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    Ive had a visitor

    I just spoke to my sister on the phone last night, and below is a summary of what she told me. A couple of months ago my M&D gave my little neice, who is 4ish a photo album containing pics of all her aunts, uncles grand parents etc. The other night she was looking through it, and when she...
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    King Arthur

    Any body going to go and see the new movie? What do people think of the fact thay they have come up with yet another interpretation of the myths, rather than use either the classic stories or an already established re telling - such as the Lawhead or Cornwell.
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    Stephen Kings 'Dark Tower'

    Im trying to get my head around the connections between the dark tower series and the rest of his work. There seems to be small reference in pretty much everything he has written. Does anyone know about this or have anyviews on it?
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    cyberpunk/trad fantasy

    A good few years ago a read a book/series of books that were set in the future at a time when humanity had been affected by a diseases that caused people to mutate into the classic fantasy races - elves etc. It also had a fair amount of cyberpunk type elements, hacking etc. Does anyone now...
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    Chat room

    This may have been asked before, but why is there no chat room? Or can I just not find it?
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    Dead like me

    Is anyone else watching this programme on sky one? If so what are your thoughts, its kind of fortean, as it deals with death, pre ordination, fate and the afterlife. Its also enjoyable, if not slighty morbid fun. Also does anyone know why Rebecca Gayheart was written out?
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    Astrology - Birth Not Conception

    My wife and i have just had a little girl - born on the 5th. As I understand it is the date of birth that determines the star sign. What I am wondering is why the birth chosen as the event that determines this, does it imply that no soul is present until the time of delivery? Also how do...
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    I know this is probably old hat, and if I dig enough on this site I will find more info, but I was looking through some old FTs and came across a section on the Aurora project. It seemed to be fairly high profile at the time, but has all gone a bit quite know, can anybody shed any light on it...
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    Haunted Electrical Equipment

    Anybody else ever had stereos turn themselves on and start playing stuff? If they have, any ideas how it happens, and if it is ghosts how do they know how it works?:confused: