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  1. Tigerhawk

    How Did You Discover Fortean Times Magazine?

    I first heard of FT in 1995 when my sister and now brother in law went shopping for my birthday present. I'd asked for a "weird" book (being an odd teenager, I like that sort of thing), and my brother in law had found The World's Most Incredible Stories - The Best Of Fortean Times. It wasn't...
  2. Tigerhawk


    Why does Cromer seem to a hotbed of sin, depravity and general weirdness? And why does in never seem to involve me?!
  3. Tigerhawk

    How Are You Spending Valentines Day?

    I shall be spending the day with the one I love - Godzilla movies and chocolate!
  4. Tigerhawk

    2019 Predictions

    Teresa May will announce the UK will be staying in the EU, with exactly the same terms and conditions the UK had before the referendum. Resignation en masse from every MP, regardless of political persuasion. Nazi Loot Train found. In Cardiff. Charles dies, Queen abdicates and Price George...
  5. Tigerhawk

    Valentine's Day Movies

    Which movies would you watch on Valentines Day? I'd happily watch The Giant Claw, The Beast Of Yucca Flats, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians, Robot Monster or any other suitable themed movie...
  6. Tigerhawk

    Happy 2018!

    Wishing all lurkers of FTMB a happy new year! May it be filled with...
  7. Tigerhawk

    Predictions For 2018

    Nazi Loot Train Found - in New Zealand! More celebrities accused of wandering hands (sadly) Donald Trump impeached after doing/saying/tweeting something stupid. Famous actor/musician/writer dies. Charles continues not inheriting the throne. Female Doctor makes time travel show even more...
  8. Tigerhawk

    TV/Movie Remakes We'd Like To See

    The Claw (giant invisible to radar bird attacks planes and stuff. Metropolis (still done in black and white and in silence!) Manos - Hands Of Fate.
  9. Tigerhawk

    What Are You Binge Viewing?

    I have just started watching Supergirl - I am binge viewing my way through the DC superhero dvds (The Flash, The Arrow, Gotham, etc) and enjoying how they don't always take themselves too seriously, with an occasional wink at the audience...
  10. Tigerhawk

    Ed Wood Movies

    I've searched other threads for this, but found nothing that matched the question I want to ask - Which Ed Wood movie is the worst, why, is it so bad it's worth watching or just too bad to watch?
  11. Tigerhawk

    Invent A New Word!

    Invent, or subtly redefine and existing word to give it new meaning. Doppleclanger - When you catch sight of a person out of the corner of your eye, think they are someone you know, then when you look at them properly, look nothing like the person you thought they were.
  12. Tigerhawk

    Australian Election and the Sausage Sandwich

    As my fellow Fortean Australians are aware, today is Election Day. Most polling stations are at schools, and there is often a sausage sizzle/sandwich booth also at schools to act at unofficial fund-raising events. The nearest poll booth is at the school 200 metres from my house, and probably...