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    The Chicago 'Murder Castle'

    In the Summer of 1893, a hotel was opened to welcome visitors to the World's Columbian Exposition. It was, in reality, a mansion - the ground floor leased to various retail outlets while the second and third floors the hotel ... and a disposal factory for a serial killer! It became known as...
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    Revenge of the porker!

    How's that for nature getting revenge? I like wild boar meat, me, but I would take exception to a living boar having a go at me - those buggers can maim![/url]
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    Lucky egg butty?

    Gipsy predicts £4.4m lotto win Source: ... 23e80.html Beats the traditional blessing for buying a sprig of manky heather. That last sentence really does add a little frisson of spookiness!
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    None Of The Above?

    We may not trust The Powers That BE but, as a responsible adult voter and politically aware person, what gets done about it? I mean, we don't trust the two main political parties (Labour and Conservative) based on past experience, the minor parties - including Liberals - seem to have no chance...
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    Another "Silent Stranger"!

    From News 24 (as shown on the FT web site home page ... So - copy-cat or Piano Mans girlfriend?
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    Witchfest 2005

    Having received the flyer in my copy FT200, I'm intrigued. Are there any other FTMBers attending? What are we going to look forward to? What do we expect? I aint scared of 'witchy' things ... but being in Croydon at midnight and looking to get home gives me trepidation. What is worth me...
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    The Little Known Serial Killer

    Somewhere in my tattered memory I remember a case of a Victorian serial killer whose unlikely name was Doctor Jelly. He was a GP who managed to kill several women by poison ... if I remember right. Now, I can't find a trace of him. He's not Dr. Thomas Neill Cream - who many think I'm...
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    In the Metro Today!

    Published in the Metro free newspaper in London today: Okay, so a newspaper - on the day that Star Wars is in the media attention - takes the p!ss, but it's still worth consideration?
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    Info wanted - Forteana in the North Broads

    Having been, a while ago, on a cruiser holiday in the Norfolk Broads, me an' the mem'sahib are taking a cottage for the summer hols in the area. Peace, relaxation, drink ... you get the doo-dah. Are there any good Fortean spots worth looking up in the Wroxham/Horning area? Any Forteans in...
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    London Fortean Bookshop

    Can anyone recommend me a couple of bookshop, specialising in Forteana. Not too expensive, not too drenched in New Age/Paganism gizmos. Y'now - fairly easy-going books such as biographies of Harry Price, the phenomena of SHC etc. Preferably central London. Not asking for much am I?
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    Lovecraft, Synchronicity and News Clipping

    One of my great Christmas pressies was a HB 1967 Gollancz edition of Dagon and other macabre tales by that master of the thesaurus H.P. Lovecraft. Inside, it was "signed" by it's previous owner and dated 3rd July 1967 and has two items enclosed; a change of address card form one of their...
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    A Christmas Story

    Now, where are the photographs? :lol:
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    Motiveless Knife Rampage

    Why should this happen? My sympathies to the families of the victims, especially at this time of year! :cry:
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    Poisonous Furniture

    Well, this 'uns a new threat to life! Poison Sofa!
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    Paper Birds take flight! What a nice idea. Good for general publicity and quite unusual.
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    A memory confirmed!

    While at UnCon'04, I happened to comment to fellow FTMBers that I rather enjoyed Ken Campbell when he played Alf Garnetts neighbour in In Sickness and In Health. This matter-of-fact comment caused not-a-few blank looks and one or two light-hearted jockularities at my allegation. It's only...
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    Bristol Fashion!

    This weekend, me and the Vectian are going to Bristol (invitation to 40th birthday party, drinks etc.). Anyhooo, are there any local FTMBers from the area who can recommend a suitably haunted pub or central location to "pop into" while we are there? Due to time constraints, we won't be...
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    Interesting Picture?

    This picture was taken by me in 2001 on my digital camera. It was of the gatehouse of Carisbroke Castle on the Isle of Wight. Naturally enough, nothing was seen at the time but when I previewed the picture and downloaded it onto my laptop, a strange "column" or strip of light cut through the...
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    Preservation of the FT

    Are there, or have there ever been, binders for the FT for sale? If not, why not guys 'n' gals?
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    "Official" Sanction for Credibility in Paranormal Studies

    Considering the number of paranormal and occult research groups internationally, could there ever be an offical sanction given to them to indicate their validity, intentions etc.? I mean, even those connected to respected universities tend to be looked upon like Ghostbusters by the general...
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    Piranha In The Thames

    Is the Thames getting warmer due to global warming? In the news recently a boat was the target of a strange fish fall. Charles Fort - gone but never forgotten! It was a 10 cm piranha fish ... usually the vicious shoal predator of the Amazon. A warm river. A very warm river. The usual...
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    The East/West Ham "abductions"

    I've just recently purchased "The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper", edited by Maxim Jakubowski and Nathan Braund and it raised two questions in my mind. Firstly, are there many Ripper books where the Ripperologists don't tear rival theories into shreds before putting their own candidate...
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    The Unexplained (Books) - Still Viable?

    Having collected the complete set of The Unexplained part work, including binders and index, they still sit rather fetchingly on my bookshelf. Sometimes I still read through the articles and use it as reference for articles, programmes etc. Thing is, how much of it is still viable paranormal...
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    Haunted Co-op

    Did anyone else see a segment on GM:tv on thursday when the featured a Co-op in Penzance? The security camera recorded a hand pushing some beer cans off of a shelf. Impressive since they were in the chiller cabinet and there was no hole in the back for someone to push through. It was also...