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  1. stu neville

    Pay Attention. All Of You.

    OK. We’ve tried. For my part, I’ve been direct: ..and I’ve tried to be constructive.. I’m not suggesting that people didn’t make helpful comments. What I am saying is that there are those that clearly didn’t get the point. There is still snarky arsiness and posts through which you can hear...
  2. stu neville

    Tagging Threads

    As we now have the capacity, I have enabled the tagging function. This has a number of useful functions, but mostly it assists searches and means that titles don't have to be overly complicated (ie to give a precis of everything the thread might contain.) You add tags in the box below the...
  3. stu neville

    Exclusive! U.S. President: The Moon Is Part Of Mars

    Those who follow the Wotsit-In-Chief's Twitter feed may already be aware of this. Either it's the cutting-edge scientific scoop of the century, or he's off his meds again. "...Mars(of which the Moon is a part)..." I know this is fringing on the political, but it's my call in the end, and it's...
  4. stu neville

    Local TV Weirdness

    Kind of like the Max Headroom Pirate broadcast, this happened about an hour ago here in the West of England. BBC Breakfast handed over to the regional bulletin as per at around 6.55, but instead of the local anchor we got her voice, but something else entirely in vision (which does, oddly, fit...
  5. stu neville

    Fake FT Instagram Account

    Though we're no longer affiliated, I think it's important we share this message from Dr David Sutton:
  6. stu neville

    The Highgate Vampire Etc.

    Given the recent death of David Farrant, coupled with renewed interest in the Highgate saga and the personalities involved (not to mention this community now being beyond the influence of a publisher's custard-spined legals), we have decided it's high time we reopened the relevant threads. I...
  7. stu neville

    Throwing Cheese At Babies

    I really, really have no words. If it's real. Link here.
  8. stu neville

    Staff Change

    I am very pleased to announce that Frideswide has joined the mod team as.. erm... a mod. She's been a fixture for many years here, knows what we're about, and given her specialist knowledge is the ideal person to sort out the mire that is Earth Mysteries. I'm sure you'll all join me in...
  9. stu neville

    A New Dawn

    Thank you for your patience! As you can see we're back. As Yith has already said, we are aware of various glitches and works in progress but we're working on them. I'm also pleased to welcome Gordon Rutter to the admin team. Please play nice, and be patient with us all - we'll get there...
  10. stu neville

    Update Thread

    This thread will be used solely to update everyone on what is happening, when it's happening and what you need to do. It's closed to replies so only EnolaGaia, Yithian, Dr Sutton and myself can post to it. When we've stuff to tell you, we'll tell you.
  11. stu neville

    Cold Storage

    You may notice a couple of the forums are a tad thinner than they were. What we have done is taken all Chat threads that have been dormant for over a year and moved them to our Arctic storage facility. Ditto all Announcements announcing lectures about Wyverns at 3.00 on April 14th 2007 and the...
  12. stu neville

    Political Correctness Rides Again

    This is the continuation thread dealing with the peculiar topic of Political Correctness (the original thread, Political Correctness Gone Mad, can be found here[/COLOR]']here[COLOR=#000000].) With the new thread comes the reminder that this thread is to highlight excesses of sensitivity, absurd...
  13. stu neville

    Fortean-themed Groups On Facebook

    Casting around for some opinion, actually. As part of a wider thing I'm concocting, I've been delving into the myriad Fort-interest groups on Facebook. Some - such as the main Fortean Times Appreciation group quite closely mirror the general ethos of the mag (and by extension this place), with...
  14. stu neville

    Dramatised FT thread conversation, with Jimmy James

    I'd forgotten about this until it turned up on the radio the other day. Not only is it a cleverly written and performed sketch, it's also a neat encapsulation of a large number of discussions we've had on here. The whole thing's good, but gets very Fortish around the 3:30 mark. Enjoy :).
  15. stu neville

    Politics On The FTMB

    Please leave politics at the door. We have had lots of issues with politically-related spats, arguments, etc, and that's not what this forum is about. Any purely political discussion / argument / flame war will be swiftly shut down. Attempts at resurrection will incur warnings, and possibly...
  16. stu neville

    Mainstream News

    As you can see, this forum is now re-opened. I will shortly move the RIP thread back into it. This forum is strictly for the discussion of items in the news that have no Fortean angle. However, we have decided that owing to their potentially inflammatory nature, and the sheer disproportionate...
  17. stu neville


    As many of you know, we lost half of our smileys owing to Photobucket's sudden policy of shutting down free 3rd party hosting. A solution, however has been found by Mythopoeika. All I need people to do is to upload any smilies they'd like to see on the board as an attachment to a post on this...
  18. stu neville

