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  1. onetwothree

    Show Us Your Ink!

    I have a big birthday coming up this year and was thinking of marking the occasion with a tattoo. (It'd be my first one, so it's very exciting). I've got a few ideas that I'm chucking around at the moment but what I'd like to do here is see YOUR ink, if you have any, and tell me the story...
  2. onetwothree

    Horror Shorts

    No, not a bad pair of fabric-starved trousers, but the myriad short horror films available online. One of my absolute favourite things to do on the weekend is sit down with a nice glass of wine and creep myself out. Some of my favourites: Lights Out . Obviously. 2am The Smiling Man...
  3. onetwothree

    Retired man and his goose

    A retired man goes to a park in LA every day where a goose (who is seemingly besotted with him) waits for him and then they walk around the lake together. Apparently, she chases other geese or animals away and tries to fly home with him when he leaves on his scooter. Sweet and not a...
  4. onetwothree

    Creepy Things Children Say

    Apologies if I've put this in the wrong place - please move it if it needs to be moved! Reddit asked parents to share some of the creepy things their young children had said to them. A couple of examples: and Link here. Enjoy!
  5. onetwothree

    Derren Brown's latest special

    Has everyone seen this? I love a bit of Derren Brown and I think this will be very freaky. Not sure how well I'd fare if I were the person involved though. :shock: