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  1. dannycheveaux1

    Narrow mindedness

    Watching an episode of Jane Goldman Investigates (I realise it is quite a few years old now) that I hadn't seen before, I was reminded of how narrow minded scientists can be. It was the Aliens episode and over all it was pretty balanced. Jane visits Prof Ian Morrison at Jodrell Bank for a...
  2. dannycheveaux1

    Hardback UFO & Paranormal Books- just pay post & pac

    Can I interest anyone in the following - all in good condition? One or two CLASSICS in there.... Above Top Secret Timothy Good Alien Liaison Timothy Good The UFO Report 1990 Timothy Good The UFO Report 1991 Timothy Good Living Wonders John Michell & Robert Rickard Photographs of...
  3. dannycheveaux1

    Burl Ives Is Watchin' Ya!

    Burl Ives' ghost or simulacra? Probably simulacra I suppose, but anyway.... During Rich Hall's documentary on BBC4 "The Dirty South", smack bang in the middle of clips of the film "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" famously with Burl Ives as Big Daddy, Burl himself is seen looking over Rich's shoulder as...
  4. dannycheveaux1

    ufo and paranormal paperbacks plus loads of FT mags

    I have a fairly good collection of 70s - 80s - 90s UFO related paperbacks plus back issues of FT magazine Cheap to anyone who wants them - probably charity shop if they don't go Once I go through them I can post a list if anyone's interested Cheers Dan
  5. dannycheveaux1

    Can anyone identify this light formation?

    A couple of months ago I was out walking the mutt one night, about 11.30pm. We live in Northwich and are used to seeing planes going to and from Manchester Airport, so I assume this WAS a plane - but the unusual light configuration caught my eye. There were 5 white lights in a straight line...
  6. dannycheveaux1

    edinburgh tours

    Hi all Me and my wife are going to Edinburgh for a few days and we're looking to book a suitably scary tour. At the moment, Mercat's Ghosthunter Trail is favourite having a mixture of no kids allowed, fun, scary and don't use stooges Anyone else got any ideas, or other things to do? We so...
  7. dannycheveaux1

    FT 105

    which issue was this? Hi Does anyone know which past issue of FT featured the Thunderbird photograph mystery, by any chance? It's the only issue I'm missing going back years and am eager to get hold of a copy. Thanks alot Dan
  8. dannycheveaux1

    Valerie Singleton: Did She See A Fairy?

    I remember hearing something years ago about Valerie Singleton out of Blue Peter once saw a fairy (and not the one on the Fairy Liquid bottles she used to make model nuclear reactors out of). Does anyone know.. Is this true? What did she see? Where did see see it? Has she experienced...
  9. dannycheveaux1

    ghost walks

    Don't know if anyones asked this before, but.. IWe have been meaning to go on an organised Ghost Walk for the past few years and never got round to it. We hope to do one in Chester when they start again for the season. I know some of them may have people n fancy dress jumping out from...
  10. dannycheveaux1


    I used to work with a girl who lived in Rock Ferry in Wirral. She had a mid terraced 3 bedroom house. She had her own (tabby)cat, but would occasionally catch a glimpse of another, black, cat that would run out of the room as she was entering. Her own cat would not react to anything odd...
  11. dannycheveaux1

    little fellas

    When I was at my previous place of employment, a large company in Wirral, a senior member of staff's extremely level headed secretary told me this story. She was travelling to work one pretty foggy morning in 1969, down the country roads towards Bromborough. As it was foggy she was taking...