    Important Information Re: Politics & Mainstream News Forums

    We introduced Mainstream News over ten years ago following complaints that non-fortean news items were dominating Chat. The same thing has gradually happened with Politics to the point that we now have a separate forum for that. Between these two forums, we have to deal with more spats and...
  19. stu neville

    Bloody Politics

    Following another politically-inspired spite-fest overnight, and given the proliferation of such discussions in the past couple of years, I have decided to segregate all the political threads with absolutely no Fortean angle into their own dedicated forum, called Politics. I will start shifting...
  20. stu neville

    Website Issues: Read This First

    Specifically, any problems you have being locked out, or changing passwords, usernames etc please DON'T use the "contact us" link. Instead, if you can access your account PM me or one of the mods, or if you're stuck outside and unable to access your account email me directly on...
  21. stu neville

    FT 353

    Got it yesterday. Looking very good, especially Mr Josiffe's Gef article. Have some time to myself later so will have a proper read.
  22. stu neville

    The Troll's Head

    The dust covers are all off, the jukebox rejigged to accept bitcoin, the pool table re-napped and the pumps and optics all ready for action. The staff are these days robotic and will automatically respond, in order, to all of your requirements, but I will from time to time be behind the bar...
  23. stu neville

    FIFA , Blatter and their entirely legitimate business

    So finally, someone's doing something about FIFA. Is it a case of waiting for ducks to be be in a row? Auntie Beeb on what the Swiss are up to.
  24. stu neville


    We no longer have to fiddle about with back ground colours - go into the "plus" sign above the reply box, and there's the spoiler control. Just click it, add a title if you like, and then type between the spoiler code brackets... Good eh? Please use when discussing TV series, movies etc that...
  25. stu neville

    Welcome Back

    Thanks everyone for your patience. It's all a bit different, there are still some issues and bugs, we're working on them. It may vanish from time to time, but mostly it's stable (and 100x better than it was). Logging in - most will be asked to reset passwords. No problem so long as you can...
  26. stu neville

    Very important - please read ASAP

    I promised I would tell you as soon as I heard anything, and today we have finally been told what's going on WRT the main FT Site and the FTMB. As he is unable to tell you himself, I will quote directly from Dr Dave's email to me, this morning: What of the FTMB? Also from Dave: So there we...
  27. stu neville

    What's Going On

    I have spoken with Dr Sutton. Right. Dennis interactive are in the process of replacing the FT site with a simplified version. The Message Board will be retained, apparently, but is shifting hosts in the process (yes, I know) which is quite probably what's causing all of the problems. How...
  28. stu neville

    Continuing problems with cookies and log-ins

    A brief update - I have contacted David Sutton, as the unacceptable situation regarding the inability of members to log in and post hasn't improved. Again, I can only apologise on behalf of the FT, and thank you to all who have contacted me directly. As soon as I have any info I will post an update.
  29. stu neville

    New moderators needed

    Yeah, doing it differently this time :). We need two new mods, welcoming applications from anywhere. Geographical remoteness could be advantageous. No reward whatsoever apart from kudos and occasional abuse, full training given and your first two disastrous operations upon threads completely...
  30. stu neville

    Database Maintenance: Board Unavailable

    Just today, 19th Sep, the board may become periodically unavailable for a few mins at a time. It's down to me running various checks on it and checking and re-synching data, such as post-counts (see the Reorg thread for a splendid example of why this is necessary ;).) All should be ok by...
  31. stu neville

    The Daily Telegraph

    We did say this would happen eventually: FT Towers has received a request from the Telegraph. It says that if anything more than abstracts and links to its articles are posted on the site we're going to need a licence - and the good Doctor suspects that the DT may be the first of many to start...
  32. stu neville

    Pete Younger / Ronson8

    I have just received the sad news that Pete Younger, latterly known on here as Ronson8, passed away last Wednesday. He had been battling lung cancer for 18 months. I liked Pete. Even when telling him off - which I had to do on occasion - the conversation was always cordial, and the rest of...
  33. stu neville

    Cutting & Pasting Articles: Accepted Protocol

    I have investigated the copyright situation. It's not clear-cut (of course), but the general gist is that if certain publishers were so-minded they could probably rip us a new one, given the sheer amount of their material that's been lifted wholesale, albeit usually accredited. And, to be frank...
  34. stu neville

    Change directors

    Following from the Gilliam thread, this is a game I've played with friends. Basically, take a film, good, bad, failure whatever and nominate who you'd rather have had direct it. So, as I've said before - Shyamalan's The Village - remade by Terry Gilliam. A Series of Unfortunate Events -...
  35. stu neville

