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    Fly the flag....

    Umm, I think he needs to research his history a little better. Not that I like the union flag anyway.
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    Doctor Who 2 (Avast! There Be Spoilers!)

    that episode of Who was abysmal, poor acting, bad science, stupid plot holes and contrivances, and a massive lack of logic when it came to the control systems for the ship. If it wasnt Who, it would have been dropped by now.
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    Muslim Day at Alton Towers!

    Not to say your wrong (and i have checked the figures myself), but a work colleague just got married at the Florida one, and im pretty sure he wouldnt have spent that much. Actually, just checked the site, they start at about $8K.
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    Doctor Who 2 (Avast! There Be Spoilers!)

    then she shouldnt have been cast as a recognizable character that plays an important role then dies. Thats poor casting IMO and kinda sucks.
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    I, Threadkiller

    Dont worry Throw old chap, im not sure I can make it. Oh hold on, you said wiser, not shorter! My mistake.
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    Sainthood - an act of spiritual murder?

    I well misunderstand your theory, but given what I know of the old, and new testament, you seem to be grafting on a concept of the soul being reborn into a new body as part of a learning cycle. It is my understanding that this is not part of either Jewish or Christian belief, and so, to me at...
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    They're here and they have no taste!

    leopard print and that painting :shock: Looks like a load of Pollacks to me.
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    London Bombings: Conspiracies

    I think its Cindy Morgan
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    Spielberg's War Of The Worlds

    Im very confused - and 3 movies! [Emp edit: Shortening second link (it redirects to that link I'm usnure if it was supposed to be pointing at anything specific)]
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    General Website Queries: 2005 - 2017

    Go TMS. Dances in a style reminiscent of a Jerry Springer Audience member.
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    New Forum, New Server

    Im still loitering as well - but not with intent before anyone asks :wink:
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    Dream Catchers

    I know she works, if she doesnt I want to know where she is between 5 and 9.30 at night and where the money comes from.
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    I can kind of see something, looks like a shadow
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    Pope Benedict XVI

    My parents were friends of Cardinal Humes, and he seemed ok
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    Pope Benedict XVI

    I think it maybe irelavant (sp). It was a long time ago, we dont know why he was in it and maybe he is truelly a holy man. I dont know.
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    Blood Eagle

    I think that Blood Angels were/are one of the space marine corps in Warhammer 40K
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    School bans girl with hair braids

    hear hear Mr. Snowman. My thoughts exactly.
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    Worst Album Covers

    Is that Tony Blair bottom left (or maybe my eye sight has finally given up!)
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    What is your favorite X-Files episode?

    One of my favourites is the area 51 episode where mulder swaps bodies with JT walsh's (rip) character. The way he interacts with the family is superb, as are Walshs advances Scully. The constant references to Mulders love of porn are funny, linking in to Final repose, where he is told that he...
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    Luther Blissett & Wu Ming Mysteries

    He even has an urban type myth about him ... 21,00.html Or am I missing the point?????
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    Any ideas?

    The cookers in an odd place! The white mark looks like it is a mark either on the picture or the negative to me.
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    The Real Da Vinci Code

    Pavlos, I was on that web chat - very odd wasnt it? I posted a couple of questions with no luck
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    The Real Da Vinci Code

    Homo Aves sorry???????? Its been a long day, and im now on the wine :D
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    The Da Vinci Code

    Phewww, im not totally mad.
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    The Real Da Vinci Code

    I fins it quite amusing the way people read so much into a painting. Im not saying there isnt a code, but from what I have read/seen about Leonardo da Vinci then he is as likley to have put it in there as a hoax as much as anything. Also was he supposed to have believed that John the Baptist...
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    The Da Vinci Code

    I watched that - it spent a lot of time not telling us anything really. To much ground to cover for a tv show. They should have spent more time on the paintings, and the clues within. I may be wrong, but first book, that the Da Vinci code is drawn from, dont they come to the conclusion that...
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    Searching For Books That No Longer Exist

    GNC Does this help Well, there is a book called Fog Magic by Julia L Sauer which nearly fits your description except the main character is a girl not a boy. She has a special kind of affinity with the fog and discovers that when it comes down on certain days she can walk to the next town...
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    Searching For Books That No Longer Exist

    It seems to like me, so I have started a thread on your book - hope you dont mind GNC. Its not how I found the first one - that was just a normal google search, using Keywords from Mr. R.I.N.G.S description.
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    Go, Ellen, go!

