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  1. filcee

    On the origins of the Protestant faith

    I was vaguely brought up in the C of E / Protestant religion and, while it held any interest, always assumed that to be C of E was to be Protestant and to be Protestant was to be C of E. However, watching Adam Hart-Davies on his 'What the ****s did for us', he went into the Tudor reign...
  2. filcee

    Dutch keep getting higher...

    Original Yahoo storyhere
  3. filcee

    Sunni and Shi'a - Comparisons

    I've been watching the news regarding the Middle East recently, particularly that concerning Iraq (Please mods, don't merge this just yet...), and would like to know more about the schism in the Moslem faith that gave rise to the two different flavours - Sunni and Shi'a (and wether there are any...
  4. filcee

    'Crocodile' In Cannock

    (Mods, feel free to move this to Crypto...can't spell the rest) Cannock, Staffordshire, seems to have had a spate of sightings of a 'crocodile' in a local lake. Local paper, Express and Star The BBC give it a mention (scroll to bottom) Ananova and Yahoo / anorak generally...