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    UFO over Manchester - right now!

    Anyone in South east Manchester might want to look up - there is a large classic UFO circling over Hyde Road (Gorton/Ardwick area). It's been there since at least 7pm (when my other half first noticed it) and is still there... I can't really judge the size as I don't know how far away it...
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    The Mary Celeste: What Do You Think?

    I didn't see it so really can only comment on the blurb from Channel 5's website: Assuming this is the same theory mentioned in an earlier documentary (can't remember when or where, sorry), the Captain and crew had never had a cargo of alcohol before (and presumably didn't know anyone who...
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    Profile Display Settings

    The Grey/Great Old One/Yeti/somethingorother line is a hangover from a previous incarnation of the board and can't be changed (yet... it's about no.1334 on The List). The age, etc line display according to whether you filled in the appropiate fields in the profile. Jane.
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    Torchwood - doctor who spinoff tv series with captain jack

    The good Doctor lost his hand ;) I quite liked the first two episodes, despite my partner pointing out the various parts of Cardiff where it was filmed and the references to other films and books and (Men in Black, Douglas Adams, etc). The one thing that irked me slightly was that it was...
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    Depends what you mean by dinosaurs and recent past... I'm thinkng huge great T-Rex type things harrassing pre-historic man (and am honestly not thinking about bimbos in skmpy fur bikinis being saved by caveman with big clubs and/or swords). It's possible that T-Rex et al survived until...
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    Cover her face? Taking or banning the Veil

    More or less, although I do wonder who "we" are. The two thugs I mentioned in my previous post were both of the sunbed-orange tattooed and pieced born-and-(in)bred-here fraternity to whom casual violence is just a part of everyday life and who, it sometimes seems, form the common herd in...
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    "Political Correctness Gone Mad"

    Ahhh, so that's why America* will be Moorish in another generation ;) Jane * except Canada, which is just too darned nice to get involved in petty arguments
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    Cover her face? Taking or banning the Veil

    Slippery indeed... are British men still allowed to walk on the traffic side of the street to protect their women? Or do women, whether they want to or not, now have to face the onslaught of traffic to protect their men? What about people, of either sex, who are shy because of real or...
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    How many American Muslims?

    Indeed, as do many Jews, Christians, etc. I suppose the sub-text of worrying how many Muslims there are is whether "they" pose a threat to "our" cosy way of life? Jane.
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    Starbucks sued for pulling offer

    And if He fails to turn up in court then you win by default! :D Back to the coffee - surely a fair settlement would be the price of the coffee? Costs to be paid by the plaintiff of course. Jane.
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    Google Mars

    admit it... how many of you searched for the infamous face? :D Jane.
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    Quitters & Shape-Shifters: Last Words & Reincarnations

    The board sometimes makes a new page when the last one is full - it doesn't necessarily mean that someone posted then deleted the post. Jane.
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    English Language Education

    It's interesting that no-one has pointed out the reason Amazon gave for moving to Ireland... they couldn't recruit staff with foreign language skills in England. Is comprehension not taught in skools anymore? :wink: With regard to the teaching of English, I wasn't taught formal grammar...
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    Printing posts as text

    Yep, copying and pasting posts is really the only way to do it. Unfortunately, there isn't a "printer friendly" option to print or save complete threads. Jane.
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    The Deer in the Boot

    I'm intrigued by the idea of the animal being too shocked to eat - do you mean bones broken and therefore hard to butcher properly or is the meat somehow spoiled because of the cause of death? Now for a true "It Happened to Me!" tale that happened back in the (in)famous hot summer of '76 when...
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    "It's so unfair...!" (Teenage angst)

    Tsk, kids today have no respect :roll: :lol: Jane.
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    Erection notices ending up in the spam trap?

    The earliest reference I can find on the board is by ramonmercado... perhaps the computer said no to James' post :D This is a story that suggests not so much urban legend as bad solicitor and/or client clutching at straws... did the telephone and the post office also filter out naughty words...
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    "It's so unfair...!" (Teenage angst)

    I'd be interested to hear if Dr Blakemore actually said this or whether the reporters inferred it from the few few minutes they spent scanning the abstract of the lecture? In any case, isn't there a slight difference to being a bit surly and self-centered, or even horrifying the old'uns by...
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    Here's a source for what I guess is the same (not so local) legend: ... /bunny.htm btw, I misread bridge for bride as well :oops: :D Jane.
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    Christian faces court over 'offensive' gay festival leaflets

    He was at a gay rally, for gawd's sake! Presumably the police would have acted in a similar manner if racist leaflets were being handed out during the Notting Hill carnival. The bible isn't to blame here, it's the people who (mis)interpret it. Jane.
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    Ghost Car?

    I can't find anything more either, but then there's not much information to go on. The video doesn't seem quite so baffling without the soundtrack - perhaps the car simply went around the fence, or (less likely), the fence wasn't fixed at the bottom and it flipped up and back down as the car...
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    It's not libel, allegedly

    I'm not sure what the legal situation is elsewhere, but as far I'm aware, libel (publishing untrue allegations) and slander (verbal allegations) are, as escargot pointed out, not criminal offences in the UK. The crux in both cases is that the gossipper must be aware that the allegation is...
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    What Were YOUR Erroneous Childhood Beliefs?

    Can you still get cold cream? Or has it been replaced with new ones at 50 times the price but with added aqua and some meaningless scientific-but-natural compound? I just ask because my Mum used cold cream during the winter and I always wondered why she didn't have hot cream for the summer...
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    Nah, more of a ether-induced belch :D Thanks both for clearing it up. Jane.
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    The wiki entry: Immiscibility is a new word to me and my dictionary... any clues? Jane.
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    Dream thread II

    Haa.... until a nasty mod got in the way and merged the threads! :twisted: Jane.
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    Britain: Police State?

    Surely thumbprints can only be an aid to identity if your print is already on record? What if the person hiring the car had already stolen your identity? :?: Does anyone know anyone who has been a victim of this heinous crime? Did it cause any long-term problems? If I was conspiricy-minded...
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    Steorn & Claims of Free Energy

    Eric Laithwaite: the man who did not amuse the Royal Society Hopefully the new device won't be dismissed out of hand. Jane.
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    Steorn & Claims of Free Energy

    I agree. It's possible - although perhaps unlikely - that even the First Law has a "get out of jail free" clause and if we don't test for the unlikely then we will never find it. I would imagine that a lot of physicists will gladly give up their own time, and a lot of companies will consider...
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    Cafés, Shops Etc Named after Hitler

    Why burn the restaurant down? If it offends then by all means boycott it and complain - if enough people do that then market forces will force its closure anyway. Although, as others have mentioned, it's probable that the name is more offensive to outsiders (ie thee and me) than locals. On...
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    England afraid to fly its own flag?

    Here in Manchester, The Royal Bank of Scotland is displaying the St George's flag apparently with no irony whatsoever. Jane.
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    Ancient Depictions (Petroglyphs, etc.) Of Astronomical Events

    Astrology and Astronomy both start with "A" and concern the heavens but that's the only thing they have in common :wink: To be fair, it seems that Barentine is only saying that whoever carved the rock may have been depicting the supernova - which would have been a hard thing to miss even...
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    Too Short For Prison?

    Does anyone here know what Thompson actually did, or why? Did he rape a baby or stroke a teenager's hair? Something in between these extremes? He's described as "being of low stature", which presumably means both mentally and physically (and possibly socio-ecomically). Perhaps the judge make...
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    The London Stone

    I must admit my ignorance here... never heard of the thing, despite once having worked a stone's throw (sorry) away. More information for the equally perplexed: The Modern Antiquarian Jane.
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    The CIA/UFO Files

    Because the evil government says so, therefore it must be false. Oh, you know.... stuff *waves arm vaguely* Thats what THEY want you to believe! Seriously, I think that the majority of UFO reports then and now are indeed misidentifications of classified planes or even natural but...
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    What Were YOUR Erroneous Childhood Beliefs?

