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    Britain cooling because of global warming?

    Think I'll open a thermal underwear shop!, ... 79,00.html From the Times Britain faces big chill as ocean current slows Jonathan Leake, Science Editor CLIMATE change researchers have detected the first signs of a slowdown in the Gulf Stream —...
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    Board time

    Not a major problem but an interesting glitch. When I call up the message board without logging on, the clock is an hour slow but as soon as I log on it shows the correct time. It is not only the time at the top of the Index page which changes but, obviously, the timings on all the posts...
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    Double Hand Transplant, ... 55,00.html I just find this amazing. Five years on, rocket victim finally comes to terms with his new arms From Adam Sage in Paris A FRENCH house painter who became the first person to receive a double arm transplant has spoken for the...
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    Closed thread

    Can we have the Art thread back now please?
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    Petition to take God out of schools in America

    I got this petition this morning in a mail from an american friend. I'm not suggesting anyone sign up. I'm just posting it a) to know whether any other American board members can vouch for its veracity and b) to get other board member's response as to whether it is a good idea and should be...
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    Birdman glides across the Channel

    An extreme sports fanatic has become the first man to cross the English Channel by unpowered flight. Felix Baumgartner jumped from a plane about 30,000ft above Dover and glided 22 miles across the Channel in a 10-minute flight wearing a specially-adapted suit with a wing-like carbon fibre fin...
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    New News Forum

    Despite the New News Forum in Chat saying there are 32 threads, the only one that shows up is the 'Iraq- aftermath' thread? Glitch? - or are you trying to bore me to death <g>
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    Human Bones - why were they stolen?

    Anyone any ideas why this would happen? Fertiliser? Fertility rites? Jewellery? Madagascar human bones trial ends By Richard Hamilton BBC, Antananarivo People across Madagascar are reacting with horror to the news of a...
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    Journey to the centre of the earth

    From the Times (London),,173-680825,00.html May 15, 2003 Diamond-studded journey to centre of the Earth By Mark Henderson A $10bn diamond probe driven by a reverse volcano could reveal the secrets of planets heart. It would be like plunging a...
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    Moving Mountains (Location of the Biblical Mount Sinai)

    SCIENTIST PUTS MOUNT SINAI IN SAUDI Monday 14 April 2003 08:43am A British scientist is making two claims about Jewish history this that could surely spark furious discussion. Colin Humphreys of Cambridge University has concluded science backs traditional beliefs that the Israelites'...
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    Long threads - a problem?

    War against Iraq thread Is there a chance that this thread could be split into two i.e. Parts I and II. Part I could be locked to save confusion. At the moment it takes so long to load that I'm almost having to give up reading it! Please remember that not all of us have state of the art...
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    Osama's phone number - anyone?

    Apparently he's move to colder climes! In Norway, it's okay to have a phony phone listing like Donald Duck or Osama bin Laden, but if a widow wants to use her late husband's name, it's against the rules...
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    Tube station ghost

    'WHISTLING GHOST' MAY HAUNT TUBE STATION A London Tube station is being listed as a favourite "horror holiday" haunt alongside world-famous terror spots Salem and Sleepy Hollow. Aldgate Underground station is on a spook list compiled by online travel company in time for...
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    For any Scottish UFO spotters

    Any FT board members taking part in this? UFO fans look to the skies UFO enthusiasts have gathered in Scotland to share their experiences and look skyward. Members of Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI) were due to stage a...
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    Land mine production

    I know the production of landmines has been discussed somewhere on some thread but I just can't remember where. Why, oh why does anyone want to make these things? (and yes, I know the answer is money)
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    Strange Oz Goo (Nullarbor Cave Slimes) Link is dead, and linked content is not archived anywhere I can find. - EnolaGaia, August 2018