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    Weird War Tales

    Monster encounters during wartime.
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    The 'Thing' In The Charterhouse

    Monster? Ghost? Some crawling, aggressive thing that can slip under doors.
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    The Melting Man (Joao Prestes Filho; 1946; Brazil)

    A strange tale from Brazil in 1947. Never heard of this one before. Any thoughts?
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    Mince Pie Martians

    Cryptonaut Podcast The Mince Pie Martians
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    Evil Science & Magic Buddies Interview

    Evil Science and Magic Buddies interview me over many drinks
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    LAPIS Conference 2019

    LAPIS Conference 2019 at Lytham St Anns
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    The Nazi Cows Of Brexit

    Prehistoric, giant, Nazi, Brexit cows. Beat that...
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    Cryptozoology research papers

    Cryptozoological research papers on line.
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    Did M.R. James Ever Meet A Ghost?

    Did the legendary master of terror M.R James ever meet a ghost himself?
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    Boom Explosion in lab containing smallpox, anthrax...
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    New Book On Forteana By Arawak Indian Chief New book by Arawak clan chief Damon Corrie looking at Fortean phenomena. Damon Corrie is starting a series of books on strange phenomena in South America. He is a tribal chief of the Eagle Clan Arawak people.
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    Fortean Tourism

    My friend Damon Corrie is a hereditary chief of the Eagle Clan Arawak Tribe in Guyana , South America. Back in 2007 he was our guide when the Centre for Fortean Zoology went in search of the giant anaconda. I can't praise his skills highly enough. If you are looking for a fortean holiday Damon...
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    The First People Of New Zealand

    Ancient redheads and blonds in New Zealand and the efforts to cover them up.
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    Haunted Thailand Stumbled on thos list of supposedly haunted places in Thailand. Very interesting.
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    Animals & Men

    The latest online issue of the CFZ's journal Animals & Men. 2. Contents 3. Faculty 4. Editorial 8. A Legal Matter 9. In Memoriam 12. Newsfile: New and Rediscovered 27. Newsfile: Blue Dogs 29. Newsfile: Chupacabras 31...
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    Don't Stick Ice Lollies Up Your Fanny

    Experts warn against sticking ice lollies up your fanny in heat wave.
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    Company Offering Course On Cryptozoology

    A white yeti in their material is not a confidence booster. Shows a lack of research and the modules seem only to tackle aquatic cryptids. Nothing can replace field work...
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    Adventures In Cryptozoology

    First volume if my two volume work on cryptozoology. The publishers chose the title not me! Out now in America and next month in the UK. First 3000 purchases get a free 60 foot anaconda in the post...
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    Ghosts & Urban Legends Of Hull

    Interesting article that touches on schoolyard lore and how stories behind ghost sightings get started.
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    Dracula's Balls Uncovered

    Vlad Tepesh's stone balls found in Bulgeria.
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    Campanology Leads To Punch Up

    Fight breaks out at campanology competition at small Devon village Key Section: "This man, in his late 60s, came in complaining about a bell-ringer's car being parked across his drive. He started demanding to know whose car it was and when it transpired it was one of the team-members who was...
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    Searching For The Japanese Wolf

    Investigating the 'dwarf' wolf of Japan.
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    Flathead Lake Monster Tracking 129 years of tracking the Flathead Lake Monster.
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    High Strangeness

    What do we make of these cases that seem so weird that they don't fit comfortably into any category?
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    The master otter or dobhar-chú, featuring the CFZ's very own Ronan Coghlan.
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    Fortean Episodes In TV Shows

    Steptoe and Son Seance in a Wet Rag and Bone yard (1974). Fake medium tries to scam Albert. Harold is having none of it. For my money the best sictcom ever.
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    Issie Of Japan

    One of several Japanese lake monsters. Possibly huge eels.
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    Swedish Lake Monster Documentary

    My friend Lars Thomas thinks some of these sightings may refer to swimming moose.
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    Doctor Who Unoffical Annual 1972

    Faux, fan written Doctor Who annual from 1972 with Jon Pertwee. Story in it by yours truly.
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    Icelandic lake monster
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    The Trinity River Monster

    Trinity River Monster 1979
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    Richard's Reviews

    Richard's Reviews Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle Warner Brothers 2018 Director Andy Serkis Something that has always angered me, is that in the mind of the general public 'The Jungle Book' will, forever, be thought of as a silly cartoon with singing animals. Rudyard Kipling's two books, The...
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    Last Of The Sumer Wine Babylonian sitcom
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    Central American Man-Beasts (Honduras)

    Ape man in Honduras 1898
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    Haunted House For Sale Haunted ruin in Devon for sale if you have half a million quid.
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    Ancient Reconstructions Of Monsters Reconstructions of monsters from fossil bones.
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    Shuswap Lake Monster Obscure serpent from Shuswap Lake
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    Sea Serpent Reports 1888-1889 Sea Monster reports that have escaped the net.
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    Wildmen In The Andes Yeti like creatures in the mountains of South America.
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    Fortean Convention In Newport I will be talking on the cryptids most likely to exist.
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    The Tomb Of Father Christmas

    Saint Nick's tomb unearthed?
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    Interview With Frank Graves

    Interview with Frank Graves, friend of Ivan T Sanderson. Covers his trip to the Headless Valley in Canada and hunt for thunderbirds. Footage from the Canada expedition.
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    Pram-Pushing, Machete-Wielding Tramp Ghost What it says on the tin. Pram pushing, machete ghost tramp. Any other ghost tramps out there?
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    Phantom Sex Dwarf

    A hudded dwarf (shades of Phantasm) ghost, kiddie fiddler in Camberwell. Nasty.
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    The Phantom Hedge-Cutter

    He keeps his work privet.
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    Lough Fadda Monster

    Rare film of Georgina Carberry and Una Moran talking of their sighting. Carberry was haunted by the even for years after.
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    Talk On Hominids In Tajikistan Talk on Hominids in Tajikistan at the London Fortean Society (surviving Caspian tigers too!).
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    A Menagerie Of Mysterious Beasts

    Ken talks about his book on strange beasts. Ken Gerhard: A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts
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    Crypto Novels

    A few cryptid related horror novels that are worth a look. YETI / SASQUATCH Brother Esau Esau (different one)...
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    Weird War Tales

    Strange encounters from wartime.