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    Can I get my Original Member name back?

    I would love to recover my original (2001 membership) identity on this board which I lost because of ' packing up all those years ago so I lost my email. Is this possible?
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    What was this play!

    1970's Play for Today or similar, about a group of friends spending a weekend at a Haunted country cottage, lots of spookiness and in the end they discover that the original inhabitants all starved to death one cold winter many years ago. The guests are all found dead by the Police and even...
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    Looking for FT 249.

    Can't find it on eBay, any ideas?
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    Cover Art

    Is there an online collection of FT covers? I would love to get some of them as screensavers.
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    You're not going to give me the umbrella, are you?

    This is a UL that I keep hearing once or twice a year. Now I know it's not true but can anyone add more information to the tale. "The "umbrella test" is a longstanding urban myth that still bothers men who present for testing at sexual health clinics Access to genitourinary clinics is a...
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    List of Fortean Movies.

    Has anyone compiled one? I've just joined one of those 'dvd rental by post' companies and am looking to boost my rental request list. Any suggestions? Heres my current list. [15] 1984 Short wait Short wait It is likely there will be a short wait for this title.Watch now...
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    FT 16 to 25

    I was wondering if these issues were ever published as a compilation?
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    Has Montague Summers Been Featured In FT?

    I just finished catalogueing my FT collection and am wondering if the Rev Summers had been the subject of an FT feature? I would certainly like to know more about him.
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    NASA and 'New' technology.

    Is it true that the Space Race produced a whole lot of new technology? Or did this technology already exist and was simply popularised or utilised by NASA? I seem to remember that this was a 'de bunked' myth, but now I need real information on this topic. Anyone able to help?
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    Daily Mirror, Fortean DVD collection.

    These start today, anybody going to collect them? PS If you want to collect them each day from the store, they are being issued by Somerfield. PPS No I don't work for them.
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    Obese man with green blood

    There's no link here because I'm looking for it, but my workmates told me this morning of a news item about a very obese man who went in for surgery and was found to have green blood. Too much potassium or something. Can anybody find the link ahead of me ?
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    Hannibal Lecter/Lecktor Diagnosis

    Some years ago, there was a website devoted to Dr Lecter, and it contained a detailed psychiatric diagnosis of his condition. It basically said he had a personality that judged people he met to be his equal or inferior. Equals were respected and helped etc (Clarice Starling) and inferiors were...
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    Draculin Anticoagulant & Other Odd or Funny Chemical Names

    I got caught out with this on a kids science show yesterday. The 'Big Bang' show had a 'True or False' "Vampire bats saliva contains an anticoagulant called 'Draculin', true or false" So I'm jumping up and down shouting 'false' but it's true. I'd heard of heparin and hirudin etc but not...
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    Gustav Dore FT Cover.

    The cover of FT 40 is an engraving by Dore, of two rats stealing an egg in a highly fanciful manner. Can any board members point me in the direction of a JPEG of this print? I have googled to no avail. Any help gratefully recieved.
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    Online Source for Fortean Pictures?

    I need a source of Fortean pictures, photos, graphics, artwork etc on the WWW. Can you folks recommend any? All help gratefully accepted.
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    Murderous Ice axe UL

    There is an urban legend going around that a day-tripper from Liverpool who visited Betws-y-coed in North Wales, saw a walkers ice axe in a hiking shop window and thought it was a sick joke,referring to the murder of Anthony Walker, and proceeded to make a big fuss about it. As a proper townie...
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    Schoolyard strangulation

    The wheel turns yet again, as another generation discovers the effects of asphyxiation. Source GIRLS' PLAYGROUND STRANGLING CRAZE May 8 2005 By Nigel Nelson THRILL-seeking schoolgirls are throttling each other in a deadly new craze sweeping our schools. Teenagers hooked on...
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    Eyeball pressing and convulsions

    I was recently told that pressing on somebodys eyeballs, in a self defence type situation can give the assailant an epileptic type fit. Now I know that there IS a connection between eyeball pressure as a cause of convulsions as in glaucoma, but is this self defence thing just a UL? I have...
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    The internet "iceberg"

    This is a real FOAF tale as it came from a "friend of a friend" who is allegedly a computer expert. Anyway he said, that the internet is like an iceberg as 9/10 of it is hidden and the general public cannot access it. The explanation was that joe public only really uses www, and things like...
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    Human pulling power

    I am doing some research on strings and cords and need to find what is the maximum force that the average man can exert in the "pulling hands apart" action. Not the world record, just the average guy. Any help would be appreciated.
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    3-Billion Year Old Manufactured Spheroids?

