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    Britain: Police State?

    Below is a letter that appeared in my local rag which I thought was quite interesting. A couple of the incidents mentioned are quite well known but I'm not sure about a few of the others, indeed the BBC one sounds almost like a UL. Source
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    Sleep Walking & Unconscious Nocturnal Activity

    Just noticed this story in the breaking news section on the front page. Man finds himself naked on street Friday, 04 July , 2003, 04:13 Berlin: A German man woke up to find himself stark naked in the middle of a street after sleepwalking from home, police said on Thursday. The...
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    Googling French Military Victories-Fledgling UL?

    It appears we have a fledgling UL here. For anyone who doesn't know, type 'French Military Victories' into Google and then hit 'Im feeling lucky'. This will then take you to the Google error page and will ask if you meant, 'French Military Defeats'. In actual fact the 'Im feeling lucky'...
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    Supersonic & Hypersonic Aviation

    Apparently Australian scientists are working on a plane that can fly at 8 times the speed of sound. Here's the link
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    Students dump body organs

    Going on from the Students sell body organs threads which is now discussing Walrus reproductive organs, has anyone heard the stories of medical students leaving bits of people in carrier bags on buses? I remember hearing stories of this nature being sort of end of term pranks, unsuspecting...
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    Email Murderer

    This has just landed in my inbox and its a corker! Enjoy Serious Police Warning > Please read this "very carefully", then send it out to all the > people online that you know. Something like this is not to be taken > casually; this is something you DO want to pay attention to. >...
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    email chain letter

    This has just popped into my inbox and strikes me as a fine example of an email UL. Naturally I've forwarded it on to a couple of people, you know just in case.:D To all of my friends, I do not usually forward > > > messages, but > >> this is > > > from my good friend Pearlas Sanborn and...
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    Ashtar Galactic Command

    Interupted TV Broadcast I remember reading a few years ago in, I believe, Encounters magazine a tale about a TV programme being interupted for a good few minutes by another broadcast. I believe the broadcast was basically a voice purporting to be from some alien race and issuing dire warnings...