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  1. filcee

    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    There was (unless I'm also having weird aircrash related dreams) an incident with an (Australian?) naval helicopter crash landing on a ship quite recently. Could this be it?
  2. filcee

    Glyndwr statue's monsoon setback

    Calling on my (very rusty) knowledge of the Welsh language, it would be pronounced something like 'glen-door'. Where's Oll_Lewis when you need him...?
  3. filcee

    "Political Correctness Gone Mad"

    Re: Smoking in pubs Again I stand to be corrected on this, but the original ban on smoking in public places fell down when the licensees association pointed out that pubs are not public places. The ban has now been re-written to ban smoking in the workplace. Most licensees would be able to...
  4. filcee

    "Political Correctness Gone Mad"

    I may be wrong, but I think a landlord even has the right to refuse entry to an on-duty police officer, unless the officer has either a search warrant, or reasonable grounds to suspect a criminal offence is or has taken place on the property, or a suspected criminal is being harboured within the...
  5. filcee

    "Political Correctness Gone Mad"

    If the rules in Oz are similar to those in Britain, he would already have the right to refuse entry to anybody.
  6. filcee

    ID Cards

    It's a paraphrase of a quote from 'Garth Marenghi's Darkplace', by the actor who's providing the voice on the Tyrannosaurus Alan advert...
  7. filcee

    English Language Education

    One of my nephews and his friends (10 years old) have started to use 'elmo'. It can be used to indicate that something is funny, or used sarcastically to say the speaker is not amused. When asked for an explanation, he pointed me in the direction of chat rooms and the abbreviation LMAO.
  8. filcee

    Strange family backgrounds

    Rynner, I'm guessing (please correct me if I'm wrong AMPHIARAUS): AMPHIARAUS is married, and his wifes brother (A's brother in law) has married A's mother. The child of his wifes brother (already A's nephew by marriage), from a relationship prior to that with A's mother, has therefore become...
  9. filcee

    Unusual Attacks

    Sorry, Peni, there's nothing in that initial quote that says his advances were improper and the first mention of insults refers to comments made by one of the defendants, so I don't think 'He started it' is a legitimate defence at all. Depending on the nature of the comments that were made by...
  10. filcee

    Registration / forum username issues [PLEASE READ FIRST]

    I can't believe I'm the only person who has no problems logging into the MB. My normal route is to open the FT home page (, then click the 'LOGIN' link. It asks for my user name and I'm away. If I want to post a reply or message it'll then ask for my password. None...
  11. filcee

    The strange, strange death of Jeremiah Duggan (neo nazis)

    Re: The strange, strange death of Jeremiah Duggan (neo nazis Left or Right, it makes no odds, a bast'd's a bast'd...(& he doesn't seem to like us Brits, does he?)
  12. filcee

    Growing Old—Death Approaches!

    You know, I can go off people, Mr. Younger... :sceptic:
  13. filcee

    "Political Correctness Gone Mad"

    I don't think that's one you could blame specifically on Maggies Mob, the education system was being pretty much screwed over before they made an appearance. Granted, she did nothing to help it, but neither has anybody since... :( *Edited 'cos my education started before Maggie got in, & I...
  14. filcee

    Growing Old—Death Approaches!

    TKU? Also, my eldest nephew turns 25 this week. He has two lads of his own, and still calls me 'Uncle Phil'. That makes me feel old...
  15. filcee

    Nominative Determinism

    Not quite work connected, but I knew a Bowyer whose other half was called Fletcher.
  16. filcee

    Is this litigation gone mad?

    Roof fall dancer tenant sues Thought I'd resurrect this thread for this little gem... At this rate, I may have to re-write the tenancy agreement for my tenant (if I ever get one): Para. 1. No activities of any kind are to be carried out by the tenant, or any guests thereof, without...
  17. filcee

    Big Money

    Barclays make record profits, his division is very succesful, therefore he gets paid a sh1tload of money, what more justification do you need?
  18. filcee

    Nobel discovery 'bloody obvious'

    These two are now my new heroes! I had years of stomach pain caused by ulcers which were blamed on everything from coffee to a high fibre diet(!?). I was finally tested for H. Pylori 12 months ago, rattled for a week or so with all the pills, but have since felt great.
  19. filcee

    Scared Of The Dentist? You Will Be!

    The last time I went to a dentist I was told I would need several fillings, and at least two teeth removed, due to decay and infection. If I didn't have the work done it would get worse and I'd probably lose most of my teeth very shortly. When I asked if they could do the work there & then, they...
  20. filcee

    That petrol emotion

    I don't know if they still do, but Shell used to supply petrol to Asda and Sainsbury's, Tesco was supplied by Esso...
  21. filcee

    Condemned prison wing reopened...

    WTF are they doing sending people down owing so little? Barlinnie's near Glasgow isn't it? I bet they have grafitti on the walls all over the city, and kebab wrappers on the streets on a Sunday morning? So, how much does it cost the local council to clean that lot up on a regular basis? If 10%...
  22. filcee

    The 'Obesity Epidemic': Contagious?

    Not liking the taste, and being too bone idle to find a healthy alternative is [b]not[/] an intolerance. :x Having seen her on breakfast TV this morning the help should be cookery lessons, and how to say no to her kids once in a while.
  23. filcee

    Marmalade and Jam...

    How soon before the EU retrospectively charge him with making foodstuffs outside of health & hygeine restrictions?
  24. filcee

    Booze News

    I wonder if Duval-Leroy were one of the producers that insisted champagne could only be produced in the Champagne region? If they are, this could also go on the Irony thread... :wink:
  25. filcee

    AGH! Advertising on the MB

    I'd be using FF if I could get the bloody thing to work on this heap of junk, keeps telling me it can't reach the server...
  26. filcee

    Day Of The Animals

    Wild eagles attack paraglider source
  27. filcee

    Strange Crimes

    Doctor gives stripper a hand -- literally source
  28. filcee

    The World's Dumbest Criminals

    Burglar caught red-handed in air conditioner source
  29. filcee

    Condemned prison wing reopened...

    Is it unreasonable to suggest that before a convicted prisoner is released or transferred to a different cell, that they clean the cell they have been in? Wouldn't it would make life for themselves and the other inmates that little bit more comfortable? As to the fly-tipping, I've been that...
  30. filcee

    Crazy person alert

    I'm sorry, but I couldn't help hearing that in my head in a kind of Pam Ayres style accent :oops:
  31. filcee

    Here is your bank statement....

    A company my Beloved used to work for set up a comments line for one of their clients. BT gave them an 0845 number and away they went. The number must have been either formerly used as a credit card line, or very similar, as the following day they had upwards of 30 calls, all along the same...
  32. filcee

    Boxing is Back!

    I never thought of that - I actually know a Maxine from Liverpool, who boxes and supports the Reds... :shock:
  33. filcee

    Cover her face? Taking or banning the Veil

    I may be confused, and it actually was the KKK he was linked to, but I was pretty sure it was the NF / BNP - something about him being banned from entering the country before it could go any further?
  34. filcee

    Condemned prison wing reopened...

    ...but once they're in there they can do what they like, and contribute towards making the place uninhabitable? Prisoners put the toothpaste on the walls, prisoners can clean it off. If the pipework for the toilets is knackered, get the prisoners to repair - teach them how to if necessary, you...
  35. filcee

    Condemned prison wing reopened...

    My first thought is 'Who put the toothpaste on the walls in the first place?'. If 150 prisoners are going in there, that's a workforce of 150 to clean the place up.
  36. filcee

    C*nt originally a term of endearment?

    My lil' sis has a mouth like a cess pit, but hates the use of the word twat. A friend from Glasgow used it as a term of endearment for her young son, much to the consternation of the posh birds on the Wirral...
  37. filcee

    Cover her face? Taking or banning the Veil

    Didn't the National Front and Louis Farrakhans Nation of Islam have a working relationship some time ago? They were both working towards the same ends - no racial integration, etc...
  38. filcee

    New curriculum will 'make every lesson politically correct'

    I've been to a rehearsal with a monumental hangover when 200 samba-reggae drummers have started playing. Fortunately, we're all highly talented :wink:
  39. filcee

    Smoking Ban

    You don't have a TV, therefore you miss the continuous advert for BBC programming which is the morning 'news' on BBC1. A half hour loop consisting of 20 mins BBC advertising, one headline and 5 minutes of pointless shleb news... :roll:
  40. filcee

    New curriculum will 'make every lesson politically correct'

    Come the Revolution, I'll beat you to death with my bass sticks 8) Edit: Tidying up quote...
  41. filcee

    How did Bob Marley die?

    Any blow which causes bruising or damage to bones can trigger a reaction in the cells which can lead to cancer (I think).
  42. filcee

    Big Bother

    We're only told by the press that reason for the spitting was because the man was black. The colour of his skin could have been totally irrelevant, he may have been the local drug dealer, car thief or even Man Utd fan.
  43. filcee

    Big Bother

    "OK, Jade, there's quite a lot of strong feeling about at the moment. There are some people who really aren't happy with what you said, and how you said it. We think they may be a threat to your safety. So we've organised this safe house for you..." "Yes, I know it's underground..." "No...
  44. filcee

    C*nt originally a term of endearment?

    They may be called F.A.R.T., but they're sh1t-slow.
  45. filcee

    Tigger molests girl at Disneyland

    Sorry Stormy, only just picked up on this... I'd gone to Gullivers World with the intention of working on the rides, but my pony tail was considered unsuitable for public viewing, hence the Nelly gig. They were succesfully sued for sexual discrimination a year or so later.
  46. filcee

    Big Bother

    No, I'm pretty sure some of 'em are Scottish, bloody sweaty socks... :wink:
  47. filcee

    Big Bother

    If that's the case, I'm pretty sure I've got Bengali and Jewish ancestry, does that mean I can lay into anybody I like and it won't be racism? :?
  48. filcee

    Big Bother

    First, a disclaimer: I haven't seen Big Brother at all, I've only seen clips on the news. There was one statement of utter stupidity from some zelebrity which I found disurbing. It was spoken whilst several of the inmates were bitching about Jade Goody* in the garden. "She can't be racist...
  49. filcee

    Predictions They'd Rather Forget No.1

    Chile, although officialy neutral during the war, provided intelligence support to the UK, and considered a border offensive against Argentina to draw troops away from the Falklands. BBC News item - June '05 In 1978, 150+ years of tension over three islands in the Beagle Channel nearly...
  50. filcee

    Giant Crabs

    The Tasmanian Giant crab has a shell / carapace up to approximately 18 inches across, with pincers / legs each going a further 18 inches or so. That could well be the beastie Floyd had a grip on... There's a nice pic here that show the size...