    Did this one pass me by? or is it new? Has FT mentioned it?
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    Toothless castaway American aircrew

    I was told a tale by a lecturer many years ago, that a WWII American aircrew crashlanded on an island in the Pacific, recently vacated by the Japanese. They had plenty of water and food as there was a pineapple plantation on the island, so they sat back and waited for rescue. After six weeks...
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    The Sealed Knot

    Can anybody tell me why the civil war re-enactment group is called "The Sealed Knot Society" I had a look at their website but could not find anything. All replies gratefully received.
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    Blood curdlers

    I need spine chilling ULs for a group of "Heard it all before" teenagers. I have used up all the mainstream ones. Any new scary ULs from you folks?
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    U.S.Navy Aircraft carrier UL

    I was told some years ago, that on board U.S. Navy aircraft carriers, if an officer goes below decks, in amongst the mass of ordinary seamen, he is accompanied by two marines, presumably for protection. Any truth in this? Any comments?
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    Cowboys and jellyfish

    The 3 phone network advert is the most enjoyable and watchable ad on tv at the moment, but does anyone know what is it all about? Giant stranded jellyfish, japanese cowboys, blue moonshine in mason jars, breakdancing to drunken coelenterate music? Somebody must be able to crack the code!
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    Random dictionary of the Damned

    Apologies if this is on the board elsewhere, but, FT 187 contains this item , number 2 by the Heirophants Apprentice. Can anyone tell me where is number 1 ? in what issue does it appear? is it a regular or occasional feature? Anybody know?
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    Worst consequences of lateness

    Can anyone suggest a real life answer to the question " What is the worst series of events that has resulted from a single person being late" My friends conjectured that if a pilot were late for a flight and that caused the plane to run into a storm that it otherwise might have missed and as...
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    Test Your Psychic Ability.

    I am going on an overseas trip in February with some colleagues and none of us, nor any of our visit organisers knows the destination. It could be almost anywhere on earth and I find out the destination next week. This would seem to be a good test of the psychic ability of the Board readers who...
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    News That Isn't

    I heard two 'news' items on local radio today that I knew about years ago. One was that large methane bubbles can rise from the seabed and sink ships (subject of a channel four documentary about five years ago) from research at an Australian university. The other was that the ideal temperature...
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    Back Issues

    Does anybody know how far back, the back issue service of FT goes? I'm looking for FT 151.
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    Cannabis Is Good For You

    In the area that I work in, the local teenagers are absolutely convinced that smoking cannabis "clears your chest" This belief that it is actually healthy, is vague, but firmly held. What I mean is, they cannot explain how or why it clears the chest, but they are totally convinced that it does...
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    Visiting the Costa Blanca this summer and wondered if any Forteans can suggest unusual places to visit. The only Spanish Fortean site I can think of is Belmez and I don't know where in Spain it is. Any ideas?
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    Bible forbids use of bathroom

    From "The Simpsons; A complete guide to our favourite family" Episode 1F20, Secrets of a successful marriage. Lovejoy's Advice. Lovejoy: Get a divorce. Marge: But, isn't that a sin? Lovejoy: Marge, just about everything is a sin. (Holds up the Bible) Y'ever sat down and read this...
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    Brain 10 %?

    I keep hearing about 10% of a humans brain being used at any one time. Its a scam or distortion Yes ?
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    Hottest Chili in the World

    I've read recently that the hottest chili in the world is the Tazpur from India, True or False? 855,000 Scoville Units apparently
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    FT Covers

    FT Archive I saw a post recently where the enquiry was " Would a DVD or CD archive of FT ever become available?" Well: if anyone wants a JPEG of any page that I've got, or a cover or a Fortflash, just let me know and I'll scan it for you, as soon as I can. I've got FT almost complete (...
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    Bardin Booger Man

    I read a little about this north florida phenomenon many years ago but can't find anything about it even on the almighty internet. Can anyone point me in the direction of some info? (And anything Fortean worth seeing in florida as well please.)
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    Sweating blood

    When I was at school we were told that Christ on his journey to the Crucifixion, sweated blood and the image of his face was formed on a cloth which was used to wipe his face. It was explained to us that people under extreme stress may sweat blood. This notion has now come full circle and I...
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    I just shot a burglar!

    I just shot a burgler! I read a letter in the Mail a few days ago, as far as I can remember it went, " The other night I heard a noise in my back garden and looked out from the upstairs window and saw a man trying to break into my shed. I phoned the police and was told that no one was...
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    Buried Alive: Premature Burial (Fears; Incidents; Precautions)

    FT 146 had an article about premature buriel and mentioned that in the 1800s the Germans invented mortuaries where bodies were left on slabs, watched over by attendants who waited for any signs of reanimation until decomposition set in. This all to evade the dread prospect of being buried...
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    Unconvention 2002

    I know its a bit early to talk about this, but is there any support for the idea of meeting up at the Unconvention next year? While I'm at it , wouldn't this forum be a worthy subject for a speaker to talk about at the Uncon?
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    The Typhonian Trilogy

    Just to start this off, did anyone understand these books by Kenneth Grant. Nightside of Eden, Tunnels of Tempioth, Micheal Bertiaux etc. I tried really hard but just didn't get it. Did I miss something or was it a bit like the Crowley Thelemic 93 current when they turn round and say " It was...
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    Can anyone tell me of a reference to a species of albatross which remained unknown to science until about the 1970's or thereabouts? I am sure that there was a reference in Fortean Times but my old database committed suicide and I can't find it. Any help much appreciated