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    As relevant as Fairly tales. imaginary friends/father figures and superstition usually are. The usual Relgious Sophistry......
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    The Wicker Man

    I mentioned before, on a discussion where members of production, crew and cast where reunited , they, including Lee spoke about a possible sequel which then was called "Mayday". A better title than "Cowboys for Christ" -
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    The Wicker Man ... -hold.html
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    Doctor Who 2 (Avast! There Be Spoilers!)

    LOL! I bet there are some disappointed they don't do adult sizes. How considerate.
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    Arty Farty Had A Party

    From the 70s the next verse i knew as a kid was "Where was the Goalie When the ball was in the net? Halfway to Jamaicia In a supersonic jet! I'm sure there were other variations. - -
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    Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World

    Arthur C Clarke.... Does he really exist? Despite the over imaginative hype of the promos, Basically each episode involved him saying at the end, "Nah..there's no mystery really, there's nothing in it" But "Arthur C Clarke's Mundane World" doesn't quite have the same...
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    The R.I.P. Thread

    Not a lot of people know he had possibly the best radio talk /phone in show often with a Fortean slant - long before his TV fame. -
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    Tech Help

    See these liks should help: -
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    Tech Help

    Win XP comes with it's basic built in CD burning utility - However with that alone it cannot burn DVDs only CDs - You'll need Nero or similar to burn to DVD
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    Films, TV Shows & Books By Guillermo del Toro

    From what I saw, couldn't say I was impressed after all the hype and I'm no Clive Barker fan either.
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    Useful Applications

    Pity they can't fulfil a market that does exist when potential profit isn't so great.* *EDIT: Link fixed by WJ
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    Yorkshire Ripper

    I trust you weren't a junior doctor in the dept at the time.... :shock:
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    The R.I.P. Thread

    I posted his obit from the Independent earlier in this thread,
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    Films, TV Shows & Books By Guillermo del Toro

    I still haven't seen it but it's on Film Four next week at 9pm Monday 17th Dec repeated Sunday 23rd and maybe some other times.Check your listings.
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    Canoeist Missing For Five Years Turns Up Alive

    I just wonder if the shocked kids are really in the dark as the rest of us or like turning himself in as an Amnesiac he, now his wife , is trying not to implicate them as well. Oh what a tangled web we weave. Just hope they don't start digging up the patio.... :shock:
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    The R.I.P. Thread ... 201550.ece
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    dna odds

    DNA profile matching is an inexact science. Like fingerprints it's done by human judgement -
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    Doctor Who 2 (Avast! There Be Spoilers!)

    Sorry but I couldn't help laughing when in their first appearance the helmets came off and their heads were exactly the same shape.... What came first in the BBC props dept ...the head or the helmet?
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    The R.I.P. Thread

    He was a clegyman but in many way a far from conventional one it seems: -
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    Fantastic Fo....oh, no!

    I don't know anything about the later stuff but I do remember Galactus replaced the Surfer with Gabriel The Air Walker in FF 120 - in the 70s - He had sortof wings - -
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    Useful Applications

    Do we still really need the rather meaningless poll - or is that a way to stop it being culled?
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    Kevin Carlyon, High Priest of White Witches

    Is this deja vu or you forgetting you already mentioned that in this thread? -
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    Richard Dawkins

    Somewhere once I came across some "anti-christmas" cards - one with a traditional nativity scene accompanied with the announcement : "It's a girl " -
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    Richard Dawkins

    yeah - self critical? my arse! Self justifying or self deluision more like,it's all too easy to philosophise on a false premise, on which there appear no evidence. other than secondary events that appear "significant" hence the Greek, Roman. Norse gods and legends, Also on the question of...
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    Phil Schneiders Wikipedia article gone?!

    Maybe it got removed because it was considered original research - or pure garbage - Having looked at the copy at frankly Wiki has enough crap bloated articles without more of this stuff. -
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    Every so often the tedious self indulgent self styled "stelarc" comes up with some underwhelming attempt to mix man and machine, or in this case, flesh and more flesh, adding little to art or science. Expect another headline making gimmick in a few more years time.
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    Doctor Who 2 (Avast! There Be Spoilers!)

    I think this one is giving me the eye... ... html/6.stm -
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    BBC4 on comics - Ross "tracks down" Steve Ditko

    the phrase Moore used was Ditko said " ah he's just like Mr A - but insane"
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    Doctor Who 2 (Avast! There Be Spoilers!)

    So guess who may return? -
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    Sarah Jane Adventures - starts New Years Day

    Well those crappy Slitheen costumes must have cost the props Dept something - at least the cost of a sandwich - so they might as well use them again.
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    The R.I.P. Thread

    Will he be buried in a glass box? -
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    BBC's reputation

    Apparently the actual winning name that was rejected for the original Blue Peter cat "Cookie" was deemed inappropriate for a children's show - why? Did they think someone was going to eat it? Or is "cookie" some street drug that I've never heard of? Please advise. -
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    Clowns KKKick KKK ass!

    Normally I wouldn't like clowns much but in this case I make an exception as I like bigoted racists even less..... ... _page=true
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    Upcoming Marvel Adaptations

    Worth watching if you missed it it's repeated 12.50am Tuesday 17th morning 12.20am Thursday 20th Sept Did anyone else see?
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    Predictions They'd Rather Forget No.1

    I still want to know when we are going to get all this really cheap energy that was supposed to come with Nuclear Power, solar, etc - with each technological breakthrough it never comes does it? You can bet that if Fusion becomes a reality the cost of energy won't be drastically reduced...
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    The R.I.P. Thread

    or "that gorilla" as I think Jonathan Miller once aptly called him. Opera - the most absurd of the arts - -
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    Upcoming Marvel Adaptations

    Iron Man: A preview of sorts.....
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    Richard Dawkins

    Not really, It's more behaviour based on irrationality and lack of actual evidence. Though the reporting certainly played a part but then the media are not necessarily immune from it...(no pun intended)
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    Beards & Moustaches

    It's funny how facial hair fashions particularly come and go. and who'd be seen with a hairy chest these days? And that's just the ladies.... :spinning Still reading about the competition - seems like such harmless slightly eccentric fun - though there are some chancers trying their...
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    Richard Dawkins

    Never implied he wasn't a "proper atheist" - whatever that is - same as a "true scotsman" I suppose. Can an atheist not do something "unrehearsed and spontaneous" or remotely amusing ? Do you really have no sense of irony?
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    Richard Dawkins

    ..and says nothing about Evangelical Christians? Anyway, I suspect it was done partly for fun, partly for drama. - -
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    C4's Reputation

    Any chance the programme's producers and the tapes will end up on the scrap heap? -
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    The Big Orb Thread

    The next generation of digital cameras along with anti -shake, anti red eye etc will have an anti -orb setting. Oo-er :shock: I'd pay extra to be protected from the spirit world. - -
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    Upcoming Marvel Adaptations

    For FK's sake Gervais again! Whos' he playing this time - Ulik the troll?
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    Wikipedia sabotage

    :roll: A case of "shoot the messenger" or should that be "bomb the messenger".....
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    Words and Phrases from Industry and Science

    But I and many use the term Google because we actually use Google, not Yahoo, etc etc, whether their dominance of the default (and for most , only) search engine will remain - time will tell. We may not be "googling" in ten years time but people will still likely be "Hoovering" even if...
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    Upcoming Marvel Adaptations

    Marvel wants WWE wrestler for 'Thor' Is Fabio too old now for the role? ... -thor.html
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    Words and Phrases from Industry and Science

    "I hear they're planning to put men on Mars." "Is that difficult?" "Well it's not rocket science..." -
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    BBC4 on comics - Ross "tracks down" Steve Ditko

    Does J Ross actually get to interview the notoriously elusive Mr Ditiko? Doubtful. © BBC MMVII from Wiki entry on Ditko