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    Things Falling From The Sky Over Brum!

    Do you want Martians? 'cause this is how you get Martians!
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    Witnessing Death

    He had all sorts of stomach problems and pains relating to obesity, so it may have been aggravated. As his next of kin never got in touch with me, even to notify me about his funeral, I don't have any more details.
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    When You Send Off For Something Dodgy And The Police Turn Up Instead

    A friend of mine's brother once drew unwelcome attention from the police due to ordering firework components from various sites that were on an anti - terrorist watchlist. Apparently the bomb squad turned up at his door.
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    Witnessing Death

    Witnessing death is a very strange experience indeed. A close friend of mine died in front of me, suddenly, about 13 years ago. He had severe abdominal pains out of the blue, I called an ambulance, and he was dead by the time they got there. It turned out his appendix had ruptured. He was 35...
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    Werewolf Sightings North Yorkshire

    Apparently it's been spotted again, this time in Halsham. Report in today's Metro.
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    Flannan Islands: Mysterious Disappearance

    It's part of the basis for the classic Doctor Who story, Horror of Fang Rock.
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    Places That Attract Crime

    Perhaps it just has an atypically malevolent genus loci?
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    The Ghost of Old Mother Riley?

    The only place I'd heard of Old Mother Riley was in the Kinks' "Village Green Preservation Society", which coincidentally also namechecks Dracula (implicitly referred to upthread) and Sherlock Holmes, who, coincidentally, was namechecked in the last thread I read on this forum today, which was...
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    Most Haunted Places In Your Home Town

    I've been to both places quite a few times, and they're both pretty atmospheric, agreed. I remember my dog at the time wouldn't go within the trees at Chanctonbury. Absolutely refused, and he wasn't a dog that sppoked easily. There's also the disappearing man that my parents saw there, which...
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    Minor Strangeness

    All this talk of Bovril reminds me of the linr from Spaced: "Mine's a pint of the black stuff" "You can't drink a pint of Bovril!"
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    Dreaming Of The Dead

    This is an odd one for me. I have quite a lot of dreams about dead family members and pets, but AFAICR my reactions to them differ depending on who the dream is about. If the dream is about any of my grandparents, I tend to feel quite chilled, quite happy, almost serene; I'm aware that they're...
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    Most Haunted Places In Your Home Town

    I get the impression that the most interesting paranormal sites in Worthing are not within the town itself but various areas just outside it, i.e. Chanctonbury Ring and Clapham Woods. My own recent possible experience on the bus looks to be the only ghost sighting in the town in a while, which...
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    Minor Strangeness

    Q. What do Rod Hull and Emu have in common? A. Neither of them can fly. Bearing in mind he was trying to fix his Tv aerial at the time, there's also: Q. What's got four legs and goes "tssssch..."? A. Rod Hull's TV.
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    Minor Strangeness

    Screw-in (and how very forward of you to ask...)
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    Minor Strangeness

    The lightbulb in the room where I'm sitting just fell out of the socket, with absolutely no provocation, and the socket doesn't apear to be giving in to wear and tear. Very odd.
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    Being told to 'turn back' in some woods...

    I'm surprised no-one's suggested "devil-worshippers". Or perhaps it's just in this part of the country that that would be the first thought?
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    Odd experience on a bus in Worthing

    Yup. If anyone didn't think I was a nutter before, they probably do now.
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    Odd experience on a bus in Worthing

    This has made the local paper now. They must be bored....
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    People You Thought Were Dead

    I saw today that the producers of The X-Files revival want to bring back the character of Cigarette-Smoking Man, and I was surprised because I was absolutely convinced actor Willam B Davis was dead. Turns out he isn't.
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    Faceless Ghosts

    There's a couple of others, probably inspired by by the success of Fires in the Fall - one of them involved a (Viking?) burial ground and people being attacked by birds (I think), and I'm pretty sure there was another one too.
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    Odd experience on a bus in Worthing

    Certainly in Worthing it's very good camouflage...
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    Odd experience on a bus in Worthing

    Nope, it just had the one door:
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    Odd experience on a bus in Worthing

    Nope, she was sat about a third of the way back, and the entry area to the bus wasn't wide enough for two people to pass each other without having to really squeeze.
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    Odd experience on a bus in Worthing

    I almost feel embarrassed by posting this, as I may have just experienced some wort of sensory anomaly, but here goes: This afternoon, I got on the bus in Worthing town centre to go over to Lancing and see my mum (as is my wont these days). Before boarding, I stepped aside to let a bloke with a...
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    Disappearing Hikers

    On my mum's advice, I would have loved to pick my dad's brain to see what else he remembered about the Chanctonbury Ring sighting. Sadly, though, he died at the weekend, so this will have to remain as another unanswered question.
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    Fortean Maps: Have Such Things Ever Been Attempted?

    That sort of thing, but not so specific; something that shows *any* sort of reported Forteana in any given area. (and I've just realised, I put this in the wrong subforum - could a kindly moderator move it to General Forteana?)
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    Fortean Maps: Have Such Things Ever Been Attempted?

