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    POLL: LEAST Favourite Fortean Subject?

    What bores you? What sections of the FTMB, if any, do you skip over?
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    POLL: Favourite Fortean Subject?

    Just wondering what interested/fascinated people the most... Edit: bugger, the "Other--discuss" option doesn't show up... Re-edit: OK, I originally had "urban legends" and "folklore" as separate choices but I've merged them to make room for "other". Re-re-edit: bugger, "earth science"...
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    The Harlan Ellison appreciation thread

    Have at it!
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    Bara Hack: Village of Voices I thought we had a "creepy Connecticut" thread on here but guess not. Has anyone else heard of this? Any eastern US FTMBers who've been there? I also came across this: Source
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    The Web failed to catch ET?

    Source Food for thought, or perhaps it could be its own the internet has shaped Forteana?
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    Too many pages

    Whenever I try to see the newest post in this thread, or go directly to the last page, it tells me no posts exist for this topic. :confused:
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    Where you at?

    The old one seems to have disappeared, so let's try again.... Edited to add: sorry, I did have "Elsewhere (do tell!)" as an option but it's disappeared.....
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    Bovine United

    No, not a football team ;) but something I came across on Snopes: Any Maryland-area FTMBers who've heard of this? Any idea what's going on? EDIT: forgot the Snopes link:
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    Roundabout way of sending in the Air Force

    Came across this recently: I don't have a date for the wondering if this actually happened? It's very Strangelovian.
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    Creepy Canada

    *waves to all the newbies from Canuckistan* Emps has been collecting various geographical threads (Odd Ohio etc.) so I thought I'd start one for this place...Thought about separating it by province or region but for now we can put the bits and bobs here. Some FTMB threads which may be of...
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    Body Oddities: Multiple Sets Of Genitalia

    There have been cases of men being born with two penises...saw that on a site not too long ago. I'm sure someone can Google it up: it was a site dedicated to sideshows, and apparently there was a man with multiple penises married to a woman with more than one place to put it! I believe she was...
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    Vibrations: What's *that* all about?!

    I've often come across the word "vibrations" in esoteric or pseudo-esoteric literature, but I've never quite gotten my head around what it's supposed to mean. An example : The Vibrations of Anger (spelling errors are in the original) I would love to hear a coherent explanation of the...
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    Psychic Pooches Prognosticate The Presidency

    Original article
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    Well, what about it? :D Has anyone ever had their palm read? Can anyone read palms? How does it work? How can lines on the hand reveal the future? Just to kick things off, there's an online palm reader to play with. Here are my results: All sounds bang on to me except the Head line...
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    Did ghostly soldiers pay re-enactors a courtesy call?

    Did ghostly soldiers pay re-enactors a courtesy call? By Terry Shulman/Special Writer [email protected] Ghosts will be ghosts: they're fickle, elusive and painfully shy, especially when it comes to actually showing themselves and, in doing so, getting us to admit that they really do...
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    Songbirds beat out Bing and Barbara

    Songbirds beat out Bing and Barbra Songbirds beat out Bing and Barbra Wednesday July 07, 2004 (Kingston, ON) – Even Mozart’s abilities pale in comparison to the average canary when it comes to perfect pitch, new Queen’s psychology research suggests. But that may not necessarily be a bad...
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    Wookey Witch Becomes Bone Of Contention

    Original story here
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    The Vanishing Campbells

    This is possibly Fortean in itself--I remembered this story from my home town and Googled for it, and lo! There's a story in today's local paper. The history of a mystery: disappearance of the Campbells By Doug Mackey People ask me where I get my ideas for the articles I write. There...