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  1. Shady

    FT 362

    Just got it today, might have a read later
  2. Shady

    FT 361

    Got this just now, don't know if i will get around to reading it, i still have several others to read
  3. Shady

    FT 356

    Just got this, doesnt look too bad Project Five Percent looks interesting, all about Unsolved UFO cases re-examined Front cover is the Cottingley Fairies, never been much interested in those
  4. Shady

    FT 339

    Just received this, thats a scary teddy on the cover :eek: A nose for trouble: Pets that sniff out owners illnesses Boring for Britain: Meet the nations dullest men The XXX Files: Et sex and hybrid babies Return to East Gate: Rendlesham Forest revisited Big pharma conspiracy Hedgehog myths Yeti...
  5. Shady

    A Voice and a Visual (not related)

    Ok, i am not sure that i have told these on here, but here goes My husband and i were looking after a house for a friend, it was night, we were in bed, i needed the loo so i went down stairs, as i got into the living room a voice, right behind my right ear said, in a clear loud whisper, 'Make...
  6. Shady

    FT 332

    Just got home and was suprised to see it here, havent read it yet tho.
  7. Shady

    Dead Cat and Vet

    This woman is a sorry excuse for a vet :(