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  1. Vardoger

    American Supposed False Flag Incidents

    Claims from gun supporters in USA says most of the mass shootings are false flags. They have only captured one shooter in El Paso, but there are a couple of videos on the internet where witnesses claims to have seen up to four shooters. ---------------------- El Paso Walmart shooting witnesses...
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    Cars Colliding: A Car Seemingly Appears Out Of Nowhere

    A car was driving in the other lane and ended up in a head-on collision. The other car seems to appear out of nowhere and are only visible after the crash.
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    The Lake Garda Monster

    In the Italian lake Garda, there has been sightings of a monster a la Nessie. Jeremy Wade got curious He did find something big in the lake. ---------------'s_Lake_Monster Italy's Lake Monster is the series premiere of Dark Waters. It aired on 21...
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    First World Problems

    I was inspired by Weird Al's song and music video to create this thread about those tough first world problems we face in our daily life.
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    Moving To A New Place

    The whole thing is frustrating. I understand now why I haven't moved in the last 14 years. It's fucking too much to pack, but I just have to finish the job before the movers come in the early morning of Saturday 13th. You don't know how much you have amassed through the years until you have to...
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    Eurovision: ESC 2019

    Norway has finally picked the contestant for the European finale 2019. A mix of dance and ethnic sami joik.
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    Where Are All The Wild Ghost Animals?

    You know all those animals experiencing the dread of getting eaten alive by bears and other predators. It must be very traumatic and should create hauntings in the forests. Never heard of anything like it. Since people report hauntings by pets and domesticated animals, it should be possible with...
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    Attempting To Legally Change One's Age

    So you are 69 years old, but feel like a 49 year old. Try change your age legally. ------------------------ Tinder user, 69, who identifies as a 49-year-old asks court to change his age Emile Ratelband says if transgender people are legally allowed to change sex, he should be allowed to give...
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    Now Cursed Plane & Car Make Sense 12.3K 410 9/16/2018 1:00 AM PDT Post Malone oughta know -- if ya dance with the devil, you're gonna get cursed, and this super creepy video explains why his life feels like "Final Destination"lately. Months before Post's private jet nearly crashed, his...
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    Bizarre Video Shows Boy's Reflection 'Moving Faster Than Him'

    Bizarre video shows little boy's reflection 'moving faster than him' Posted about 9 hours ago by Jack Webb in news This video seemingly showing a little boy's reflection in the mirror to be 'moving faster than he does' will have you question a few things. In an innocuous scene, the young boy...
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    The Onania Club: Schadenfraude Fetish

    Expect the worst from Tom Six, known for memorable films like The Human Centipede 1, 2 and 3. This one goes perhaps one step further in bad taste. People masturbating to videos of terrorist attacks. Teaser probably not safe for work.
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    Stuff That's In Really Bad Taste

    It's a parody on Fergie's LA Love, but still in really bad taste. There's no upper limit, just post it no matter what.
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    AVICII Murdered After Exposing Pedophiles In Music Video?

    The official death was suicide, but there are speculations out there he was murdered for exposing pedophiles. --------------------------------------- Was Avicii Murdered? Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Claims D.J. Was Killed For Threatening To Expose Pedophile Ring The singer's official cause of...
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    The Spookiest Thing This Halloween Is The Number of Americans Who Still Believe in Ghosts

    These so called scientific ghost hunter shows on TV got one thing in common: They haven't proved anything yet... ------------------------------------------------------- The Spookiest Thing This Halloween Is The Number of Americans Who Still Believe in Ghosts But actually. SCIENCE AF STAFF 29...
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    The Lake Tahoe Jellyfish-Like Monster

    Came across this article on Mysterious Universe. ------------- A Monster in Lake Tahoe? Nick Redfern December 6, 2017 Broadly speaking, reports of strange creatures that are said to secretly live among us – in the mountains, the forests and the waters of our world – fall into several...
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    California Fires: A Result Of Unknown Weapons?

    --------------- Santa Rosa & Northern CA Fires DEFY THE LAWS of PHYSICS (Where'd the houses go??) Published on Oct 10, 2017 for eyes that can see, there is something wrong here, the melting/ burning point of common household materials like glass (2600℉) and stainless steel (2800℉) are DOUBLE...
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    Goblin Filmed in Argentina?

    Watch: Goblin Filmed in Argentina? October 12, 2017 A bizarre piece of footage from Argentina allegedly shows a terrifying encounter between some schoolchildren and a goblin! The unsettling video was purportedly filmed by a group of teenage girls while they were walking near a field in the...
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    Alien Contacting Users in 4Plebs thread

    Want help with fuel so it can return to its home planet. 4Plebs probably connected to 4Chan, so it's might just be good trolling. Photo of the supposed home planet: Edit: This is supposed to be a photo of Earth, which the "alien" calls planet 0422.
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    Solar Eclipse

    Can be watched live here:
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    Mysterious Small Bipedal Creature Found in Azerbaijan?

