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    berkshire ufo hunt

    hey blinkered people that pretend to be open-minded, how's it going? i'm not really here, it's just sleep paralysis. was in an argument t'other day - can someone tell me if rendlesham forest was a weather balloon or the planet venus? btw randi is a tosser. read ft a few weeks ago. criminal. see...
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    Dr Steven Greer speaks...

    well worth a watch if you've got just under 50 minutes to spare. no doubt he's been suffering from sleep paralysis or out of focus ice crystals etc. still, you'd probably trust his judgement if he was operating on you (he's a medical doctor, although that in itself will give you plenty of reason...
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    anyone know where you can get an english translation of the cometa report conducted by senior french military trypes a few years ago? if not, where can you get a french version? went to their website and it was non-existent.
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    light in the sky

    might as well post this as not i guess... last sunday (may 28th) i was looking out of my window when i saw a very bright white light flying across the sky. initially i thought it was just a light aircraft that was reflecting the sun as it was flying in a straight line at the sort of speed...
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    SETI To Make Contact Within 25 Years

    This is from sky news (,,3 ... 19,00.html). Tried uploading it to the breaking news jobbie yesterday but it never appeared. anyway, here's the story: Talking To The Alien Updated: 12:50, Thursday March 30, 2006 Aliens will be talking to us within the...
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    stargate conspiracy - wot u reckon?

    anyone read the stargate conspiracy by lynne picknet and clive prince? is the whole alien/new age thing just a means of controlling peoples minds? wot u reckon?
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    Superconductors And Interstellar Propulsion

    perhaps i should be posting this at another time as i really need to go to bed and am not really able to articulate all that i'd like to say, but anyway... why are people not talking about superconductors as a possible means of enabling interstellar travel? here's a quote from this link...