have a brain? The reason for my apparently absurd question is the remarkable research conducted at the University of Sheffield...
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    Djinn, Genies, The Arabian Nights—And Islam

    What I find truly amazing about Djinn is that some of the more pious peoples can bind them into service. I've heard tell of some very holy muslim scholars who have Djinn guardians. Also, I've heard it said that every mosque has a Djinn protector. From what I understand, they're quite prevalent.
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    Djinn, Genies, The Arabian Nights—And Islam

    Jinn 101 Djinn, or Jinn (either way's translated from the Arabic word), according to the Qur'an were created from "smokeless fire", just as man was created from "clay". From what I understand, Jinn have as much a society of their own as humankind, including heirarchies, families...
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    The Necronomicon

    Ah yes...and thus we have a new conspiracy theory.... Lovecraft was actually Aleister Crowley!! Yes, it all fits together now... Cthulhu is a metaphor for satan... :devil: :madeyes:
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    Schrodinger's Cat

    err...I guess it's probably just me.... but didn't anyone think to use a see-through box? That way, you can fit the cat, the geiger couter, the poison gas, douglas adams, the zebra crossing and the half-glass in, and see whether the zebra crossing is half dead or not.... Or is there a flaw...
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    Websites Found by Misspelling

    A while ago I typed in and there USED to be a link there saying "how did I get here?" and the explanation saying "maybe you wanted to go to ( logo here), but you really typed in ( in parody of's logo)." Found it quite hilarious at the...
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    w e i r d s t u f f

    I find this highly freaky, because I had a similar experience in a public toilet. I used to work at a bookshop in a mall a couple of years back, and this job entailed a few stints of the night shift. The mall itself was kinda quiet in the evenings, so the job was quite pleasant. I paid a...
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    Clowns: Evil Or Funny?

    EVIL, and I'm dead cert that they're satan's minions!!
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    Weird Psychological Thing Re: Big/Small too. Why arent I surprised? For me as a kid it used to be the contrast of tiny lil me and some big kinda mental hurricane, the contrast of stark white and deep black... and it used to send me into a fit of terror. I tried googling on this but without a name to the phenomena it's...
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    Famous and Historic threads of Fortean Message Board

    Yes, I'm one of the original posters (second to last, in fact). The video wasn't really all that convincing, honestly, and that's what everyone was going on about. It certainly was fascinating, however. The problem I think everyone had was that "You believe what you want to believe", and in...
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    The Necronomicon

    Re: there's always alot.. That "octopus thing monster" you're talking abt is the great and terrible Cthlhu himself! Cthulhu Fhtagn! (hmm...I wonder if I've found myself a new sig...)
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    The Necronomicon

    Re: Frater Er...yes they do!! >:E :D The earlier talk about Hastur reminded me of one of the gamer's famous last words... "What a useless piece of paper! All it says is 'Hastur Hastur Hastur' over and over again!" Incidentally, wasn't the name of the book that Ash found in the...
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    The Necronomicon

    And the problem is??? *evil cthulhoid grin*
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    The Necronomicon

    Do I speak to any Call of Cthulhu players here?? If you're a fan of Lovecraftian fiction, and a fan of the whole role-playing genre and enjoy creating stories based upon the entire mythos, it makes for a very entertaining game, and occasionally, some very scary nights!! Hehehe.... I think...
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    Extremely Unusual Dream Experiences

    Funny...I've never thought abt it... and now that I DO think abt it.. I seem to have perfect vision in my dreams. My glasses never seem to appear in dreams, which leads me to suspect that glasses don't dream...
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    Bizarre (and Incorrect) Prophecies're not being vague enough. You're talking about a war in the middle east in which india and pakistan will join and america's greed for oil. Nooo..... you have to vagueify things a little more. (technically, it's not the cresent and the cross, but the cresent and the star...but...
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    Bizarre (and Incorrect) Prophecies

    God is known as a vengeful entity, one who will end all human existence upon a whim, and many people have taken it that God will end their days on dates of some significance. Apparently the doomsdayists (I made a new word! Hurrah!) predicted that the world would end in the year 1666 (what...
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    Extremely Unusual Dream Experiences