    Could be a hoax... A monkey? ---------------- Mysterious Small Bipedal Creature Found in Azerbaijan Paul SeaburnJuly 28, 2017 “In the Caucasus caught a creature similar to a brownie … Unusual video excited the network. It depicts a strange creature, densely overgrown hair, something that does...
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    World’s First Haunted Object 3D Scanning Project is Confusing Ghosts, Producing Paranormally-Active

    World’s First Haunted Object 3D Scanning Project is Confusing Ghosts, Producing Paranormally-Active Prints By Martin Nelson on 06/17/2017 The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult, the world’s only mobile museum of haunted artifacts, has launched the first-ever initiative to 3D scan and...
  22. Vardoger

    Planes Filmed Standing Still In The Air

    Quantum time shift and Mandela effect seems to get the blame. Unfortunately it's often impossible to see what's real and what's CGI (computer generated imagery) these days. Edit: video removed due to copyright claims. The clip from the user who made the copyright claim: Another airplane...
  23. Vardoger

    Alien Contactee Delivers Messages As ET Channeler

    Alien Contactee Delivers Messages as ET Channeler 0 Comments April 5, 2017 Paul Seaburn They believe that the earth is dying and that we have to go somewhere. A former nurse now claims her life is dedicated to serving grey aliens – a “peaceful alien species” – by channeling their messages...
  24. Vardoger

    Mysterious Lost Sumatran Pygmy Tribe May Have Been Found

    Mysterious Lost Sumatran Pygmy Tribe May Have Been Found March 29, 2017 Paul Seaburn A video purportedly take by trail bikers riding in a forest on the island of Sumatra appears to show a diminutive nearly-naked man running at an extremely fast pace before disappearing into tall grass. The...
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    The living stones of Romania?

    Trovantii – the strangest ‘living stones’ in Romania Posted by: Ramona Ciortescu in TRAVEL April 5, 2015Comments Offon Trovantii – the strangest ‘living stones’ in Romania Trovantii are sandstone formations with a texture more solid than the layer they grow in. They tend to grow spontaneous...
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2017

    Just to start the thread I will post the famous Norwegian NIL POINT song "Mil Etter Mil" by Jahn Teigen from 1978. "Mil Etter Mil" can loosely be translated into "10 km after 10 km". I'm not sure if there's an English word for "mil". It was and still is a bloody great song. Never understood why...
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    Strange figure seen on baby monitor camera in Billings home

    I think this news item belongs here due to the strange image of the intruder. ------- Intruder seen on baby monitor camera in Billings home Posted: Mar 02, 2017 12:04 AM RSTUpdated: Mar 02, 2017 5:21 AM RST BILLINGS, Mont. - The Billings Police Department is making the public aware of an...
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    Ex-congregants of Word of Faith Fellowship reveal years of ungodly abuse

    Ex-congregants of Word of Faith Fellowship reveal years of ungodly abuse By Mitch Weiss, The Associated Press SPINDALE, N.C. — From all over the world, they flocked to this tiny town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, lured by promises of inner peace and eternal life. What many...
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    "Real" alien photo published on 4Chan

    The photo was allegedly taken near Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. The photo was removed from the 4Chan website after a minute. A very bad copy has supposedly been saved. Some 4Chan posters said it looked like a photo Jonathan Reed took of an alien encounter. Has not been able to find the...
  30. Vardoger

    Kuso - by Flying Lotus

    Some obnoxiously scary disgusting shit. Perhaps it's good shit. A review: Kuso is the grossest movie ever made 4 Grotesquely explicit descriptions ahead by Chris [email protected] Jan 25, 2017, 9:30am EST There are a number of reasons I’m hesitant to recommend Kuso, the first film from artist...
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    "Samsquatch" filmed in Yellowstone

    Unfortunately it was the Yellowstone webcam which was filmed with a camera phone. Lousy quality. Supposedly filmed during Christmas 2016.
  32. Vardoger

    New paranormal tech: The Trisaksri Ghost Repellent Machine

    Ghost Repellent: New Device Allegedly Blasts Unwanted Paranormal Entities Out of Your Home By Greg Newkirk on 12/12/[email protected] There’s no shortage of fascinating ghost hunting technology on the market today. Whether you’re looking to see invisible spirits, hear their voices, or even...
  33. Vardoger

    The Monroe House in Hartford City, Indiana

    It's so haunted the neighbours can see the entrance lights turn on and off and curtains being drawn. A lot of paranormal groups have been allowed to check out the house, since it's hard to sell or rent it out. ----------- Haunting of Monroe House: Occult Rituals and Human Remains Hidden Inside...
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    Might be, but the person in the center of the accusations, James Alefantis, seems to be a creepy dude. Jimmycomet is his instagram name. ---- “Pizzagate”: How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite November 15, 2016 641 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Posters over at...
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    Mothman photographed in Point Pleasant?