    I blame most of my childhood beliefs on my older brother, whom I worshipped as the font of all knowledge until I was about 7 and realised that maybe he didn't know everything... North isn't always in front of you; The past wasn't in black and white (that seems to be a common one); There are...
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    Growing Old—Death Approaches!

    Reading this thread again* reminds me of the 17-year old who asked me out a few weeks ago... I was flattered, of course, but said he was too young for me and anyway I was already spoken for... When I told him how old I was, he went as white as the proverbial ghost and blurted out "you're...
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    Good Posting Practices

    Just a reminder of the first post on this thread - please can people use the php Quote function instead of just using inverted commas? It makes the post much easier to read and doesn't annoy me so much :) If anyone needs further help or advise then don't hesitate to pm me. Thanks...
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    The Victorian railway disaster

    I've done a bit of digging (pardon the pun), and even the Norwood Historical Society doesn't seem to exist (not in the UK and not on the web anyway). There is however a Norwood Society and they claim in their list of recent achievement to have enabled the: No news of dead victorians though...
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    The McDonald's Thread

    I expect to get shot down in flames here and have my coat ready... but does anyone else miss the days when you could go into a fast-food burger place (I hesitate to use the term restaurant) and just get a burger? I don't want a McSalad or a McShake or a McPie... just sell me a burger! And no...
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    Razor Blades In Baby Food

    More googling has turned up the interesting factoid that about the same time there were concerns that those nasty but un-named chemicals found in glass could allegedly leak into baby food (too many sites to mention, but a search for baby+food+contamination+glass should bring up the main ones -...
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    Razor Blades In Baby Food

    Interesting article here, often either corporate negligence or scams. No sign of a razor man (or woman) though... possibly busy putting the blades in Hallowe'en apples? Jane.
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    Razor Blades In Baby Food

    There was a spate of contamination of baby food (or at least a spate of reports... not sure if it actually happened) in the UK in the 1980s/1990s and allegedly that's why the new "pop-up" jar lids were introduced. This was glass shards though as presumably razor blades would be a bit big to get...
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    Whale Spotted In Central London

    A somewhat confusing update from the BBC... It's nice to know that Steve the Whale will be safe from trigger-happy tourists as he'll be "euthanised" for his own good if he looks a bit thin :roll: Jane.
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    Whale Spotted In Central London

    Um, has the London Aquarium got a big hole in their window and a lower than average food bill? Just asking... Jane.
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    X Files

    Don't be too quick to dismiss it - for £8 (£4 for the first issue) you get four episodes and a magazine which, while it probably won't be as good as The Unexplained, still has potential. Before anyone asks, no I don't work for them and no I probably won't collect all nine series, but it was...
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    Fortean Headlines

    I don't have a link as it appeared in the Oxford Mail several years ago but has stuck in my mind... Tigger Killed By Travelling Bandage In case you're wondering, Tigger was a highly-strung horse who apparently died of fright when a box containing spare leg bandages fell over as he was...
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    Britain: Police State?

    This suggestion was raised later (can't remember exactly when - probably Broadcasting House on Sunday morning) and you'll all be glad to know that some people did stand up for her right to free speech. Incidently, IIRC, in the original interview the woman (wish I could remember her name!)...
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    Creepy Sleepwalkers/Talkers

    My own tale sounds quite lame now - I don't, AFAIK, walk in my sleep but have been known to shout out bizarre things ("badgers!" apparently being a favourite) and sometimes kick out at my long suffering partner (presumably because of the badgers). As a teenager, my brother would regularly...
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    Galilee Jesusworld Themepark

    The Sodom and Gomorrah exhibit will be really popular, and I'm quite looking forward to the Jonah & the Whale water ride, but I'm not sure if the Christians vs Lions show is really suitable for young children. Ahem, sorry, I'm assuming this is a wind-up but if it's real then may the god/ess...