    Life of Rock with Brian Pern, BBC4

    Anyone else see this? Marvellous pastiche of the sort of musical history docs that BBC4 regularly churns out. Presented by Brian Pern, po-faced former lead singer of Thotch, inventor of world music, and first user of plasticene in rock videos (Simon Day as Not-Peter-Gabriel in any way at all, no...
  36. stu neville

    Time Lords vs Jedi - smackdown in Norfolk

    I can't believe no-one's posted this yet! Now, I like Star Wars. And then again, I like Dr Who. But which is better? There's only one way to find out..
  37. stu neville

    1000-Year-Old Coins Found In Australia May Rewrite History

    Well, I think given its potential significance, it's worth keeping as a thread in its own right for the time being, especially as McIntosh will be mounting his expedition in a matter of weeks.
  38. stu neville

    Childhood abuse and neglect - personal testimonies

    This new thread has been extracted from the Savile and Yewtree threads, and deals with personal testimony from posters, as it is apparent there does need to be some sort of outlet on thread that can be given the attention it deserves without the sensationalist news stories swamping them. As...
  39. stu neville

    Internet Rumours and Mainstream News

    Given the current climate, can I please remind all posters that posting rumours sourced from the 'net, the Thompson/Venables pictures being a current and apt example, could place the site, and the mag itself in serious jeopardy. As a rule of thumb, if something is being discussed in the...
  40. stu neville

    Long range weather predictions ...

    We've got lots of weather threads, but none that focus on the kind of long-range ones that predict the hottest / coldest / wettest / driest summer / winter for 50 years etc every bloody year. Now, given that in the last year or three we've had some pretty extreme conditions, I thought it'd be an...
  41. stu neville

    Would we benefit from a dedicated Fortean Traveller section?

    What it says on the tin. We do have a fair few threads that deal with localities, cities, countries even rather than individual locations with specific cases, and of course the mag does have a Fortean Traveller section, so could we do with a Traveller forum next to Fortean Culture...
  42. stu neville

    Chat Tweaks

    I've made some minor changes to chat. You'll notice a few threads have gone - not deleted, just moved to more appropriate forums (eg now N&Q is back questions like the "What if a vampire bit a werewolf" one can be asked there. As they are of Fortean interest. Yes they are.) Anyway, I've also...
  43. stu neville

    Conspiracy - War on Terror Forum

    Forum now open. There's still a lot of stuff to be shifted about, so again, bear with us.
  44. stu neville

    Reorganisation (2012 Activities)

    Over the next few months, we're going to be moving lots of stuff about. Nothing will be removed entirely (excepting long-dead adverts or announcements), but a lot of threads will end up in other forums or merged with established threads within those forums. Also, some threads from Fortean News...
  45. stu neville

    Cryptozoology forum reorganisation

    Work has now started. What I'm doing is conglomerating threads, sweeping up smaller, few-post ones into larger categories. For example, we now have larger abc, nessie, yeti, orang-pendek, yowie, skunk ape etc threads. These will be stickied while I merge disparate bits into them - this will take...
  46. stu neville

    Notes & Queries

    For those of you with long memories, it's back. This forum is for.. well, notes and queries of a Fortean nature. So, if you have a nagging question, or a partial memory of weirdness and are unsure which forum to even start with, this is the place to ask. Remember, this is all about the...
  47. stu neville

    Should Urban Legends and Folklore have their own forums?

    Following discussion on the Board improvements or suggestions thread, the idea that Urban Legends and Folklore should each have its own forum was mooted. I can see the merit in both seperate forums and keeping it all together, so am putting it to the vote. The poll will run for two weeks.
  48. stu neville


    As of today, I'm taking the place previously occupied by Jen as board admin. I'll still moderate as much as ever, but any concerns or issues which previously would have been directed to Jen should now come to me. Other than that, business as usual :). Stu
  49. stu neville

    Silver object over Bath April 12th 2012

    I've posted this on the sonic boom thread as well, but I think it deserves a mention hereabouts. From here As I said in the other thread, I heard the boom faintly - I was outside and assumed it was thunder. However my son was on higher ground and heard it much more clearly, and he and...
  50. stu neville

    Petty names for nations - affectionate or racist?

    This has been hived off the Disunited Kingdom thread, following a number of complaints about its content. It is a delicate subject, and whilst good-humoured in the main and discussed in an adult manner, it could nonetheless easily lurch into very offensive territory. For this reason, I'm...