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    Strange looking (fox).

    Just curious as to what this beast might have been. My wife and I were both raised in West Virginia, USA. As most of the state is rural , country, forest and mountainous we are well acquainted with the local wildlife in Ohio as well. On two encounters we observed, up close and personal, two...
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    I Witnessed Ball Lightning (circa 1951)

    I thought perhaps I had already reported on this. If so it must have been elsewhere. This all happen roughly 65 years ago so my memories of it may not be perfect. I lived in a relatively new house (for the time) that had an unattached wooden two stall garage (built for carriages not cars}. The...
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    Spy Camera

    I live in a pre-Civil War brick house, built in 1857. Since we moved here we have experienced some really strange things. So in deference to my wife, I purchased a spy camera and aimed it in the vicinity of many of the strange occurances. The first spy camera made over 900 shots before it gave...