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  1. Swifty

    Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

    I'm wondering about the source of the origin of this phrase. I've always understood it to mean to not panic about relatively small problems't_cry_over_spilled_milk I had a waitress who doesn't speak English very well spill a large jug of milk by accident so...
  2. Swifty

    Halloween 2019

    What's everyone's plans ? .. what new films do you recommend ? .. not one of those contemporary folk horror films please ..
  3. Swifty

    Amateur Paranormal Investigators: Role; Motive; Ability; Value

    (This discussion has been spun off from the Loch Ness Monster thread, where it originated in response to the 2019 "Storm Loch Ness" campaign.) No offence but you don't 'do' dreamers do you .. to be fair though, that's a healthy thing for dreamers to pay attention and listen to you to stop, to...
  4. Swifty

    Bad News Makes Swifty Punch His Keyboard

    (This discussion spun off from the Good Posting Practices thread) I'm not proud of it but I lost it and punched the shit out of my keyboard today and threw it across the room. I'd be lying if I said that didn't accomplish anything, it helped a lot in fact because I was trying to talk to my...
  5. Swifty


    You know when you're walking down the high street and you spot a full on Masonic initiation kit in the window of a shop in Cromer? .. I had to buy it .. £27.50 !? .. I've just bought a genuine vintage Free Masons initiation kit, white calf/lamb leather apron, blue fabric surround with logo and...
  6. Swifty

    Origin Of The Label "Hip Hop"

    I met a young lad a few years ago that was working for the Mrs, he was into 'street dancing', I'm an ex break dancer and body popper etc blah blah so he gave me a demonstration and explained to me that it was more a 20's era Lindy Hop thing that was coming back into fashion that he was doing. I...
  7. Swifty

    Organoid Mini Brain Grown In Lab

    Scientists at Cambridge have grown an organoid .. 'Scientists have grown a miniature brain in a dish with a spinal cord and muscles attached, an advance that promises to accelerate the study of conditions such as motor neurone disease. The lentil-sized grey blob of human brain cells were seen...
  8. Swifty

    Is Michael Jackson Still Alive?

    .. or course he isn't but that won't stop conspiracy theorists .. there's a few videos suggesting that Jacko has faked his death, the least convincing being the Dave Dave connection ..
  9. Swifty

    Who's Teddy Perkins?

    A man with massive amounts of plastic surgery and dressed in a Hugh Heffner robe at the 2018 Emmys or is this Michael Jackson ? .. Michael Jackson's dead but who is this 'don't put him to close to the fireplace' bloke? .. shamone .. so to cut a long story short, some people think he's Whako...
  10. Swifty


    Have you ever had to deal with someone who openly seems to hate you without learning why they do? .. Jack .. Jack fucking hates me, he's a local in Cromer and this has been going on for about 13 years now but I'm none the wiser as to what it is that I'm supposed to have done wrong to him. The...
  11. Swifty


    The Mrs wants me to go with her to a family do about her being a God mother to a kid .. cool .. I'm all about extended family and the concept of kids being looked after, the family send her a Christmas card every year but that's it .. we never hook up with them what with the speed of 'modern'...
  12. Swifty

    Ed & Lorraine Warren

    As far as I know, we don't have a thread specifically discussing this famous (infamous?) paranormal investigative couple's escapades so I thought I'd start one with this video .. I'm aware that the couple's work receive the same kind of scepticism as the equally not shy of media publicity Uri...
  13. Swifty

    Australian TV 1962 Street Interviews

    I wasn't sure where to post this 1962 footage of people in Sydney being asked if they think there might be life on other planets (if mods want to file it somewhere more appropriate?) ..
  14. Swifty

    Blue Book

    A new TV drama show called Blue Book is on the way. Produced by Robert Zemeckis, it'll be dramatising events detailed in the Project Blue Book papers.
  15. Swifty

    How The Other Half Live

    'A woman who spent £16m at Harrods in a decade can now be identified as Zamira Hajiyeva - the first target for the UK's new anti-corruption law. Under the terms of the UK's first ever Unexplained Wealth Order, Mrs Hajiyeva, 55, must now provide the National Crime Agency with a clear account of...
  16. Swifty

    Men Chatting Up Female Strangers (Advances; Obtaining Personal Info; etc.)