    A good many of the dreams I have seem to have a highly violent theme: things like blood, gore, murder, death, chaos, suicide, inescapable death....that sort of macabre thing. A very good example is the dream I had last night of a killer indiscriminately murdering people around him, and one of...
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    Meeting In Dreams Experiment

    hehehe....this sounds like fun. Ok, I'm game.... Stonehenge, is it? I have a nasty habit of remembering my dreams.....they rarely make any SENSE, but I DO remember them!! Hehehe....if you see anyone who looks SERIOUSLY confused, thats probably me :P
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    People Willingly Entering The Water And Drowning

    Reminds me of the legends of the rusulka....cant recall TOO much abt these lasses, but apparently they had a habit of calling people to watery graves of one sort or another. :eek!!!!:
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    For a friend

    More to the point, what exactly was it that would have triggered the "attack"? I mean, less than nothing happened that night that you stayed there, so why now? Something must have precipitated it. (Or not...I'm not exactly well versed in the logic behind the behaviour of spirits). Roachford...
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    For a friend

    You *THINK*?? Hehehehe.....Return of the amityville horror!! Wonder if they saw a demonic flying pig...:D're gonna kill me with curiosity!! Pls plsplsplspls find out why they decided to forsake the house!!
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    Would You Do It? (Spend a Night in a Haunted Place)

    In my mind I'd like to think I would.....but knowing me, I 'm too much of a fraidy cat and a p*ss-pants to be able to do that sort of thing alone :p I'd LIKE to...just dunno if I WOULD. Maybe in a group of abt three or four....hundred poeple.
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    Gloomy Sunday: your thoughts?

    Sarah McLachlan has a version which is quite nice. I've Billie's version of the song too, and it has this haunting quality to it, but it's not going to induce suicide in anyone who isn't already chronically depressed, has hit rock bottom and has started to dig. I think it's all hype, Dan. As...
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    Voyeurs..hehe...yea, right!

    'Fraid not, Intaglio. The entire bathroom is tiled in that horrible dull reflectionless stuff. Mind you, I HAVE caught myself out like that a few times. What I thought was something glaring at me from the corner of my eye turned out to be a reflection of myself. Felt a right twit for being...
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    Amityville Horror: Where Do You Stand?

    Hold on hold on....lemme see if I understand this properly. Item 1: The Lutzes move in to 112 Ocean Ave and are haunted by an entity Item 2: The Lutzes move out. Item 3: The entity (for reasons of its own) follows the Lutzes and continued to haunt them (I'm going to assume that the entity...
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    For a friend

    I'm going to agree with Ted (and every1 else!) here on this. Also, if u could, I'd suggest bringing along at least 1 other person - preferably one who's a little more of a sceptic, someone who'll be able to try and put a rational explaination on things. Also, two people who have similar views...
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    Slipping Through Dimensions

    The "glitches" I experience are similar to what Sally seems to experience. For example, I'll have a recollection of a conversation with someone, but then I can't for the life me figure out whether I really had that conversation, whether I made it up in my mind, or whether I dreamed it. It's...
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    Slipping Through Dimensions

    Well here's one I can relate to. Quite often I can't seem to be able to tell the difference between the "real" world and the world in my head. Quite often I end up having to ask my friends or family "did that really happen or was it in my mind??" Highly bizarre, and definitely highly annoying.
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    Amityville Horror: Where Do You Stand?

    Sure, Stu...we believe you. :p j/k Apparently, the last few (admittedly harrassed) families who've lived there since the Lutz's have all claimed that nothing spooky happens in that house. I must say, I agree with the general consensus on this thead that the Warrens are simply out to...
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    Exorcist report in Strange Online Mag

    Oh, I agree that there's nothing wrong with cashing in on a good scare story - and calling it fiction...what I (and many others) find wrong about what the Lutz family did was toting the whole thing as a "True Story" and titled under "possession and demonology research". This did more harm than...
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    Exorcist report in Strange Online Mag I thought. The whole Amityville haunting WAS a hoax. The details of the whole case can be read here and here For those of you too sodding lazy to click the link, here's a short...