    I was trying ask if her boat was a significantly more advanced design, or does is have a different sail set up etc? Also, is the time of year similar?
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    Go, Ellen, go!

    How much difference is her boat against the frenchmans boat makine? Does that make sense?
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    Weird Names

    There is a referee in my local fooy league whos name is A.Wain
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    Searching For Books That No Longer Exist

    I tell if you want me to Mr R.I.N.G, though you maybe dissapointed! Ill need a bit more info than that Jerry! :wink:
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    Searching For Books That No Longer Exist ... =209824363 Is this the one - the descriptions sounds right I think Abebooks appears to have quite a few copies
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    Searching For Books That No Longer Exist ... 20Adve.htm This link maybe of help...... hopefully it will put you on the right track
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    Sophia Stewart: Real Creator of the Matrix?

    I think the point is not one of sourcing ideas from previous works, more of blatant lifting from a source material and then not acknowledging it. From a quick read of her case though, the scenes that she is claiming were cut werent that important to the plot anyway.
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    New Forum, New Server

    The xxx are very annoying. I seem to having problems seeing smilies as well, they are showing as text descriptions
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    Classroom Craziness

    In Bretton - they might not be, its one of the parts that was built mostly for the London overflow people, cheap houses and lots of them etc. Its where I work actually. So, im kind of glad that we werent under attack. (ive just realised that that post was 2 years ago!)
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    Sex Offenders Register

    There is, for me the question where you stop as well. Do I have the right to know if I live near a house burgler, should shop be given a list of shop lifters so they can ban them? All less serious crimes I know, but thin end of the wedge and all that.
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    The Other Side. What is it like?

    Finehair, I have to disagree with your assertion that the Catholic church was responsibel for the loss of the shamanistic areas of western culture. IMO the process happend much earlier, the romans practised a system of taking over the local gods and giving them attributes of their own religions...
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    Mediums - what are they talking about?

    I thought that it was interesting that his son & manager (who doesnt look young enough) doesnt believe in what he does.
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    Mediums - what are they talking about?

    Is Gordon SMith the scottish barber? He does it for free doesnt he - which if he does must lend some credence to his abilities. I only saw the first episode, but he did seem very good - especially compared to the Irish woman - who, judging by both the one to one and the event at the theatre...
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    storm troopers arent clone troopers as far as I know.
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    Ive had a visitor

    its not the thought of seeing my GM thats scares we, more the idea of seeing her when im not expecting to see her. Once I got over the shock I suspect I would be ok. And Diabolik, thanks for that. The thought that she could be in my bedroom.... I can just see her disapproving :o I guess...
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    Ive had a visitor

    I just spoke to my sister on the phone last night, and below is a summary of what she told me. A couple of months ago my M&D gave my little neice, who is 4ish a photo album containing pics of all her aunts, uncles grand parents etc. The other night she was looking through it, and when she...
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    They read our mail

    Then we just sellotape everything - then let them try!
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    Moon Landing: Hoaxed?

    The photos still look wrong to me. But that doesnt mean we didnt go, just that they might not be legit.
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    The haunting of Joanna Lumley

    Nope, with you on that one, not sure how she was ever a sex symbol personally, especially as a replacement for Diana Rigg
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    Do reptilians work in YOUR Post Office?

    I dont know about reptilians, but I had 3 deliveries at home yesterday - whats that all about!
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    TV Shows that SHOULD be Axed!

    Apart from MOTD live