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    Looking For CD-Rom From 2011

    Thanks. I'll have a look over the weekend
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    Looking For CD-Rom From 2011

    Hi. Looking to buy or hire the cd for this year. Spent a holiday by the pool last year with my 4 year old son, making up stories based on the pictures in an issue from this year. Moved house and my back issues didn't make it. He still talks about the stories, so am looking to replace. Thanks
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    FT Digital Archive

    Hi. I'm after a copy of issue 276 for my son. any ideas where I can get hold of a cd rom?
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    Do you remember Unconvention 1998 /1997?

    Hi. There was a speaker at an unconvention 10 or 12 years ago. He was speaking about the pyramid at Giza, and how he thought it may have been a musical instrument / make sounds? It was to do with there being weights on ropes, inside walls / cavities, which may have been played like the...