    When we were about 25, me and Keith drove down to some local rail tracks for a spliff. Keith decided to use his new modern mobile phone to call directory enquiries just for a chat, he was put through to the operator (I can still remember her name: Lyndsey) and spent about 15 minutes chatting her...
  17. Swifty

    FT 370

    I was about to walk into town to the library, the postie has saved me that rainy trip because my new issue has arrived. This months is as varied as I remember FT being at its best, I'm only up to page 21 and we've had weeping Mary statues, a new chimeric cat, a woman who's married the ghost of...
  18. Swifty

    Donald Campbell's Bluebird K7 Restored

    Donald Campbell's restored Bluebird K7 completing her First return journey in over 50 years in Loch Fad 08.08.2018
  19. Swifty

    Halloween 2018

    I've got some liquid latex left, a tutorial on how to make a spooky Harry Potter demon thing that I can't be arsed to look up the name of at the moment and evil intent in my heart to scare the shit out of the kids on our street. Our post office has an as yet undeclared winner contest to win a...
  20. Swifty

    Going Private

    I've been offered financial help to go private for my kidney stones .. I found out yesterday that I'll be having a Ureteroscopy procedure (telescopic surgery for stone removal that involves a laser or grabbing claw or both and a stent) .. the problem is, there's a big waiting list on the NHS so...
  21. Swifty

    A Triple Bill

    Apologies if there's a more suitable thread to post these in but I though others here might enjoy them anyway, here's a paranormal triple bill from Carpetbagger's road trips .. International Paranormal Research Centre and Museum (I own that exact same ceramic Nessie at 8:45 in this vid, I...
  22. Swifty

    I Luurve You Jenny

    I'm so bored this morning I've invented a new game about Forrest Gump called 'I Luurve You Jenny'. Jenny is hilariously bad for Forest and makes the wrong choices throughout the whole film so I thought I'd invent some more scenes. Here's all we've got so far. Feel free to invent some more, we're...
  23. Swifty

    Trapped In a Lift With Any Two People?

    I'll get straight to the point .. Sean Lock because he embraces the absurd so he would distract me from terror Bear Grylls because when me and Sean are having a laugh despite it all, I reckon Bear would somehow rescue us. The Mrs says "you .. and someone useful" .. so who would you chose ...
  24. Swifty

    Being Put In Authority

    The older I get, the more often I seem to get put in positions of authority .. and I know I'm not the only one here so I'd like to hear about other board member's experiences .. I'm not stern in these roles, the complete opposite in fact .. my parents were pretty much hippies in this respect...
  25. Swifty

    Bar Stories

    People have been nagging me to start writing these down so I'll start with one from last night then flip back to others from the last three decades .. If I tell this one badly then it's in the "I suppose you had to be there" world ... I did a lock in at my bar for our staff last night...
  26. Swifty

    If You Won't Share Your Toys...

    An artist with exclusive rights to be the only person allowed to used the world's blackest black pigment refused to let anyone else use it .. in retaliation, he's now the only artist in the world not allowed to use the pinkest pink ...
  27. Swifty

    Man Killed By Man He'd Killed

    **********SPOILER*********** "Snatching up his grizzly trophy, Sigurd followed suit and fastened Maelbrigte’s head to his saddle. After mounting his horse, the earl’s forces headed north but Maelbrigte had his revenge. While spurring his horse during the ride home, Earl Sigurd’s leg was...
  28. Swifty

    Small Debit Card Charges

    Business's used to be able to charge you an extra 50p on your purchase in, for one example, convenience stores if you used a debit card and the tally came up to under a fiver .. as of September to January last and this year, they can't do that anymore in the UK, it's illegal unless they say...
  29. Swifty

    Cromer Ghost Walk Tonight

    ... and the weather is perfect for it with dark and moody skies today .. I've been on this walk with the Mrs before, it's pretty atmospheric in our coastal Victorian town and shouldn't cost much more than a fiver for anyone who can get there .. in the dark .. in the night .. The tour guide is...
  30. Swifty

    Blister On My Big Toe

    I've got a blister on my left big toe due to it rubbing on my shoe .. I started off by snipping off the dry skin with a nail clipper but have ended up double up putting plasters over it and securing them with 3M medical tape but the bugger doesn't seem to be going down for the last two weeks or...
  31. Swifty

    Hypnobirthing ?

    This sounds like spam/snake oil bullshit to me, the Mrs has a hynobirthing conference thing happening at her workplace tonight .. it seems the pains of childbirth are all in the mind and women can control all of the kerfuffle. I expect this involves hefty instalment payments from people with...
  32. Swifty

    FT 364

    I seem to be quite fortunate in receiving my FT's earlier than some, the latest issue's a good mix of all sorts of weird crap. I'd never heard of the Wych Elm Bella tree before despite me being a brummie ... we've got koala stowaways, Yorkshire UFO crash, Roman ghosts of Chester (although the...
  33. Swifty

    Elon Musk

    The Incredible Journey Of Elon Musk .. inspirational stuff
  34. Swifty

    Elon Musk's Starman Conspiracy

    This is so crazy, it might even be real ... the first car in space .. I can't wait to hear what the conspiracy crew say about this .. The Space X launch is reported as being a success and this below stream is reported as being live footage of Elon Musk's car in space .. as you do .. The...
  35. Swifty

    What Happened To The Sphinx's Nose ?

    Contemporary legend has it that The Sphinx's nose was blasted off its face by a cannon shot by one of Napolean's soldiers .. some people reckon instead that it was vandalised by a sulking Muslim .. we'll probably never know ...
  36. Swifty

    FT 363

    I had the latest issue delivered yesterday, impressive seeing as it's the February issue and mine arrived on the 26th Jan ! .. top work team Fortean Times and it looks like a juicy issue with loads to wade through :twothumbs:
  37. Swifty

    Possible Pillbox Preservation Project

    I wasn't sure whether to post this in the Forgotten History thread, with any luck it will become quite involved the more involved I get into it so I didn't want to clog that thread up with a blog .. A WW2 pillbox has recently been re-uncovered for the first time since the 80's in Cromer (I'm...
  38. Swifty

    Old Church Tap

    This isn't very exciting sorry, we took a pic of an old tap in our local church yard today .. I'm thinking it's manufacture date would be around mid 20th century (the lettering looks quite modern) and it's purpose possibly would have been to attach larger hose pipes to it, maybe fire engine use...
  39. Swifty

    The U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

    As work has started on prototypes for the border wall planned to be built between the U.S. and Mexico, I thought we needed a thread about it. Mods will be watching this thread so please no politics discussion here, either pro or anti Trump, or any other politicians from either country .. this is...
  40. Swifty

    Defend A Film

    This thread's for people who enjoyed films that everyone else seems to hate. Perhaps you liked The Phantom Menace or maybe thought you Daredevil was a good super hero movie (I'm on that list) .. I'm pimping Kevin Smith's Jersey Girl, slated unfairly IMO because of the unfortunate timing of the...
  41. Swifty

    Illegal Raves, Then & Now

    I used to go to illegal raves in the early 90's, I bumped into a couple of youths I know from our street a couple of days back who were chuckling because they'd just returned from an allnighter .. fair enough, eyes like saucers and daft grins spread across their faces :) .. so I made the mistake...
  42. Swifty

    Help Requested! (Is Anyone Here Nifty At Photoshop?)

    Is anyone here any good at photoshop that would mind making a 'quick and dirty' alteration to one of these two pics for me ? .. It's for sinister comedy reasons around one of these fellas I used to know .. (thanks in advance)
  43. Swifty


    This thread's dedicated to antiques and/or cool old weird stuff you own ... so it's a place to show off, ask questions, provide answers and maybe get evaluations antiques road show style ... I've re found an Apollo 11 souvenir medallion my Dad's best mate gave to me sometime in the 70's, I...
  44. Swifty

    What's Your Favourite Word?

    What's your favourite word? .. mine's 'sanctimonious' because it allows us to bounce any of our faults back onto people who pretend to be there for us but, in all truth, are really just enjoying the soap opera of our lives to make themselves feel superior .. sanctimonious pricks .. On the other...
  45. Swifty

    Hallowe'en 2017

    We've got a year to wait until John Carpenter helps bring back Laurie Strode and Michael Myers to the silver screen/pay for view for what's being rumoured as a forget everything that you've watched so far in this series apart from the first Halloween film .. I'm a bit excited, it sounds like an...
  46. Swifty

    The Bloody Irish

    ... are bloody great ! here's an example .. we've got a few 'Oirish here so lets go !
  47. Swifty

    'What Is It?' & Other P. T. Barnum Sideshow Exhibits

    Hugh Jackman is playing P T Barnum in this new musical film, 'The Greatest Showman' ..
  48. Swifty

    The Relax Thread

    I you've had a bit of stress lately like me (and probably most of us), please leave something chilled out in this thread. I find this video relaxing for starters .. it's 'safe space' time ..
  49. Swifty

    CVM .. Christian vision for men ?

    I mentioned a while back here that I'd been invited to a men's only Christian morning in a church on our street. I wasn't keen on the idea (I'm still not to be honest, women are also Christians) but I decided to go along anyway this morning out of curiosity, sort of in a Louis Theroux's Weird...
  50. Swifty

    The Wychnor flitch ..

    I lived for most of the 80's in a small hamlet called Wychnor in Staffordshire .. My Dad was always into preserving history and learned that a wooden carving of a flitch of bacon had been discovered mouldering away in a shed behind Wychnor Hall .. this carved bit of wood symbolised an English...