    Photo removed in case of copyright issues. Visit article link. ---------------------- Man photographs creature that resembles legendary ''Mothman" of Point Pleasant By Fallon Pierson Tuesday, November 22nd 2016 share now! POINT PLEASANT, WV (WCHS/WVAH) — Hunters in Mason County may need to be...
  36. Vardoger

    Yeti filmed in the Ural Mountains?

    WATCH: YETI found? Bizarre footage shows 'abominable snowman' dashing across mountain RUSSIAN tourists claim a yeti dashed across a snowy road in front of a car in the Ural Mountains. By Will Stuart PUBLISHED: 15:54, Mon, Nov 21, 2016 | UPDATED: 16:14, Mon, Nov 21, 2016 The travellers were...
  37. Vardoger

    The list of dead cryptozoologists

    is getting large. I visit Loren Coleman's Cryptozoonews site once in a while and everytime there's a list of new deaths among cryptozoologists. It might be coincidences, age and disease. Most of them seems to be in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Perhaps the community is larger than I thought. I am not...
  38. Vardoger

    'Emergency' need for exorcists - surge in people dabbling in satanism

    'Emergency' need for exorcists after surge in people dabbling in Satanism and black magic A scene from the 1973 film The Exorcist. Experts on both sides of the Atlantic claim there is an urgent need for Catholic priests to be trained as exorcists. Credit: Everett/REX/Shutterstock Nick...
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    Big Man Japan

    Couldn't fin any info on this movie via the search function, so I thought I should mention it. Made in the spirit of Godzilla, but with a big man instead, and some added humor. Here's the full movie.
  40. Vardoger

    Bigfoot Jerking Off; Man Afraid Of Getting Cornholed

    Sorry, no images, just someone telling his story. o_O
  41. Vardoger

    Bad Self

    The new viral conspiracy going on. Something is supposed to happen today, Sept. 14th. ---------- Mysterious “Beast Bill” Showing Up All Over The World Mysterious bills displaying numerous esoteric symbols are showing up all over the world. The bills have reportedly been found in all fifty...
  42. Vardoger

    Taylor Swift - the reincarnated leader of the Church of Satan?

    Taylor Swift accused of being reincarnated leader of the Church of Satan in bizarre online theory Some people might argue that only the darkest of magic could guarantee stratospheric success seen by the likes of Taylor Swift. But now a genuinely bonkers theory has emerged suggesting The Swift...
  43. Vardoger

    The Circular Pond With The Circular Rotating Island

    Mystery surrounds Argentina's rotating island Posted on Wednesday, 31 August, 2016 | A satellite image of the lake and its mysterious island. Image Credit: Google Earth A peculiar circular island nicknamed 'The Eye' has managed to draw a lot of attention in recent weeks. Situated in the delta...
  44. Vardoger

    Nooscope: The Strange Device Of Putin's New Man Anton Vaino

    Yeah sure. A device which can tap into the global consciousness: ..................... Nooscope mystery: The strange device of Putin's new man Anton Vaino Russian President Vladimir Putin's new chief of staff Anton Vaino has reached the top shrouded in mystery. He does not appear to have...
  45. Vardoger

    The Greasy Strangler

    New "cult" movie to enter the Sundance Film Festival. It's obviously made to be a cult movie or reach cult status. Probably inspired by early Peter Jackson movies and Troma movies. This is a VERY NSFW video.
  46. Vardoger

    The Shark Movies Thread

    A large amount of shark movies has been released through the years. Here's the latest one, Sky Sharks.
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    The Scandinavian - UK viking connection

    The influence the viking raids had on UK is most apparent in the English language. Here are a few similar words listed. You may need to change your keyboard language to Norway to view the Norwegian letters Øø Ææ and Åå. I've tried to use words that probably existed a thousand years ago...
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    "Alien or sutin" filmed on the streets of Diyarbakir, Turkey

    Sorry if you don't get the Never Mind The Buzzcocks rerefence.
  49. Vardoger

    A black list of UFO hoaxers on Youtube

    You can find the list HERE. A nice reference to have before we post videos from Youtube.
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    Poltergeist Activity Filmed at a Neighbour's House

    Found this one on Youtube. Involves a couple filming a windows of the neighbour house across the street where lights are blinking, occasionally in blueish colour. Once in a while they think they can see some kind of movement inside the window.