    I've seen discussions on here relating to Fortean phenomena in specific areas, and it got to me wondering: Has anyone ever compiled a Fortean map of any particular part of the world? I appreciate it would be a long task, and I'm not even sure what groundwork would be neccessary, but it occurs to...
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    What Were YOUR Erroneous Childhood Beliefs?

    The overflow vent at the back of the bathroom basin had "Twyfords" written above it, so naturally I thought that was the technical term for it. It wasn't until I was, like, 8 or 9 that I found out "Twyfords" was just the name of the manafacturer of the basin :oops: .
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    Disappearing Hikers

    It's not much to tell, really. To the best of my knowledge, this would have been sometime before I was born, so I'm guessing early-to-mid '70s'. My parents were sat having lunch on the south side of the hill below the main wood ands they saw a guy, apparently another hiker, walking towards...
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    Disappearing Hikers

    My parents claimed to have had a similar experience once on Chanctonbury Ring, a lcal site with all sorts of minor weirdness associated with it, which I think i've mentioned on here before.
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    Odd Dreams Of Relatives Who've Passed Over

    The only times I've ever dreamt about deceased relatives, it's always a very peaceful, happy experience - I have a little chat with them where they tell me not to worry about them, and that's that. On the other hand, my parents lost a much-loved family dog last year after eleven very happy...
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    House Numbers (Oddities; Mysteries; Etc.)

    We're obviously at ccross-purposes here. I meant that the house number, which you can see screwed onto the wall to the left of the door in the photo, is different from the number which is now screwed to left of the door. I'd post an image, but obviously I respect my friends' privacy.
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    House Numbers (Oddities; Mysteries; Etc.)

    What, meaning that they've changed the numbers in the photos? Kind of odd in itself...
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    House Numbers (Oddities; Mysteries; Etc.)

    You might consider this a minor thing, but I'm confused enough by it to merit thinking of it as Fortean: The other day, my mum needed to know some friends' postcode in order to send them a congratulations card for their new baby, so I looked their place up on Google maps. I double-checked the...
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    Chanctonbury Ring / Clapham Woods

    Just seen on Facebook that a dog disappeared there this afternoon. Hope it's just a coincidence.
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    What are your favourite IHTM stories?

    A favourite of mine is Wrapped in Black. Still sends a shiver down my spine.
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    My mum'z weird 666 experience

    Isn't that also how they did the dialogue in the "Red Lodge" scenes in Twin Peaks?
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    Info wanted - Forteana in the North Broads

    I've heard South Walsham is supppsed to have quite a spooky atmosphere to it.
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    Dungeons & Dragons: The 80's Cartoon

    I think you'll find D&D has been the property of Wizards of the Coast for quite a few years now, actually :wink:
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    Frightened By A Record

    There's a track by Philip Glass (sorry, can't remember the album) which suddenly, in the middle of a fairly mellow orchestral piece, has a horrendous demonic roar. Always used to s*** me up whenever I heard it, even when I knew it was coming. Also, "Fire" by the Crazy World of Arthur Brown...
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    Chanctonbury Ring / Clapham Woods

    Sorry to disappoint you, James, but this is the same Charles Walker. He seems to have appointed himself chief paranoid...sorry paranormal investigator for the area. His website can be found here
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    Day Of The Animals

    First the idiot with the show tigers, and now this...natural justice, anyone?
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    Suicide by Caffeine

    On the subject of caffeine overdoses: I once drank six cans of Red Bull in about an hour; I'd had a heavy night the night before, had to help run a stall at a fete in the blistering heat during the afternoon, AND was working collecting glasses in the pub in the evening...and I was a trembling...
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    Fairy tales: Evil? Yay or Nonny No?

    I'm surprised nobody in this thread has mentioned Angela Carter's "Company of Wolves" yet. Now, there's a good examination of subtexts in fairy stories. Or Pratchett's "Hogfather", come to that...
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    Ventriloquists' Dummies

    IIRC (raises eyebrow)? You seem remarkably well-informed about story details for somebody whoclaims to be unsure as to the veracity of their memories;). Are you sure you're not an in-the-closet Doctor Who fan?
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    Origin or Derivation of the Word 'Hobbit'?

    IIRC, the Book "Tolkein: Author of the Century" by Tom Shippey (sp?) goes into the etymology of tolkein's names quite a bit, and this is mentioned somewhere. Now if I can find the bastard who borrowed my copy...
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    Nuclear Bunker In Sussex Downs ? (I Kid You Not)

    An example of how paranoid people can get down here in the provinces, found in the letters page of the Lancing Herald, cover dated July 31, 2003: "I know you would not normally publish letters sent to you anonymously, but I have long held suspicions that a new Regional Seat of...
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    Chanctonbury Ring / Clapham Woods

    More Chanctonbury Ring-related oddness here: It might be nothing, the guy might be paranoid, or just making it up, but a little odd, all the same...
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    The Scottish Play...

    Been there. Of all the school drama productions I was in it was the only one where nothing major went wrong.
  50. The_Discordian

    Harry Potter

    But wouldn't a real discordian choose not to act like a discordian?;)